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Published at 8th of June 2019 10:45:07 AM

Chapter 406

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Yin Shaojie had then kept her dearly in his memory for the next seven years .

Mu Xiaoxiao could not help but think that if Yin Shaojie had not kissed her, would he have continued to be mistaken such that after he met An Zhixin again, he would then kiss her in order to confirm his feelings for her?

The mere thought of this had Mu Xiaoxiao in pain, feeling like someone was wringing her heart .

She could not restrain herself as continued to imagine: What if Yin Shaojie and An Zhixin had tried dating? Yin Shaojie might have some feelings for An Zhixin because of the kiss seven years ago . And slowly, he might really fall for her . Then they would start loving each other and get married…

Tears fell from her watery eyes before she could stop it .

The screen was showing the scene of the prince marrying the foreign princess . They were dancing with blissful smiles, not knowing that it was the little mermaid who had given them blessings as she then turned into foam .

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The next scene was showing the sisters of the little mermaid left grieving .

They cried and said, "Sister, how could you be so foolish…"

Under the influence of the movie's atmosphere, her tears fell faster, and she could not help but let out suppressed sobs .

Even though she knew that she was not the little mermaid and that it was all a made up story, once she entered an emotional state, it was hard for her to pull herself out from it .

Mu Xiaoxiao used her the back of her hand to wipe away the tears from her eyes, but the tears were too much, and she was afraid that they would fall onto Yin Shaojie's face and wake him . So she lifted her head to allow her tears to fall down the sides of her face .

"Dummy, what are you crying about?" a magnetic and deep voice suddenly came from below her .

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The weight on her thigh became lighter all of a sudden .

Mu Xiaoxiao was startled and looked down at Yin Shaojie .

She sniffed, still sobbing as she said, "Did… Did I wake you?"

Yin Shaojie did not reply . With both hands holding her cheeks, he wiped gently wiped away her tears with his fingertips .

But her tears were like an open tap that seemed to run endlessly .

Yin Shaojie frowned and asked quizzically, "How can you cry to this kind of movie?"

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"That's none of your business!" Mu Xiaoxiao pouted, and she tried to swat away his hands .

But Yin Shaojie was unmoved . He turned to look at the screen to see the scene that was currently playing .

His gaze returned to her and locked on her little face as if he was trying to figure out the reason that made the little girl cry to such an extent .

Mu Xiaoxiao felt embarrassed as he was watching her so closely and said, "I'm fine now . "

After all, she couldn't tell him that she had imagined herself as the little mermaid in the story: He would end up with An Zhixin in the end, leaving her to watch their blissfulness from the sidelines and ending up…

Her heart ached again, and tears fell again .

Yin Shaojie sighed as his handsome face closed in, his lips pressing on her eyes, and he stuck out his tongue as he kissed away her tears .

Mu Xiaoxiao felt his gentleness .

She looked up and just happened to meet his eyes, which looked like the starry night sky .

He looked like he did not know what to do to help her, but even more so, his expression was filled with his strong passion toward her .

For a moment, Mu Xiaoxiao felt a rush of warmth over her . All the sadness that she had imagined was thrown to the wind, and all that was left was the look of him gazing back at her .

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