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Published at 2nd of July 2019 07:29:41 PM

Chapter 480

Yin Shaojie thought about it and nodded . “I remember some of that . What made you suddenly think about this?”

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Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled and said, “Later, didn’t you scold her in front of all the children, saying that you were not her boyfriend so that she wouldn’t act so smitten everyday because it was unsightly or something . I still remember how bad she cried at the time . ”

Yin Shaojie changed into his slippers and walked into the living room with her .

He looked like he recalled something as he narrowed his eyes and said, “I remember it . At that time, there seemed to be several boys vying to marry you and take you for their bride . How is it now, are you still staying in contact with any of them?”

Mu Xiaoxiao sniffed as she felt that there was jealousy in the air . .

She smiled and said deliberately, “Was there such a thing? I wonder if they have grown up to be handsome? Why not we have a kindergarten class reunion next time? It will be very interesting!”

“Very interesting?” Yin Shaojie blocked her path and folded his arms at his chest as he stared at her .

Mu Xiaoxiao flung her wet hair and said to him, “Move away! My hair feels so uncomfortable, I need to get it blow-dried . ”

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Yin Shaojie’s eyes suddenly flashed with a glimmer of light, and he said, “We can do your idea . Why not have our engagement party again? We’ll invite the people you want, how about that?”

“No!” Mu Xiaoxiao quickly refused, her eyes widening .

“Why not?” Yin Shaojie’s handsome face was somewhat unhappy .

She refused so quickly as if she hadn’t thought about it at all .

“No means no . An engagement party isn’t fun, and it’s so tiring . I don’t want to do it again . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao pushed him away, walked over to the drawer to take the hairdryer, and went to the sofa to sit down .

Yin Shaojie followed, sitting beside her . “You really don’t want to?”

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“Absolutely not!” Mu Xiaoxiao said with great certainty and began to blow her hair .

Yin Shaojie leaned himself on the sofa, thinking about something .

Seeing that he didn’t insist about the matter, she was relieved and continued to blow her hair .

Her stomach was rumbling .

“Hey, didn’t you order food? When will it be arriving? Call them to hurry it up, I am so hungry . ”

Yin Shaojie glanced at her, got down from the sofa, walked over to the fridge, and took out something from inside .

He came back and handed an apple to her .

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“Eat an apple first, lest you feel hungry . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao showed him the hair dryer in her hand and curled her lips, saying, “I’ve got my hands full . Put it aside, and I’ll eat it after I’m done drying my hair . ”

Yin Shaojie frowned . “Why don’t you cut your hair short?”

With such long hair, it would be very troublesome to dry her hair every time .


He suddenly wanted to see how she would look with short hair .

However, Mu Xiaoxiao wasn’t happy when she heard this and grimaced disdainfully . “No! If I were to cut my hair short… I’ll look very ugly! I won’t do it even if you kill me!”

In fact, she had tried a short haircut when she was in the States . Seeing her sisters looking sharp in their short hair, she had also wanted to try it .

Little did she expect…

What happened in the past was better forgotten!

She recalled how she looked with her short hair . She was always mistaken as an elementary school student . Even when she went to the cinema to watch a movie, the ticket seller gave her a child’s price without her asking for it .

After that, she vowed that she would never cut her hair short ever again!

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