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Published at 9th of June 2017 07:35:08 PM

Chapter 89

Chapter 89: A shocker

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“I can, of course I can .

Chen Ning smiled and nodded .

Once the man heard this, he revealed a proud smile on his face .  He swept his eyes across the crowd, “Did you hear that?  This girl says she can do it!”

Everyone in the crowd revealed a surprised expression .  The over one hundred pairs of eyes just blinked as they stared at Chen Ning .  They all wanted to see how she would calculate this .

Chen Ning was very calm as she first looked that the man’s face .  Then her eyes went down and looked at the man’s clothes .  Finally her eyes fell onto his palm .

This was the hand of a farmer .  It had firm bones and tough skin .  The hand itself was covered in calluses, but it was washed clean and there was no dirt underneath his fingernails .

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She stared at the man’s palm for a while and did not say a single thing .

The man began to feel impatient and the surrounding people began to whisper as they pointed at Chen Ning .

“If you can’t do it, then tell me quickly .  Stop fumbling around and wasting my time .  I can clearly see that you’re nothing but a swindler!”

The man impolitely said .

Hearing this, Chen Ning suddenly looked up .  A pair of clear eyes looked right at the man .

“You’re surnamed Zhao, right?”

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She had no spoken until now and when she did speak, the first thing she said was a shocker .

The man’s eyebrows jumped up and his butt almost rolled off the stool .

“How do you know I’m surnamed Zhao!”  He screamed .

This sentence clearly acknowledged that Chen Ning was not the slightest bit wrong .

Everyone began to release a “weng, weng” sound as their faces filled with disbelief .

Chen Ning gave a faint smile in her heart .  When she had swept her eyes across him, she had accidentally noticed this Zhao word embroidered in the corner of his clothes .  She was not blind, how could she not notice this?

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She stared at the man’s hand and slowly said, “You’re surnamed Zhao and was originally a farmer, working hard every day .  You did not have a father and only had a mother, but her eyesight is not very good .  In the past two years, you’ve made a fortune, so you’ve finally bought a house in the city and moved here .  Brother Zhao, is this correct?”

While she was talking, the man’s mouth began to grow larger .

Once Chen Ning finished talking, his mouth was large enough to fit an entire duck’s egg inside .

His face filled with shock and disbelief .

“That’s right, it’s all right, but you, you, you……How did you know all of this?  You, you, have you seen me and my mother before?”

The emotions the man surnamed Zhao felt in his heart could no longer be described with just the word horror .

His eyes were now filled with fear and awe as he stared at Chen Ning .

Because Chen Ning had described his family’s circumstances perfectly, like she had seen it for herself before .

He was called Zhao Er Gou .  He was not originally a resident of the capital city and had only owned two mu of wet fields outside the city, with every generation of his family being farmers .  His father had died from illness not long after he had been born leaving his mother to painfully raise him by herself .  They had relied on sewing clothes for others to survive .

There were no men around their house, so he had to do farm work ever since he was a child .  They could make a living off the two mu of wet fields, but sometimes they didn’t make enough to fill their stomachs .  And because his mother had sewn clothes under the dim lamp light for all those years, she was now half blind .

Perhaps it was god that was pitying this widow and child, but two years ago, while he had been hoeing the fields, he had accidentally dug up an antique jar .  When he opened it up, he found that it was filled with gold ingots .

It was a treasure that god had bestowed upon them!

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