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Published at 9th of September 2019 10:20:17 AM

Chapter 715

Chapter 715: You’re Not A Spy, Are You?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


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He also didn’t want to leave . He wanted to play dead and watch the game .

Han Qiqing was utterly curious, her eyes darting around as she whispered to him, “Shijun, who’s helping us?”

Song Shijun shrugged . “How would I know? It can’t be Shaojie, can it?”

Han Qiqing’s eyes were like radar as she scanned the surroundings .

She seemed to have an intuition that the person was hiding in the trees . Thus, from the start, she had been looking up to scan every tree .

Finally, she saw something, excitedly tapped on Song Shijun and couldn’t stop herself from exclaiming, “He’s up there!”

In that instant, everyone turned to look at the direction where she was pointing .

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Song Shijun could not cover her mouth in time .

He rolled his eyes at her . “Han Qiqing, you’re not a spy sent here by Su Lin, are you?”

She actually leaked such important information!

Han Qiqing stared blankly for a moment . Finally, she realized the stupid thing she had done and looked at him in a panic . “I didn’t mean it! What should I do? Oh yeah, I’m already dead, right? So even if they hear what I said, they have to pretend not to hear, right? It can’t count!”

Song Shijun unsure whether to laugh or cry, “What do you think?”

“What should we do?” Han Qiqing looked sullen .

What else could they do?

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Now that the position of the mysterious person had been given away, their chances of turning the tables on the enemy had dropped seriously!

Sure enough, Su Lin immediately ordered an attack on the position where Han Qiqing had revealed . Even if they were random shots, they had to take out the person secretly helping them .

Without this mysterious person, there would only be three people left on Mu Xiaoxiao’s side . Then it would be a simple turkey shoot!

But Ye Sijue wouldn’t simply sit around and wait to die . Just when the enemies were concentrating their fire on the mysterious person, he signaled Mu Xiaoxiao and Mo Xiaomeng to shoot at them .

Then, it was another round of firefights .

Perhaps it was luck, or heaven’s protection, Mu Xiaoxiao’s team had not taken a single casualty . Whereas for Su Lin, the people on her side had been taken out one by one . Finally, there were only a few boys left who were protecting her .

“Miss Su Lin, what now?”

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Su Lin couldn’t maintain her elegant poise anymore, and she said anxiously, “Don’t worry about others . Just take out Mu Xiaoxiao!”


They couldn’t reach Mu Xiaoxiao!

Mu Xiaoxiao’s position was just too much of an advantage . With triangular shaped cover provided by the wooden box and the tree trunk, they couldn’t hit anyone even after shooting the wooden box full of holes .

A boy calmly proposed, “We no longer have the advantage in numbers . We should withdraw first and bring more people to our side . ”

Su Lin still had her wits about her . It was not a time for them to simply go up against them . Mu Xiaoxiao still had Ye Sijue and that mysterious person . She knew that her guys weren’t that good with guns, and they would only lose if they were to simply continue going up against Mu Xiaoxiao .

Then, after some time of consideration, she agreed to the proposal .

“Let’s go then!”

Su Lin got up slightly and stepped back, preparing to leave the battlefield .

However, a gunshot broke the silence, and a bullet landed on her shoulder!

The boys next to her were stunned . And they exclaimed, “Miss Su Lin!”

However, it was already too late .

Su Lin was out!

It was incredulous! How did the person do it? How did he shoot her from this angle? That was just creepy!

Su Lin’s face was darkened in anger .

What made her even more furious was the smug voice of Mu Xiaoxiao . “Haha, Su Lin, you lost! Sijue, Xiaomeng, let’s charge!”

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