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Published at 8th of December 2018 06:30:07 AM

Chapter 786: 786
Chapter 786: A girl born to belong to him

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Chen Ning knew what he was referring to, so she glared at him, feeling angry and shy .

Na Mu Cuo laughed as he watched her face turn red in satisfaction . This was her true personality . Although she was beautifully dressed, she had a rebellious heart just like him .

She… . . really was a girl born to belong to him!

“Come, Ah Ning . Let’s go eat, drink wine, sing songs, and dance! Tonight, you must have a blast with this prince!”

He pulled her out the door without any explanation and walked into the yard .

Chen Ning realized that this entire yard was covered in lanterns, filling the entire sky with light . In the center of the yard, there was a giant fire and there was a large boar currently being roasted over the fire, releasing a fragrant smell .

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A large explosion sound scared her . Following it, there was a firework that flew into the sky, transforming into a beautiful flower which slowly sprinkled down .

After that, flower after flower bloomed in the sky, looking beautiful without compare .

“These are your future people paying respects to you as the Crown Princess . Ah Ning, do you like it? If you like seeing this, I can have them light fireworks in the sky for you every night . ” Na Mu Cuo’s voice sound in her ears .

She revealed a non committal faint smile .

Na Mu Cuo pulled her to sit down beside him . The food was served in the yard and there were East Qin envoys sitting in the other seats .

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They were all surrounding the table like stars around the moon .

Na Mu Cuo waved his hand and the servants came out, bringing wine and dishes .

With the sounds of fireworks, there was a group of strong East Qin men that came out with stone drums . They walked to the center of the field with bare feet, playing drums while dancing an East Qin dance .

The atmosphere of the field as very lively .

Na Mu Cuo took out a small dagger from his chest and carefully cut the roasted boar meat into little pieces . He delivered it to the dish in front of her and looked at her with a faint smile .

“Ah Ning, try our East Qin’s style of roasted meat, you will definitely like the taste . ” He said in a confident voice .

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He had never served a woman before, but he was willing to help her do this .

The boar was roasted perfectly . The outside was golden and its fragrance wafted out, just smelling it made people want to grab it with their hands .

Chen Ning only hesitated a bit before sending the roast meat into her mouth . She chewed it slightly as the scent drifted into her nose . It really was a delicious thing she had never eaten before .

“Do you like it?” Na Mu Cuo’s eyes sparkled as he looked at her, speaking words with double meanings .

She almost did not understand his meaning . She said with a faint smile, “It’s very good . ”

Na Mu Cuo laughed . He raised the jar of wine in front of him and poured a full glass for her .

“This is the specialty of our East Qin . The wine is very strong, just like a sharp knife . It is a perfect match for the roasted boar meat . Do you dare give it a try?”

He spoke very clearly, so naturally Chen Ning understood .

She picked up the glass and took a drink . When the wine entered her throat, it was like Na Mu Cuo said . It was like swallowing a dagger, as fire entered her throat and it was so strong that it almost made her tears come out .

But after a while, she felt a strong taste fill her mouth . The wine mixed with the meat and it was intoxicating .

“Good wine!” She sincerely praised .

“Ah Ning is truly forward!” Na Mu Cuo was even happier, as he lifted a glass of wine and drank it in one mouthful . He drank this strong of a wine in one breath, but his expression did not change at all .

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