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Published at 27th of April 2019 11:00:07 AM

Chapter 274

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Mu Xiaoxiao did not understand these things . But after hearing his analysis, she felt that it sounded reasonable .

As she thought of the first possibility, she sighed and said, "Why would there be such fathers in this world!"

If she had not seen it for herself, she might not have believed that a father would prostitute her daughter for a little money .

Yin Shaojie replied, "There's all kinds of people in this world . It's not surprising . "

This little girl has been sheltered all her life, with everyone doting and pampering her . How could she have seen the ugly side of things?

In this world, there were definitely more filthy and despicable things .

But, he hoped that she would not ever have to know about these things .

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Around these pleasure districts, selling daughters into prostitution was nothing new . In fact, there were worse things than that .

As he watched his front, Yin Shaojie was considering not bringing her to places like the bar again .

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the hospital .

After examining An Zhixin, the doctor confirmed that she was overly stressed and malnourished, resulting in her black out .

"Malnourished?" Mu Xiaoxiao was slightly surprised .

The doctor nodded . He then instructed the nurse before he left .

The nurse gave An Zhixin a nutritional intravenous infusion . Before long, An Zhixin slowly woke up .

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She opened her eyes to see where she was, her eyes still misty .

"How are you feeling?" A magnetic voice sounded in her ears .

An Zhixin turned her head to look in a daze, and she saw the unusually handsome Yin Shaojie .

She stared blankly as she mumbled, "So I wasn't dreaming…"

An Zhixin was eager to sit up, but Mu Xiaoxiao quickly stopped her, pressing on her hand as she said, "Don't get up so quickly . Lay down for awhile . You're still receiving the infusion . "

Mu Xiaoxiao pointed at the infusion bag above .

An Zhixin then obediently laid back down .

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Mu Xiaoxiao looked at Yin Shaojie, thinking about what he had said earlier, and she wondered if she should leave them to talk .

At this moment, Yin Shaojie pulled up two chairs so that she could sit beside him .

Seeing that, Mu Xiaoxiao naturally stayed behind .

He is the one who offered the chair, so I'm not being intrusive .

Mu Xiaoxiao happily sat down .

Looking puzzled, An Zhixin stared at the two, then her gaze finally stopped at Yin Shaojie's face .

She had never seen such an exceptionally handsome boy with such a classy air about him; the airs he gave off were just like an exalted king's . Thus, she became dazed as she looked at him .

When she snapped out of it, her face was slightly suffused with red .

She carefully asked, "I… don't think I know you?"

Yin Shaojie did not reply, but he looked at her and asked, "Seven years ago, did you go to Taocheng's lakeside resort?"

An Zhixin paused as if she was recalling a memory, and she said, "Lakeside resort? I didn't go there…"

Suddenly, she was pleasantly surprised, nearly wanting to sit up again as she looked to Yin Shaojie and exclaimed, "Were you the boy who passed out at the lakeside?"

Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao was startled, and she suddenly remembered .

She recalled back then that Yin Shaojie was about to wake up, so she quickly ran to call the adults . When she was returning with the adults, she saw Yin Shaojie accompanied by a little girl beside him from afar .

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