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Published at 8th of August 2019 04:55:16 AM

Chapter 588

The stall owner said hurriedly, “It’s normal for girls to miss a lot . Let your boyfriend shoot instead; who knows if he’ll hit enough to win something the next round . It’s actually not as hard as you think . Maybe the gun has a problem; I’ll change it for you . ”

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He tried to take away the gun as he said, intending to switch it out for a gun with a better aim .

“There’s no need to,” Yin Shaojie said . He took out another large bill from his wallet and gave it to the owner . “There’s no need to change the gun . Just refilling the bullets will do . ”

The stall owner was in a dilemma . “Are you sure? Your aim may improve if the gun is switched . The problem may lie with the feel of the gun sometimes . ”

“Yeah, it’s okay . There’s no need . ” Yin Shaojie looked nonchalant .

Unable to argue back, the stall owner could only refill his bullets .

Yin Shaojie took up the gun and extended his arm . His dark eyes looked ahead as though he was trying to find his aim .

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t understand the purpose of his actions . She didn’t realize that his posture was accurate, only thinking that his stance while holding the gun was very dashing, and she couldn’t help but feel some momentary infatuation .

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She encouraged him, saying, “All the best!”

Anyway, it only cost 50 dollars per round if they lost . Since they were out here to play, it was okay if they spent some money .

Yin Shaojie smiled at her, but he broke his stance . He looked at her and said, “Why not make a bet to motivate me?”

“A bet?” Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t realize that she had already been caught in a particular demon’s trap .

Yin Shaojie nodded as he smiled and explained, “Isn’t it more interesting if we make a bet?”

“What do you want to bet then?”

Mu Xiaoxiao thought that this sounded fun and fell into the trap .

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Yin Shaojie pretended to think for a while before saying, “If we’re going to bet, we’ll have to bet on something valuable . How about this: If I can win the plushie you want in ten rounds, you’ll have to comply with an order from me . If I can’t win in ten rounds, I’ll have to listen to an order from you . Deal?”

Mu Xiaoxiao did have some caution and wondered if he was trying to trick her .

However, he had said that he would need ten rounds . Didn’t that mean that he wasn’t very confident?

If he was confident of getting hits, he would have said one round, not ten with that pride of this .

Mu Xiaoxiao’s eyes flashed cunningly, and she accepted the gamble .

She replied, “Okay! I’ll bet with you!”

She thought, ‘It’ll be interesting to order the Great Master Yin to do something he doesn’t like to do, right? Heheh!’

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Yin Shaojie extended his pinky in front of her . “Pinky promise . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao was amused as she said, “Pinky promise? We aren’t kindergarten kids . ”

However, she still smiled as she hooked her pinky with his .

After the ritual was complete, a darkness flashed into Yin Shaojie’s eyes .

“We’ve pinky promised . If you lose, you can’t turn back on your promise . ”

He had only done it so that she wouldn’t be able to turn back on her word . Even though it was childish, so be it .

Mu Xiaoxiao snorted as she challenged, “You might not win, so it’s you who shouldn’t break your promise!”

The gears in her little brain had already started to turn .

What command should she give him after she won?


Yin Shaojie smiled . “Do you wish for me to lose? Don’t you want the strawberry plushie anymore?

Mu Xiaoxiao spread her hands out . “I think it’s more important for me to win now . Hurry up and begin!”

If she won, she could give him an order . This was so much more fun than getting a strawberry plushie!

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