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Chapter 421

Mu Xiaoxiao paused, her face getting hotter, and her heart was beating wildly as if a motor had been installed in it .

Goodness gracious!

What have I said?

I only needed to console him . Why did I tell him that I would help him?

God knows if his brain is loaded with perverted things…

Yin Shaojie stared at her fretful face . Suddenly, he smiled, and he closed up to her to give her a peck on her lips .

"Silly girl!" he smiled and said, his eyes filled with affection for her .

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him, not saying anything for fear that she would say something that she would regret .

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So what is he thinking about?

Mu Xiaoxiao's heart was racing, and her face was flushed as she guessed what perverted demands he might ask of her .

What should I do then?

Must I keep to my word earlier and do whatever he says?

Boo hoo, someone give me medicine to ease my regret!

Just when Mu Xiaoxiao's heart was suspended in trepidation, Yin Shaojie withdrew his hand from under her clothes .

He had even helped her to arrange her messy bangs, then he kissed her on her mouth and said, "Okay, I was just kidding . Come on, get up . "

Mu Xiaoxiao was startled, "Uh… What?"

He was just kidding?

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But the way he looked earlier… it didn't seem like he was just kidding .

Yin Shaojie smiled bitterly and pointed to Lisa, who was standing at the door . "There's someone watching us . How could I have really done anything to you? Aren't you silly!"

With that said, he scratched her little nose with his finger .

However, he had nearly given in to his impulse . Luckily, he had restrained himself .

He didn't want to be intimate with her under the watchful eye of others . This would be disrespectful to her .

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted her mouth and slapped his hand . "Bastard!"

She was trying to get up, but Yin Shaojie reached out and hugged her .

He sighed and groaned . "Wife, let me hug you again . "

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Hubby has troubles, but Hubby can't share it with you!

Regarding the incident last night, although he had not touched the woman, the matter was between him and his father-in-law, and he felt that it was better not to let Xiaoxiao know about it .

Firstly, he was unsure if Xiaoxiao might get jealous .

Secondly, he was unsure if she might get angry at his father-in-law for taking such measures .

Since he had passed the test and what happened had already happened, he just wanted to move on from it .

Then, Lisa, who was standing at the door, coughed and lowered her voice as she warned them, "Miss, Young Master Jie, Master is coming…"

But Mu Xiaoxiao wasn't alarmed as she simply pushed Yin Shaojie to have him let go of her .

However, Yin Shaojie suddenly jumped up and hurried to get out of bed as he said, "I'm going to the washroom . "

Luckily, there was a washroom in her room; otherwise, it would have been troublesome .

"What's wrong with you?" Mu Xiaoxiao was puzzled . He didn't seem so urgent earlier . Why did he have to go to the washroom just when her father was coming?

Yin Shaojie looked like he was putting up a front as he said, "It's nothing, I'm just going to the toilet . "

Didn't this girl notice it?

During the hugging and kissing earlier, he had indeed gotten aroused .

So his body had been reacting to it…

Though this silly girl hadn't notice it, but that didn't mean that the Father-in-law wouldn't notice it .

Thus, Yin Shaojie hurried into the toilet .

A few moments later, Mu Zhengbo came into the room . Glancing at the bathroom, he asked, "Is Shaojie inside?"

Mu Xiaoxiao got out of bed, wore her slippers, and walked over to her father with a big smile on her face .