Elixir Supplier - Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: 590

“It’s $10,000 for a bowl of decoction and several pieces of gauze?” Li Zucai was shocked by the price .

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His gratitude for Wang Yao suddenly disappeared . Instead, he had a different thought about Wang Yao .

Too greedy! Why haven’t I seen it before?

“Expensive? I don’t think so . A bowl of decoction and your life, which one is more expensive? You can think about,” Wang Yao said .

“Look, Yao, we are from the same village, can you charge less?” Li Zucai asked .

“Sorry, I can’t,” Wang Yao said .

“Look, I didn’t bring a lot of money with me . I only have $300 . Can I pay you the rest in the future?” Li Zucai asked . No one would have $10,000 in cash with him .

Wang Yao didn’t say anything . He looked at Li Zucai for a moment . This didn’t surprise him .

“Fine . ” He nodded after keeping silent for a long while .

Li Zucai was angry when he left the clinic . He was still angry when he arrived home .

“What’s wrong with you?” his wife asked .

“Don’t mention it! I came across a greedy doctor . I really didn’t expect him to be so greedy!” He briefly told his wife about the fee charged by Wang Yao .

“Why is it so expensive?” his wife asked .

“He didn’t charge me anything last time I went to see him for headache . He gave me a free massage,” Li Zucai’s father said . “Maybe the decoction he gave you is truly expensive . ”

“What decoction could be possibly worth over $10,000?” Li Zucai was not convinced .

“Never mind . Let’s not talk about it anymore . By the way, the doctors from the town came to do a health check on everyone here again,” Li Zucai’s father said .

Wang Yao went to the village committee after he finished working in the clinic . The doctors there took his blood and measured his body temperature . He then went back to his clinic .

Meanwhile, the staff from a research center in town found something in the soil sample from the hill on the west end of the village .

“Chief Liu, we found a horrible virus in the soil sample you brought here,” a staff member said .

“What is it? Let me have a look,” said Chief Liu, a man in his 50s . “You are right!”

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He was shocked by the result . The virus could be originated from that hill .

“Notify the Haiqu Health Department . Ask them to clean the virus in those areas . They need to do it immediately,” Chief Liu said .

His assistant made a call to the Haiqu Health Department, which took immediate action . Personnel with adequate equipment quickly arrived in the village by car .

“What’s going on?” A villager asked after seeing the car .

“They took chemicals with them,” another villager said .

The people wearing protective clothes carried chemicals to the hill on the west side of the village .

“They are heading to the hill on the west,” a villager said .

“What’s on that hill?” another villager asked .

They were all wondering what was going on .

“Try not to make the villagers gather,” a person from the Department of Epidemic Prevention said . They were still not sure if anyone else in the village had gotten the virus or how the virus transmitted among people .

“OK, I’ll do my best, but it is not gonna be easy,” Wang Jianli said .

The villagers were all anxious after groups of doctors came to the village . Everyone was asking Wang Jianli what was going on .

“Try not to cause panic among the villagers . After they have killed the virus on the hill, they’ll start to kill the virus here,” the Department of Epidemic Prevention person said .

“OK,” Wang Jianli said .

He didn’t make an announcement through a broadcast . He visited households one by one to notify them what was going on and asked the villagers to inform their relatives .

On the hill, the staff members from the Department of Epidemic Prevention in town started to clean the virus using high-density chemicals . They covered the pit with a large amount of lime powder . Finally, they surrounded the area with yellow warning lines .

“Is there more than one area?” a staff member asked as they bumped into Wang Jianli and Wang Yao when they were ready to leave .

“Yes,” Wang Jianli said .

“Take us to the other places,” the staff member said .

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Wang Yao and Wang Jianli took them to another pit and a piece of level ground . Both were covered with black soil . People from the Department of Epidemic Prevention did the same thing in those two areas . After they had run out of the chemicals, more chemicals were transferred from town . When they saw the black stone sticking out of the soil, they didn’t know what to do .

“What the hell is this?” an officer asked .

“Just get rid of it,” another officer said .

Although it was difficult, they tried their best to clean the virus on the stone and in the surrounding soil . They eventually turned the black stone into white using lime powder .

