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Chapter 505

He held out the panties in front of her .

With a red face, Mu Xiaoxiao snatched it back and drove him out . “Go out!”

Yin Shaojie’s handsome face suddenly came close to her, almost right in her face, and he said, “Since I helped you to wash your underwear, you will be helping to wash mine next time, right?”

“No!” Mu Xiaoxiao immediately refused as she blushed up to her ears .

“Hey, this is called returning a courtesy . You can’t refuse,” Yin Shaojie said to her with a serious face .

Actually, he suddenly had the urge to see how she would look like washing his underwear .

Mm~~ That would be an interesting sight!

“No . No . No, no, no…”

Mu Xiaoxiao said repeatedly as she pushed him outside .

“Remember, you have to wash it for me next time,” Yin Shaojie said .

“I said no!”

Mu Xiaoxiao pushed him out and slammed the door close .

At night, at the luxurious clubhouse .

Because Mu Xiaoxiao needed to find Annie, she invited Song Shijun and a few others to eat and talk about the matter in detail .

The moment Song Shijun sat down, he didn’t stand on ceremony .

He picked up the menu and ordered multiple dishes in one shot .

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Yin Shaojie didn’t have any objections at first, but when he heard Song Shijun order a spicy dish, he frowned and said to the waiter, “We don’t want the spicy shrimp!”

Song Shijun looked at him puzzled . “Why not? Spicy shrimps are delicious! And Xiaoxiao likes to eat them too!”

Yin Shaojie shot him a stern glare . “My stomach doesn’t feel well today, so I don’t want to eat spicy dishes . Is that fine with you?”

Song Shijun was speechless .

Bro, you don’t want to eat them, we want to eat them!

Grim-faced, he quickly asked Mu Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, you like to eat spicy shrimps too, right? Shall we order this?”

He knew that as long as Mu Xiaoxiao nodded, Yin Shaojie wouldn’t refuse her .

However, Mu Xiaoxiao obviously knew that Yin Shaojie did it for her, so she smiled and said, “Nah, I don’t feel like eating shrimp today . ”

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Song Shijun looked dispirited . “Okay then…”

Yin Shaojie stared at Song Shijun to make sure he would hear him, and he said, “Remember, don’t order spicy food!”

Mu Xiaoxiao’s delicate face had an unnatural blush as she bumped Yin Shaojie hand beneath the table, telling him not to act too conspicuously .

Was he trying to let everyone know that Aunt Flo came to visit her?

But being a guy, Song Shijun didn’t notice anything wrong .

Besides, he was already used to Great Master Yin’s usual tyrannical ways .

But it was a different case with Han Qiqing . As a girl, of course she was more experienced in this area . Upon seeing the look on Mu Xiaoxiao, she immediately understood .

She glanced at Song Shijun and said, “For soup, let’s just order the black-boned chicken soup . ”

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Song Shijun gave a disgusted look . “Why do we want to drink this kind of soup?”

Han Qiqing glared at him . “I feel like drinking it . Can’t I?”

Song Shijun nodded quickly . “Sure, sure, sure . Of course you can have it . ”

After ordering the dishes, it was time to talk business .

Song Shijun said eagerly to Mu Xiaoxiao, “Did you bring the photo for the girl you are looking for?”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded . “I brought it . I’ll send it to your phone . ”

She had made a call to her butler in the States to help her find the photo from her computer .

After Song Shijun received the photo and saw the picture of Annie, Song Shijun said in amazement, “Wow—so cute!”

The person on the photo was as cute as a doll . She had a pair of bright eyes that looked as innocent as an angel’s .