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Chapter 510: 510

Yin Shaojie’s jet-black eyes stared at her, amused . “Are you being jealous again? I haven’t even seen her photos yet . How would I know how she looks?”

“Then I will show you . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao took out her phone, opened Annie’s photo, and showed it to him .

Yin Shaojie was going to start the car, but suddenly his view was blocked by the phone . Then, he grudgingly looked at the phone screen in her hand .

The girl in the photo was indeed very pretty . She was the kind that looked innocent and the kind where you couldn’t find faults .

He then understood why Song Shijun would just stare at her with such fascination earlier .

“What do you think? She’s cute, right? You don’t even know how many guys want to woo my Little Mengmeng in school . They could queue up several streets long,” Mu Xiaoxiao said proudly .

“She is pretty cute, but I have seen people who are cuter than her,” Yin Shaojie said as he shifted her hand away and started the engine .

“Who is she?” Mu Xiaoxiao narrowed her eyes . This time, she was really jealous .

The sexy corner of his mouth lifted in a smile as he turned to look at her and said teasingly, “She’s right under my nose . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao stunned for a moment, and immediately understood that he was referring to herself, and her heart thumped in joy .

“You’re really…”

Fine then .  She would let him slide with this sweet talk .

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Yin Shaojie dashingly grabbed the steering wheel with one hand, and the other hand reached over and touched her little face . “Let’s go home, my big cutie . ”

“Big cutie my ass!” Mu Xiaoxiao said, but she was smiling very sweetly .

The cool sports car slowly started and drove off from the front of the luxury clubhouse .

But meanwhile .

Behind the sports car, a fine-looking girl carrying a small LV bag brushed past Mu Xiaoxiao .

The girl looked exactly like the one in the photo from Mu Xiaoxiao’s phone .

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Mo Xiaomeng held the strap of her bag in one hand and took out her phone in the other hand . Looking at the content on the screen, she compared it to the shop in front of her .

“Okay, this is the place! Looks pretty high-end, and it is overflowing with good reviews on the Internet . It should have good service . ”

Mo Xiaomeng smiled as she walked into the spa salon .

She was pretty exhausted after visiting an old town nearby, so she wanted to find a spa salon to get a massage . But she wasn’t familiar with the place, so she had to seek help from the Internet .

Fortunately, she could understand Chinese, so it was easy to find this spa salon .

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However, what she didn’t know was that a lot of information on the Internet couldn’t be trusted, especially the ones that only had good reviews and no bad reviews .

Upon entering the salon, a receptionist lady came forward with a smile to greet Mo Xiaomeng .

“Hello Miss, are you here for beauty services? What kind of beauty service would you like? We have everything here . ”

Mo Xiaomeng nodded and said, “Well, let me see first . ”

The receptionist took her to the front of the counter and introduced her to the beauty services available .

“Miss, is this your first time here? You look very cute and a bit mixed-raced . Your accent sounds unusual . Are you from City A?”

Mo Xiaomeng replied unsuspectingly, “No, I came for vacation . ”

There was a slight change in the receptionist’s eyes, but she still maintained a cordial smile as she said, “Oh, then do you mind if I ask if you came with friends?”