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Published at 9th of November 2016 09:59:33 PM

Chapter 62

Chapter 62- Did We Know Each Other From Our Previous Lives?

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“My wife, when do you think we can officially be husband and wife?”

Ye Wu Chen smiled at Mu Ru Yue .

It was undeniable that his looks were exceptional . His looks were like the bright moon in the night sky, but he also resembled a clear earthen spring . This was especially so when he smiled, as he seemed to light up the world .

Such a handsome man would be thrown handkerchiefs by several unwed girls whenever he went out, or they would look at him with infatuation . But there were only a few that knew he was the infamous Ghost King .

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When Mu Ru Yue leaned close to examine his face, she could feel the hot breath coming from Ye Wu Chen . Feeling slightly uncomfortable, she then turned her head away . Following that, she asked, “Wu Chen, do you know the meaning of being husband and wife?”

“I know! My Royal Father taught me about it before . ” Ye Wu Chen didn’t seem to notice Mu Ru Yue’s discomfort as he continued to get closer to her . “Royal Father said that as a husband, one must dote on his wife and treat her well in his life . He can only marry her in that life, and no matter what his wife says, it’s always right . Even if it’s wrong, it’s still right . He must also follow all of his wife’s instructions to the exact detail .

“If someone bullies his wife, he must step up for her and not allow anyone to say anything bad about her . Not a single tear of my wife must drop from her eyes and she will always be blissful . ” 1

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes shone brightly as he looked unblinkingly at Mu Ru Yue . “My wife, I can wash clothes and cook .  2 Will you come with me to the King’s Manor?”

“Wu Chen, I must tell you something . ” Mu Ru Yue pressed her hands on Ye Wu Chen’s shoulders as she said seriously, “I’m not a good person . My hands had been stained with blood . It will not change in the future . You, on the other hand, are as clean as a white sheet of paper so I don’t want to soil your innocence . Do you understand?”

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Ye Wu Chen laughed with mockery in his heart . Since that night when his Royal parents died, it was predetermined that he wouldn’t be clean . If it wasn’t for his opposing forces being so powerful, he wouldn’t have needed to act like a fool for so many years .

He raised his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue’s exceptional face with unprecedented resolution in his eyes .

“My wife, I’ll accompany you to kill whomever you want to kill . If you want to trek on a bloody path, I’ll also accompany you . I won’t let anyone hurt my wife . ”

‘In this case, what is wrong with annihilating the heavens and earth?’

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Mu Ru Yue was also a woman, and was thus moved . Even though she hadn’t known Ye Wu Chen for a long time, she still acknowledged that he treated her well .

Perhaps he wasn’t as strong as the rest, but his intentions were genuine .

“Wu Chen, give me some time to think this through . ”

“Alright, I’ll listen to whatever my wife says . ” Ye Wu Chen curled his lips into a smile .

At this moment, Mu Ru Yue was suddenly pushed down onto the bed by Ye Wu Chen . It was so sudden that it gave her a fright . Yet, when she slightly raised her gaze, an extremely close up and handsome appearance entered her sight .

When she saw that young man’s eyes were extremely innocent without a single trace of impurity, Mu Ru Yue calmed down .

“My wife, could it be that we… . knew each other in our previous lives?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned . Before she could react, Ye Wu Chen left a fleeting kiss on her lips before saying in satisfaction, “My wife, you smell so nice . ”

Mu Ru Yue momentarily felt as though she had been struck by lightning, left in a daze because of her current position . The fortunate thing was that Ye Wu Chen didn’t attempt further intimate actions and just slept as he lay atop her body .  3

Seeing the young man’s sleeping appearance, Mu Ru Yue couldn’t help but smile . Such days were pretty good . She always felt extremely relaxed and secured by his side… .

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