Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1584

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Chapter 1584: 1584

Li Qiye was glad to see the old man’s calm demeanor: “The choice of each individual determines their future . This can all happen with a single thought . It certainly did for the three of you . ”

He sentimentally continued: “Qian Li’s background was a bit worse, same with her conditions, but her confidence never wavered . She knew she would become a dragon one day to obtain the Heaven’s Will . That’s why she became an emperor . As for Lil Blackie, he loved challenges . Such a madman who only wanted to fight . That’s why he ruled for three generations . He broke through his own limit in each of them while taking a different path each time . ”

He stared at the old man and said: “As for you, Zhengfeng, you are either hiding or just plain weary of it all . That’s why you don’t want to leave your nest and ultimately became a shopkeeper with only this lamp as your friend . ”

“I agree . Qian Li had her imperial path while the Black Dragon King had his tyrannical dao . As for me, I probably can’t defeat my inner demon . ” The old man said .

“Inner demon? Others might have this but not you . This path leads to being loathed by the heavens . What inner demon can you have? What is scarier than being unwanted by the heavens?”

“That makes sense too . ” Zhengfeng smiled leisurely .

Li Qiye only shook his head and drank the fine wine . In his eyes, Zhengfeng didn’t have that many flaws . It was just that his chosen path leads to darkness .

Yu Zhengfeng was Matriarch Yu’s older brother and was from the same era as the Black Dragon King and Immortal Emperor Qian Li .

When he was younger, the Yu was only a minor clan . His sister back then suffered a terminal illness . All the famous doctors gave up on her .

In order to save his sister, he tried his best at cultivation to become an invincible being . The karmic nature of life willed it so . During an adventure, he found Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo’s supreme grand dao . Henceforth, he embarked on a peerless path .

There were geniuses everywhere in that era . He, the Black Dragon King, and Immortal Emperor Qian Li were always together because of Li Qiye . Others praised them as the three heroes back then .

Later on, Zhengfeng fell in love with the emperor . However, she was hellbent on her imperial path without looking back while not having any feelings for him . Zhengfeng eventually lost to her in the competition as well .

This made him dejected . Despite having the power to challenge an emperor, he grew bored of the mundane world so he returned to Discover to open a pub and spend his day doing nothing .

As for his sister, the Dark Crow back then gave him the right treatment . However, the materials required were too difficult to find since they were immortal medicines .

Thus he had no choice but to seal his sister until Immortal Emperor Qian Li found the mythical immortal medicines . Zhengfeng then asked Li Qiye for help and they finally cured Matriarch Yu .

A bit later, Matriarch Yu joined the Black Dragon Legion . This was when Zhengfeng completely shut himself from everything and the world forgot about him .

No one knew that there was an incredible master hiding in this tiny pub .

“Your Excellency, I admire you the most out of everyone . I don’t know how you keep on going, I certainly can’t do it . ” He took a sip after pouring another cup for Li Qiye .

“Just have to keep walking . ” Li Qiye drank and said with a smile .

He smiled wryly: “Easier said than done . You have been walking for millions of years now . That’s a very long period . You must have suffered endlessly, bidded farewell to many love ones and even buried them yet you didn’t go crazy or became a devil . You were certainly not a saint either nor choose to hide from the world . You are yourself after the arduous time, never changing your determination regardless of the perilous challenges . The winds and rains accompanied your journey with the stench of blood . Black Dragon King once said that if he had experienced so much pain like you, he would have started to hate the world and become a monster! Your dao heart isn’t something we juniors can compare to . ”

He finished his cup in one gulp before letting out a long sigh .

Li Qiye actually didn’t know what to say and continue drinking quietly . The guy was right . He has sent away and even buried many loved ones . He had many friends and loyal confidants once but ultimately, he was the only one left . Numerous had died from old age while he continued to live on!

The most painful thing in life was not death . It was watching those close to you die one by one . At this point, death became sweet relief .  

“There’s a fair amount of people who have lived just as long in this world . ” Li Qiye said flatly .

Zhengfeng disagreed: “I know, you have told me about them but they’re not actually living, only sealing themselves by sleeping . It’s not the same as you who tread on the mortal plane for generations . Time and mundanity washed your body but they can’t break your will and heart!”

“It’s good to be alive . ” Li Qiye answered . It wasn’t the perfect response since he didn’t know how to help the guy .

Zhengfeng understood all the logic and rationalities right now . If he wanted to jump out of his dao, he must rely on himself . The problem was that he didn’t care for it so Li Qiye couldn’t help him at all .

Zhengfeng nodded and drank silently .

The two continued drinking . After a while, Zhengfeng slowly said: “I saw Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo on the grand dao!” 

Li Qiye pondered for a bit before smiling wryly: “Sigh, the emperor has too much of an influence on this dao . At this moment, he might be better and had walked further than you so that’s why you can see him . ”

“He can’t leave it and is just walking around in a circle . If you go on, you’ll be just like that stubborn guy . ” Li Qiye shook his head .

“He’s already an emperor, why is he going back on this path?” Zhengfeng found this puzzling .

Li Qiye elaborated: “Who knows? Just him, probably . The guy has always been a controversial emperor, different from the others . Even after ascending, he kept to himself . Maybe in his mind, he’s too far removed from the world . ”

“It could be fate then . The emperor and I are somewhat similar . ” Zhengfeng answered .

Li Qiye said earnestly: “Perhaps . The two of you have failed in love before but this isn’t the reason or the end . The path is still beneath your feet . It was created after he became emperor . He didn’t embark on it during his youth . Moreover, his heart remained unchanging despite romantic frustration and pain, that’s why he could still become emperor . But as for why he returned in the future, it might not be related to worldly matters . You and Mu Zhuo are not the same . ” Li Qiye stared at Zhengfeng and finished .

Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo was a very reclusive and mysterious emperor . For many emperors, they would shine after ascension . Moreover, there would be many friends and followers both before and after . Many were willing to fight for them .

Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo was an exception . He had always been fighting alone for that was his nature .

“Maybe he’s lonely? That’s why he returned to this path . ” Zhengfeng speculated .

“Not necessarily . ” Li Qiye denied: “He had two marriages on top of many lovers . His heart shouldn’t have been too lonely . ”

He was born in a declining family . Because of this, his fiancee betrothed to him at a young age married a richer husband later on .

This inspired the emperor and he started to rise and become a famous hero with sufficient power . This allowed him to marry the prettiest girl in the region .

Unfortunately, tragedy struck again . His wife had an affair with a peerless genius in the nine worlds . It was quite a blow to the emperor .

He gave up all of his wealth and dissolved his sect before slumbering in a forest away from the world .

After skipping a generation, he came out and shocked the world once more to eventually become emperor .

With that, he found many lovers and eventually married one world’s most beautiful woman .

Such achievements were the lifelong pursuit of many people . However, the emperor felt life was dull and left quietly . From then on, no one heard of him again .

He didn’t create a sect nor pass down his grand dao . Though future generations cultivated his emperor laws, he wasn’t the one passing them down .

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