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Published at 17th of April 2019 11:31:19 AM

Chapter 38

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The door to the sports car opened automatically .

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up briefly and lowered her head again, unable to lift it, and she stood motionless .

Helpless, Yin Shaojie could only get out of the car and face her . Squatting in front of her, he stared at her lowered head but could only see the hair whorl on her head .

"Do you want to get in?" he asked patiently .

As the scion of the Yin family, all the women around him busied themselves with ingratiating themselves to him . The only girl he ever had to accommodate was the one right here .

Mu Xiaoxiao was still peeved, but she also did not reject him . She harrumphed instead .

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The sight of both of them facing each other while squatting looked quite childish . It was as though they were two kids throwing a tantrum .

Understandably, Yin Shaojie thought the situation hilarious . It brought back memories of their childhood .

"Are you so angry that you don't want a ride anymore? If that's what you want, I'm going to go away . Or are you waiting for me to carry you into the car?"

It was at those words that Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head a little . She eyeballed him as though she was waiting to see how else he would try to appease her .

"Alrighty, if you're not going to say anything, then I have no choice but to pick an option myself . "

Yin Shaojie stood up, brushed his pants off, and gazed down at her from above .

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What option?

Before Mu Xiaoxiao could wrap her head around the situation, two arms had surrounded her and lifted her while she was still squatting .

"Ah — " She was startled . It was shocking to be lifted up from this position, and she was scared that she would fall .

However, Yin Shaojie's motions were swift, and he had already transferred her into the car and was bending over to put on her seatbelt .

"You scared the heck out of me!" Mu Xiaoxiao finally grumbled, looking at him with an air of reproachfulness .

Yin Shaojie smiled . "So I made the right choice then? You just wanted me to carry you into the car . You should've said so earlier; you didn't have to be so difficult . You're so hard to please . "

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Even though he gave her a look of annoyance and complained that she was hard to please, he still went along with her wishes .

After Yin Shaojie fastened her seatbelt, he circled back to the driver's seat . Starting the engine, he drove the car out of the garage .

Mu Xiaoxiao, who was beside him, had already cooled down .

After a long while, she then deigned to speak, saying, "I thought… that you had really abandoned me . "

Earlier, she had really felt aggrieved . She had not thought that he would just drive away like that without bickering further . Anyway, she was not serious about chasing him out of the bedroom to sleep on the sofa .

If she was really that heartless, she would not have let him sleep on the bed with her last night .

However, Yin Shaojie was only trying to scare her of course . Looking at her miserable expression, he felt a little guilty and regretted toying with her .

After all, Mu Xiaoxiao was not like his girlfriends . He didn't care whether those girls were angry at him; let them be angry if they wanted to be, and he wouldn't take the initiative to appease them . In the end, they would always come around and continue to hang out with him .

But Mu Xiaoxiao was different . If she was angry, she was angry, and she would not bother with him ever again .

Naturally, Yin Shaojie would not reveal these thoughts to her . To make her feel bad, he said purposely, "If I had really abandoned you, you would have complained to my mom about me . Wouldn't I be scolded to death?"

Actually, he wasn't afraid of his mom scolding him but of her nagging . Her nagging would drive him mad .

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and mumbled, "I was only saying… I'm not the type to complain about people like that . "

Besides, she was not a three-year-old kid anymore . She wouldn't whine about him to his parents over a small matter .

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