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Published at 21st of July 2019 05:05:16 AM

Chapter 534

Han Xue’er suddenly ordered the bodyguard, “Drag that slut out here!”

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Yu Zhe froze for a moment . With knitted brows, he looked up at her, gritted his teeth, and said indignantly, “What are you trying to do now?!”

Han Xue’er deliberately smiled and said nothing as she watched how anxious he looked .

Shortly, the bodyguard brought Mu Xiaoxiao out .

Han Xue’er glared at the bodyguard and shouted, “I told you to drag her out! Drag her! Do you understand? Idiot!”

The bodyguard was startled, then immediately released Mu Xiaoxiao .

Mu Xiaoxiao looked wretched . The moment the bodyguard let go of her, she fell to the carpet .

Han Xue’er glared at the bodyguard . “Drag!”

Bodyguard glanced at Mu Xiaoxiao on the ground and had no choice but to grab one of her hands and drag her .

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Mu Xiaoxiao was in great discomfort . She felt like standing up to walk, but she couldn’t do it .

And since there was a lot of friction against the carpet, it was harder to drag her .

The only good thing to be happy about in this situation was that she wasn’t far from Han Xue’er, so she didn’t need to be dragged over a longer distance .

However, Han Xue’er had gotten some perverse satisfaction .

When Mu Xiaoxiao was dragged in front of her, Han Xue’er sat on the sofa, posturing herself like she was a queen as she stared down at Mu Xiaoxiao .

“Little slut, have you considered it yet? Do you want to beg me? If you beg me, who knows if I may grow soft-hearted . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao lowered her head and leaned over her upper body on the carpet . She didn’t look up or retort her .

Yu Zhe, who was sitting on the other side of the sofa, suddenly felt that something was wrong as he stared fixedly at Mu Xiaoxiao .

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However, Mu Xiaoxiao’s head was lowered so that no one could see her expression .

“Hey! I’m talking to you . Do you hear me?”

Han Xue’er waited for a while without getting a reply before she grew impatient .

She gestured to the bodyguard with a look .

The bodyguard squatted down and rudely lifted up Mu Xiaoxiao’s face .

The redness on Mu Xiaoxiao’s cheeks seemed to have faded entirely . Looking wretched, she gritted her teeth as cold sweat formed on her forehead .

Seeing this scene, Yu Zhe look startled, and his hand, which was placed on the sofa, clenched into a fist .

What’s wrong with her?

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But it was Han Xue’er who asked instead, “What’s wrong with her?”

Bodyguard shook his head and said, “I don’t know . When I went in just now, she was already like this . ”

Han Xue’er snorted scornfully, “Are you pretending to be dead? Do you think I’ll just let you go like this? You wish!”

She stood up angrily, walked up to Mu Xiaoxiao, and suddenly gave Mu Xiaoxiao a kick .

Laying on the carpet, Mu Xiaoxiao kept exuding cold sweat as she clasped her stomach with her hands .

Han Xue’er’s eyes glowed red as she stared at her hands .

She’s covering her stomach?

Han Xue’er sneered and said, “You’re really pregnant, aren’t you? Good, then I’ll just kill this baby . Let’s see whatcha gonna do about it!”

As she said, she kicked Mu Xiaoxiao in the stomach .

“No… don’t…”

After not responding the whole time just now, Mu Xiaoxiao finally called out weakly .

She curled her body, trying to avoid Han Xue’er kicking her in the stomach .

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t know what Han Xue’er was saying .

What was it about her being pregnant?

The furthest that she had went with Yin Shaojie was only kissing . They hadn’t even done it yet . How could she be pregnant?

Besides, Aunt Flo was just visiting!

It was for this reason that she was feeling so uncomfortable .

When she was in that room, she had been tied to a chair, and because the windows were open, the cold air had kept coming in .

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