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Published at 10th of August 2017 05:31:19 PM

Chapter 168

Chapter 168: I will act shameless

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Eh, isn’t it just eight phrases and not eight thousand words?  How could she not memorize it!

Chen Ning rolled her eyes and impatiently said, “I remember it, I remember it, is that it?  Is there anything else?”

Chu Shao Bai was surprised as he looked at her, “Of course there’s more, listen closely .  Move as if there is no matter, moving across the grass like a deity .  With your legs, don’t practice with your hand, moreover, learn balance from the dragonfly .  Move your qi into your chest and you’ll be able to fly through the sky .  Just like a reed crossing a river, use your energy to keep you balanced . ”

“I remember it .  Is there anything else?”  Chen Ning nodded again .

This was not difficult for her at all .

Chu Shao Bai was completely stunned by this .  He looked at her with a look of disbelief, “Did you really remember it all?”

He considered himself quite smart .  When he was learning this chant, he had memorized it after two times and his master had praised him for it .

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But the fact that she could memorize after one time, this fact greatly annoyed him .

“Alright, the next one is a little long .  You need to listen carefully because I will only read it once .  If you can’t remember it, call me good big brother ten times and I’ll repeat it . ”

“No problem!”  Chen Ning replied without any hesitation .

When he saw her raised chin and proud tone, he couldn’t help feeling like he had to outdo her .

“My body is as light as a swallow, a crane flying through the sky… . . ”  He did not take a single breath and recited it all .

This chant had over seven hundred characters and he had used a whole incense worth of time to completely memorize it .

He did not believe that she would really memorize it after hearing it once .  She would call him good big brother ten times .

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“Success is not visible on the outside, but pursuing the dao will create qi to protect the body . ”

He finished this last phrase and then revealed a smile as he looked at her .

Chen Ning had her eyes closed as she silently memorized it .

Seeing her serious face, Chu Shao Bai couldn’t help revealing a smile .

“If you can repeat it without a single mistake, then I’ll take you as my teacher!”  He laughed as he spoke, with a confident look on his face .

Chen Ning suddenly opened her eyes and revealed a large smile to him .  Her red lips gently parted, revealing a set of shell white teeth .

“Xiao Bai, a man should stick by his words .  Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

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“I definitely would not regret it .  If you can’t recite it, then you can’t call me Xiao Bai anymore, you have to call me good big brother . ”  He said with a mischievous smile .

“It’s a promise . ”  Chen Ning blinked her eyes and revealed a faint smile, “Good disciple, wait to call me your master . ”

“My body is a light as a swallow… . . ”  She slowly began to recite with a clear and crisp voice .  She started off slowly, but slowly she gained speed, sounding even more fluid .  It was like a stream flowing from the stones in a valley, slowly flowing from the stone, beautifully dripping down .  Soon it reached a speed that he couldn’t even keep up with .

Soon, she reached the final phrase, “Success is not visible on the outside, but pursuing the dao will create qi to protect the body . ”

An entire seven hundred characters, not a single one wrong!

Chu Shao Bai was completely stunned .

“Xiao Bai, call me master . ”  Chen Ning raised her nose, revealing a smile like a little fox .

“……No!”  Chu Shao Bai grinded his teeth and looked to the side .

He wouldn’t say it even if he was beaten to death!

How could he raise his head in front her again if he called her this!

“Hey, Xiao Bai, men have to be honest .  They can’t go back on their words . ”  Chen Ning smiled as she stood on her tiptoes .  She pulled on his chin to make him face her, “Do you want to be shameless?”

“I will act shamelessly, what will you do!”  Chu Shao Bai angrily stared at her .

Under the stars, her slightly looking up face was very beautiful .  Her eyes were like stars immersed in a cold pond .  The smile on her face was like a beautiful flower blooming, surprising and beautiful .

His breathing became faster as his heart started beating faster .  His eyes could not help looking at her pleasing lips and his adam’s apple could help twitching .

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