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Published at 17th of April 2019 11:31:21 AM

Chapter 36

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Mu Xiaoxiao nodded . "Yep, I know about that . That's why they want us to get married . "

It was only then that she realized that this guy was holding her in his arms . His hands were strategically placed on her waist in such a way that they resembled a pair of lovers .

Wanting to extract herself, she pushed against his chest with her hands hastily . "Let go of me . I want to go sleep . "

Yin Shaojie put on a pitiful face and looked into her eyes . "Xiaoxiao, do you remember how we often slept together when we were little?"

"Of course I do . What about it?" She suspected something fishy by the way he mentioned their childhood days .

Yin Shaojie gestured at the sofa and lamented, "Even though this sofa is kinda comfy, it's not a good sleeping place . Can you bear the thought of leaving me with insomnia? Then I won't be able to attend class tomorrow . "

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Mu Xiaoxiao studied him . Was this guy trying to play the sympathy card on her?

Looking at the sofa, she thought that if she had to sleep on the sofa for the rest of her life, she would be very uncomfortable . It was only bearable for occasional napping .

"Wifey~~~~" Yin Shaojie swayed coquettishly while holding her by her waist .

"Okay, okay, okay! I'll let you sleep inside, alright?" Mu Xiaoxiao's heart softened .

"You're too kind, my wifey!" Yin Shaojie, indulging in his coquettish act, leaned in to give her a peck on her face .

Disgusted, Mu Xiaoxiao wiped his saliva off her face with the back of his hand . Remembering something, she pointed at him and said seriously, "I'll say this first: From now on, the bedroom is my territory, and in my territory, you listen to me . Got it?"

Yin Shaojie made an "OK" sign . Lifting her off his lap, he hugged a pillow while steering her towards the bedroom .

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"Wifey, let's go to sleep!"

Mu Xiaoxiao used her elbow to block his chest . With a deliberate look of disgust, she said, "Who's going to sleep with you; we're sleeping separately!"

If the bed in the room hadn't been that big, with more than enough space for two people to sleep on it, she would not have shared it with him .

"Sure thing, we'll sleep separately . Don't sneak up on me in the middle of the night . I'm just worried about you drooling uncontrollably as you gaze at my beauty and doing something…"

"Bah! If you say any more, I'll throw you out!"

Yin Shaojie tactfully shut his mouth . Smiling delightedly, he steered her into the room and closed the door behind them .

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. . .

The next morning .

Clear sunlight shined into the room .

Mu Xiaoxiao was sleeping soundly . She snuggled into the thing that she was hugging in her sleep, smearing her saliva onto it .

As she was enjoying her sleep, she felt someone push her . "Wakey wakey, Mu Xiaoxiao! Wake up!"

"That's annoying, stop bothering me!" Mu Xiaoxiao swatted at the person with frustration, not wanting him to disturb her sleep .

"Humph, if you don't wake up soon, I'll…" the person whispered sinisterly into her ear, his hot breath tickling it .

"Stop it, go away…"

Yin Shaojie didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he studied her . "Shouldn't this be my line? Xiaoxiao, get up quickly, or you're going to be late for school!"


Mu Xiaoxiao thought groggily, Oh yeah, I've returned home, and I'm now enrolled in Shangde High School… Suddenly, an image of a handsome guy appeared in her mind . It was Lu Yichen's face .

She woke with a start and cracked her eyes open . "Right, I have to go to school today!" To find Lu Yichen!

Her sleepiness dissipated as she thought of her Mr . Gorgeous . Opening her eyes wide, she stretched and turned her gaze to the person in front of her .

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