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Published at 17th of April 2019 11:29:35 AM

Chapter 126

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Mu Xiaoxiao jumped down from the sofa . Afraid that Yin Shaojie would continue his interrogation and expose her plans, she hurried over to the study .

"I'm so bored . Lend me your computer to play games . "

Come to think of it, she had not touched a computer ever since she came back, and she was suddenly itching to play some games .

"Wait!" Yin Shaojie dashed forward suddenly and blocked her path . With a severe look on his handsome face, he said, "The study is off-limits except for me . You can't enter . "

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted in displeasure . "What do you mean by 'off-limits?' Why can't I go in? Could it be that…"

She chuckled suggestively . Pointing at him, she asked, "Could it be that you're hiding pornography in there?"

Yin Shaojie grabbed her finger in one swift motion, pushing it back to her, before using his other hand to knock on her skull vigorously .

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"You perverted wretch! What the heck are you thinking about? Anyway, the study is my territory, so if I restrict you from coming in, then you can't come in . Don't touch anything, especially not my computer, you hear?"

He pinched her cheeks zealously as he said this .

"Hurts!" Frowning, Mu Xiaoxiao slapped his hand away . She muttered, "If it's off-limits, then so be it… It's not like there are any precious things inside anyway . Humph!"

Huffing, she turned around, made her way into the bedroom, and slammed the door shut .

Yin Shaojie shook his head as he looked at her before entering the study .

In the bedroom, Mu Xiaoxiao laid her face flat against the door and listened to the sounds outside . Hearing the sound of a door shut, she lifted her pretty face, speculating if he had finally entered the study .

Should she take a gamble?

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Should she rush out while he was not in the living room?

However, if she did so, he would discover that she had gone out and would arouse his suspicions . This was not a good time to escape .

A headache formed as she tried to think of an excuse that would not only allow her to go outside openly but also not make him suspect where she was going .

Mu Xiaoxiao walked over to the French window and studied the splendid sunlight and high-rise buildings outside . She pressed herself to the glass and looked down . It was a 30 storey drop — a terrifying height .

She wouldn't dare to scale down the building even if she was wearing a harness .

"Ay, what should I do…" Mu Xiaoxiao threw herself onto the bed, laying on it with her arms and legs spread wide open .

It was easy to become sleepy after eating .

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Laying there, she descended into sleep…

When Mu Xiaoxiao finally woke up, it was already past three in the afternoon . She gave her neck a stretch . Her head felt heavy from sleeping too much .

Crawling out of the bed, she shuffled to the living room in her slippers and grabbed a lime-flavored Mizone from the fridge . A cooling sensation swept through her body after drinking a few mouthfuls of the beverage, and her spirits gradually lifted .

The room was really quiet . Sunlight streamed through the windows, looking radiant and enchanting .

She swept her gaze across the room and heard no hint of sound . Was Yin Shaojie sleeping inside? Or was he playing games?

If she ran out for an hour now before coming back, would he discover it?

She made sure she had brought her phone before she snuck discreetly, like a cat, towards the front door . Silently, she put her shoes on and closed the door carefully . Her actions looked as though it had been done in slow-motion .

Hooray! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

She had snuck out successfully!

Without any hesitation, she shot off a quick text to Lu Yichen to tell him that she was out .

She then hurried into the lift . Once she was at the ground floor, she ran out and waved for a taxi .

"Driver, to Shangde High! Hurry!"

What she didn't know was that just as she had left the condominium, the door to the study opened, and out came Yin Shaojie .

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