They didn’t finish working until afternoon . They took a break before starting to clean the virus in the village, which was even harder . They carried chemicals and sprayed them in every single lane and street in the village . This caused some panic in the village .

“What exactly is going on?” an elderly villager asked .

“There must be some contagious disease in the village . I guess we won’t be allowed to leave the village,” a female villager said .

As everyone had expected, the policemen came to the village .

“What are they doing here?” a middle-aged villager asked .

“To keep things in order,” a young villager said .

“Seriously? I think our village is very safe and in order,” the middle-aged villager said .

“Maybe they don’t want us to leave,” the young villager said .

“Probably,” the middle-aged villager said .

Everyone in the village was talking about the situation . They didn’t know what would happen next . Panic was spreading throughout this small village .

Wang Yao bought another rabbit in the afternoon and put it in the stone cage . One hour later, he took the rabbit out and put it in a different stone cage, which contained stone instead of soil .

Woof! Woof! Woof! San Xian kept barking .

“What are you trying to tell me, San Xian? Are you asking me where I got this rabbit from? Of course I bought it,” Wang Yao said with a smile, regardless if San Xian could understand him . It was easy to get a rabbit in a village like his .

Wang Yao sat next to the cage and watched the rabbit in the cage, just as he did the day before .

One hour passed . The rabbit was still quiet . Two hours passed . The rabbit was still quiet .

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It’s fine?

Soon it was sunset . The sunset glow was as red as blood .

Three hours had passed and the rabbit was still quiet . It seemed to be hungry .

“Come here, I’ve got food for you,” Wang Yao said .

Wang Yao gave the rabbit a carrot . The rabbit loved it .

Is it because the rabbit hasn’t stayed in the cage long enough or is there simply not enough virus?

“Never mind, you eat first,” Wang Yao said .

After the rabbit finished eating the carrot, Wang Yao put it back into the cage with the soil . After two hours, he took the rabbit out again and put it into a different cage . He continued to observe the rabbit .

It started to get dark . The rabbit in the stone cage was still quiet .

“Are you hungry, San Xian?” Wang Yao asked .


“Go ahead and grab some food,” Wang Yao said .

It was completely dark outside three hours later . Wang Yao was still sitting next to the stone cage observing the rabbit, which was still quiet .

“You are still fine,” Wang Yao said . “Now, it’s my turn to have dinner . ”

He went inside the cottage to cook himself some noodles and stir-fried eggs . He cut himself a big plate of beef . He share the food with San Xian .

“Here you are,” Wang Yao said .

It was very quiet outside . Wang Yao could hear the sound of wind blowing dry grass .

A lot of people in the village didn’t go to sleep until late .

“What exactly happened here?” Wang Jianli couldn’t fall into sleep as he tossed about on his bed .

A lot of things had happened in the village lately . Groups of doctors came to the village from the town, city, and province . Even the policemen and local government officers came to the village . The doctors did a health check on every single villager . They almost blocked the village . He had never come across such kind of things in his life .

“Stop worrying . You should sleep,” his wife said .

“Don’t worry about me,” Wang Jianli said .

The night passed with no issues .

A villager wanted to get out of the village the next morning .

“I just need to go out for a short while, why should I register?” The villager was not happy .

“Go home if you don’t want to put your name down,” a policeman coldly said .

“No, I have to go,” the man said .

The village was almost in a state of siege .

“Sis, it looks serious,” Chen Zhou said as he was eating an apple . He looked through the window at the north side of the village .

“Given the circumstance, they should be cautious,” Chen Ying said .

“Can Dr . Wang cure those who got infected?” Chen Zhou asked .

“I think so . That guy who got bitten by that crazy man is fine now,” Chen Ying said .

Wang Yao was still watching the rabbit on Nanshan Hill . Nothing happened to the rabbit overnight .

“It’s fine . Touching the soil won’t make it sick,” Wang Yao said . “There must be a different way of transmission . ”

He left the rabbit aside and documented his experiment .

A person went directly to Wang Yao’s clinic after he had arrived in the village .

“No one is here?” Pan Jun noticed the door was locked . “Where has he gone?”