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Chapter 846: 846

The guards raised the stick again and Su Jin had already closed her eyes, not bearing to watch .

Xiao Si knew this was a hard to escape large disaster . Although his mouth was gagged, he was still crying .

Empress Dowager Zhou ignored it all . Not being able find the emperor, she could only beat these blind servants to death one by one .

“Hit!” She slapped the table again .

“The emperor has arrived!” Suddenly, there was a clear voice that called out outside the Peaceful Life Palace causing the people inside the room to be stunned .

Empress Dowager Zhou suddenly stood up and her sleeves swept the teacups off the table . Her body was unstable and she grabbed Su Jin’s hand, feeling surprised and happy .

“Did you hear that? The emperor is back?”

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Su Jin forcefully nodded, “Yes, this servant heard it . Empress Dowager, please sit, this servant will go and open the door . ”

Xiao Si was trembling from excitement . He was thinking, emperor, you’re finally back . If you were late by a single step, you wouldn’t be able to see Xiao Si again .

The guards looked at each other and silently put down the sticks in their hands, while also taking several steps back .

With a “peng” sound, without waiting for Su Jin to reach the door, the two doors of the palace were opened by someone .

A single person with his back to the light was proudly standing at the door . He had long brows and a cold, imposing gaze .

When everyone saw that tall and bright yellow figure, their spirits were raised .

“Greetings to the emperor . ”

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Other than Empress Dowager Zhou, everyone kneeled on the ground together . Their hearts were filled with pleasant surprise as the stone in their hearts fell down .

Empress Dowager Zhou just stood there, not turning her eyes to look at Mo Chuan . Her calm face showed no expressions, unknown if she was excited or angry .

“Your son greets mother . ”

Mo Chuan walked into the room and kneeled down to Empress Dowager Zhou .

Empress Dowager Zhou slightly looked down at the emperor bowing in front of her and she said in a calm voice, “Emperor, you’re back?”

When Mo Chuan gave an “un” sound, Empress Dowager Zhou had already raised the dragon headed cane in her hand and slammed it down on his back .

“Empress Dowager!” Su Jin and everyone else was shocked .

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Empress Dowager Zhou seemed like she didn’t hear as she slammed down the can again .

Mo Chuan did not use his internal energy to block it . The two cane smacks had left two red marks on his back and it was very painful, but this bit of pain didn’t matter to him .

“Emperor, this widow has hit you twice, do you feel aggrieved!” Empress Dowager Zhou said in a deep voice .

Mo Chuan respectfully replied, “Mother’s hits aren’t wrong, it was your son’s fault . Your son is here to acknowledge his mistakes and asks mother for forgiveness . ”

“You know that you were wrong? You… . . You have disgraced all the teachings this widow has given you!” Empress Dowager Zhou slammed her cane on the ground .

“Your son knows his mistakes, mother please calm yourself . ”

“You know your mistakes? Tell this widow, what are your mistakes?” Empress Dowager Zhou stared at him .

“Your son shouldn’t have left without a word and shouldn’t have not gone to morning court for two days . Your son is the ruler of a country and ignored official matters . Your son has let down the citizens and mother . ” Mo Chuan replied .

When Empress Dowager Zhou heard this, the anger in her heart finally subsided a bit .

“Since you know your wrongs, you can stand up . ”

Mo Chuan stood up, but he suddenly knit his brows and gave a “si” sound .

Empress Dowager Zhou couldn’t help rolling her eyes at him, “Were this widow’s hits heavy? Next time you make another mistake, this widow’s hits will be even heavier!”

Although her words were like this, she still asked doctor Zhang, “Do you have a cream for his wounds?”

She had not shown any mercy in her two hits to teach Mo Chuan a lesson, using all her strength, but now her heart ached for her son .