Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1088

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Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088: Metal Corpses

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The girls dug out this corpse . To be exact, it was a corpse made out of metal . It was very similar to the Mortal Monarch who had an iron-cast body . Each part of the body was made from exquisite parts in a truly breathtaking manner .

However, there was one difference between this metal corpse and the monarch . The monarch had a human head with flesh and blood while the head of this corpse was made from metal . Its skull was even more meticulous and awe-inspiring . It was simply the epitome of craftsmanship .

No cultivators could create such an exquisite skull . Furthermore, this corpse was much bigger than the Mortal Monarch . If the monarch was a growing boy, then this corpse was a mature adult .

The girls glanced at each other after fully digging out this metal corpse . They had seen the monarch before and felt that his body was incredible . Some thought that he was the only one in this world with such a unique constitution . However, they managed to find a body so incredibly similar to his in this lost civilization .

“There are more down there . ” Bai Jianzhen noticed that there were even more corpses underground and got started right away .

They were experts who could move mountains and flip oceans . In the blink of an eye, these metal corpses were all excavated . There were dozens of them, not just one .

The girls were perplexed and ended up staring at Li Qiye . During this whole process, Li Qiye only stood there and watched without being surprised at all; it was as if everything was within his expectations .

Li Shuangyan had to ask while looking at the corpses: “Is the Mortal Monarch related to this lost civilization?”

Li Qiye looked at the corpses . After a while, he looked away while answering: “Maybe, but one can argue otherwise as well . ”

“What do you mean by that?” The knowledgeable Mei Suyao found the answer too cryptic .

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Li Qiye glanced into the far distance and said: “In a sense, the Mortal Monarch was born in this era . However, he also has nothing to do with this era . ”

“He has lived from this lost civilization all the way until now?” This was the most shocking thing the girls had heard yet .

Li Qiye gently shook his head and smiled: “It is impossible to live for that long with regular means . At a young age, the Mortal Monarch was imprisoned in the darkness and banished for an eternity . Even so, when he saw the sunlight again, he was on the brink of death . ”

Li Qiye left out the tales afterward . When he found the Mortal Monarch back then, the monarch was already halfway to hell . Li Qiye used extremely heaven-defying means to save him . Because of this, the monarch had a humanoid head .

“Just what is this lost civilization?” Mei Suyao was very curious about this mythical era .

Li Qiye said: “Who knows? The Mortal Monarch doesn’t either because he doesn’t have any memories of it . ”

Mei Suyao was about to say something else, but she refrained from doing so . She knew that even if the Mortal Monarch didn’t know, Li Qiye certainly did .

“Okay, ladies, we have to keep going . We probably still have a long way to go . ” He smiled at the group .

They continued on the road . It seemed like Li Qiye knew where he was going since he was only going straight . From the beginning, the girls thought that this place was only a desert, but they soon found out that this wasn’t the case .

Not long after, they saw a huge citadel in this vast desert world, a citadel made out of metal .

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Judging by its appearance, it was very similar to the fortress that the Insect Pipe transformed into . Who knows what kind of metals made up this great citadel . In terms of construction, it resembled an iron man as it was made from countless tiny pieces .

From an architectural perspective, this incredible citadel should be towering all the way into the sky . However, it was collapsed on top of the golden sand . Looking around, one would find broken parts scattered everywhere .

Chen Baojiao carefully looked at it and murmured: “It was burned down . ”

From the crumbling ruins, this citadel must have been incinerated by an extremely ferocious fire of an unimaginable scale .

“Not just ordinary flames, it must at least be of the heavenly flame level . ” Mei Suyao noticed some clues .

Li Qiye only gave it a glance and didn’t say anything . He led the girls onward .

The even more astonishing matter came after as they went further into this land . They saw an iron man, an extremely gigantic one of an unbelievable height . He was as big as a mountain with billions of exquisite parts placed together .

Also, there wasn’t just one gigantic iron man, there were several hundred! This scene gave off the feeling that one was entering a forest of metal, resulting in an indescribable sensation .

The majority of these iron men were destroyed . Some were split into two halves, others were penetrated at the chest . Some were torn into little pieces, but of course, there were still some completely intact…

Regardless of their form, none of them were alive . They did not fall down on the ground as they were supporting their bodies with mighty divine swords .

Without a doubt, they had experienced a terrible war while they were still alive . There was even a chance that this once-prosperous land was broken into little pieces and became submerged in sand later on .

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“Just what exactly are these iron men?” Chen Baojiao spoke in awe .

“They were fighting to the very last moment! I’m afraid when they fell, their world was destroyed as well . ” Bai Jianzhen was visually moved as well .

From the situation ahead, one could imagine the horrifying calamity that fell upon their era . Every single existence in this world stood up and fought to the very end . Alas, their valiant effort still couldn’t save their world .

Li Qiye looked at one of the giants and slowly stated: “They’re extremely powerful . In the present day, they would still be at the level of God-Monarchs or Godkings . ”

The group kept on going . Along the way, the girls saw even more ruins of citadels buried in the sand as well as fallen metal giants . Many of them were completely broken .

The biggest iron man they saw was half buried underground . The parts that could be seen spanned for thousands of miles . From this, it was easy to imagine just how large it was when it was still alive .

“If placed in the present, it would be extremely close to an Immortal Emperor if it wasn’t already at that level . An Emperor Assailant at the very least . ” Li Qiye gave a quick glance and made his assessment .

After hearing this, the girls were shocked once again . Li Shuangyan was astounded: “Just what kind of era was this!”

“An era that had reached the peak of prosperity from the accumulation of millions and millions of years . There were too many experts to count . ” Li Qiye said dismissively: “An era completely different from ours . The path they walked is completely different from us cultivators . ”

“In the end, they were still destroyed . ” Mei Suyao muttered: “What are they really? Just what kind of enemies did they face for an entire world like this to be destroyed?”

“Did they meet a formidable enemy like an Immortal Emperor?” Bai Jianzhen had to ask .

“Immortal Emperor?” Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: “If my guess is correct, their world had existences as powerful as Immortal Emperors, and not just one . However, even beings of this level couldn’t save this world . ”

The girls felt breathless after hearing Li Qiye . Even a confident person like Mei Suyao felt quite suffocated .

In their minds, Immortal Emperors were invincible . This was the belief that everyone held . But now, even a world protected by Immortal Emperors was still annihilated in the end!

“Aren’t emperors supposed to be the strongest?” It was Chen Baojiao’s turn to ask: “There are existences even stronger than them?”

“There is no doubt that Immortal Emperors are the strongest . ” Li Qiye flatly said: “However, this is limited to the world of the living, the world of sentient beings . ”

“Then you mean there is a world of the dead?” Li Shuangyan followed the logic of his response .

“World of the dead?” Li Qiye shook his head: “I don’t know if there is a world of the dead or not . Sometimes, the things Immortal Emperors will have to face aren’t necessarily people . To be more specific, they might not be living beings and could be something else entirely . ”

“Like what?” Bai Jianzhen couldn’t help but ask: “Like the existence that destroyed this world?”

Li Qiye didn’t answer directly . He looked up at the distant sky and eventually spoke: “One day, you all will understand . Of course, this is predicated on you all being strong enough to see that day . ” Li Qiye turned back and stared at the girls: “Thus, you all still have a long way to go . When you actually become an existence like an Immortal Emperor in the future… that is only the beginning . ”

The girls felt a pressure right away from realizing how weak they were . Even though very few could stop them among the younger generation, they felt that they were quite trivial in the grand scheme of things .