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Published at 19th of April 2019 10:55:07 AM

Chapter 250

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Just as Mu Xiaoxiao was about to suffocate, Yin Shaojie slowly released her .

His chin was propped up against her shoulders as he breathed heavily, and his deep magnetic voice exuded a muted sexiness within as he whispered beside her ears, "Xiaoxiao…"

Mu Xiaoxiao's heart thumped ceaselessly as if it had a mind of its own .

Initially, she was still thinking that she might be dreaming .

However, at this moment, she could clearly tell that this was not a dream .

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It was all real .

Yin Shaojie had really kissed her .

He actually took the chance while she was drunk to steal a kiss from her!

Mu Xiaoxiao's face was practically red through and through as she suddenly recalled her previous dream where Yin Shaojie had kissed her . Could it be that he had done this before? Did it appear in her dreams because he had kissed her when she had been unaware?

She had always thought that dreams were a reflection of reality .

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Thus, she had felt puzzled for some time about why she would dream of Yin Shaojie kissing her .

Now, she finally understood .

As it turns out… he really kissed her, without her knowing, and that was why she was having that dream .

Yin Shaojie was afraid that his big and tall body would crush her, so he supported himself with his arm . However, he liked the feeling of sticking close to her . Her body was so soft and fragrant, making him want to just lay on her forever .

Regulating his breath, Yin Shaojie knew he could not continue staying in this position .

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Otherwise, he was afraid that the beast within him would lead him to devour her .

He lifted his elegant face, reluctant to part as he pecked her on her lips .

He stared at her lips, turned dark red from his kisses as if he was staring at a trophy, his eyes filled with satisfaction .

Yin Shaojie got up from her body and off the sofa, and he carried her into the bedroom .

Mu Xiaoxiao seemed to be asleep as she was not making a ruckus like before, quietly laying in his embrace .

Yin Shaojie placed her on the bed, and he covered her with a blanket carefully .

His obsidian-like eyes gazed at her sleeping face, and he could not restrain himself as he laid his finger on her warm cheek, caressing it to feel her exquisite skin .

Suddenly, he let out a sigh, his eyes hiding a feeling that was difficult to express .

Upon confirming that she was sleeping soundly, he left the bedroom and went into the bathroom to take a shower .

In the dark, Mu Xiaoxiao slowly opened her eyes . She was at a loss as she bit her lips, her heart still beating rapidly .

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