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Published at 3rd of September 2019 05:35:32 AM

Chapter 690

“Who says that I don’t need you? You are my only wife . If you don’t come, who will give me support? Come quickly! If you don’t come, I’m gonna spank you when we get home, do you hear me?” Yin Shaojie said in a menacing tone .

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Mu Xiaoxiao actually smiled . “Okay, I’ll go right away . ”

She hung up the call and chuckled . From where she was, she could see Yin Shaojie walking toward the basketball stadium, and Su Lin was walking beside him . Of course, there were other boys beside him also wearing jerseys .

Mu Xiaoxiao stealthily slipped behind him, planning to give Yin Shaojie a scare .

Suddenly, she jumped in front of him and shouted, “WAA!” .

But Yin Shaojie wasn’t frightened . Instead, it was Su Lin beside him whose eyes widened in horror as she clasped at her chest .

“Xiaoxiao, do you think you are a ghost?” she said unhappily .

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Yin Shaojie’s long arm hooked and pulled Mu Xiaoxiao to his side . With his arm around her shoulder, he asked, “How did you get here so fast? Were you secretly watching me from somewhere?”

He reached out his hand and pinched her nose as he said .

Mu Xiaoxiao swatted his hand away like a fly, saying, “Why should I watch you secretly . I just happened to be… passing by . ”

Wherever he went, he was just like a superstar, surrounded by spirited discussions and the incessant screams from girls . It would be hard for her not to notice him .

“So coincidental?” Yin Shaojie went up closer in her face .

Mu Xiaoxiao tutted and pushed his face away irritatedly . “Can’t you behave yourself? Don’t you feel ashamed having so many people watching you?”

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Yin Shaojie said matter-of-factly, “What’s there to be ashamed of? Why should I be ashamed of hugging my wife?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless .

Although she felt helpless about his shamelessness, she couldn’t help but smile .

The people who had been talking about her being dumped by Yin Shaojie would probably feel a slap to the face after seeing them together like this, huh?

The two enjoyed each other’s company while completely ignoring Su Lin beside them .

However grim she had appeared, Yin Shaojie and Mu Xiaoxiao remained oblivious to it .

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At the basketball stadium .

Because Yin Shaojie was there, the stadium was filled with people, almost all girls . People not in the know might have even thought it was some major competition .

Apparently some people had even skipped classes in order to watch Yin Shaojie .

Su Lin went to sit on the bench in a very natural manner . It was the seat closest to the players .

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at her and asked Yin Shaojie, “Where are Qiqing and Shijun? Why aren’t they here?”

“Shijun is busy with the Student Union . As for Qiqing… She is probably sleeping somewhere, I guess?” Yin Shaojie laughed . It was because Song Shijun had missed out on the last meeting that Yin Shaojie punished him, making him responsible for the autumn excursion .

Mu Xiaoxiao remembered how Qiqing, that lazy pig, would head to the infirmary or the Student Union to sleep whenever she wanted to skip classes .

Su Lin smiled and waved to her, “Xiaoxiao, come sit here . ”

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded . Then she patted Yin Shaojie’s arm and said, “Play well . Don’t make me lose face . ”

Yin Shaojie laughed .

They were only playing a casual game in their physical education class . It wasn’t an actual game . But since there were so many girls spectating, some of the boys had gotten nervous .

In contrast, Yin Shaojie had already gotten used to the ardent stares from the girls, and he paid no attention to them .

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