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Chapter 734: 734

She smiled and said, “No need . ”

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Yu Zhe didn’t mention anything about the matter of forgiving him . He knew that he wasn’t qualified for that . He knew that he wasn’t even qualified to be her friend, so he still needed to work hard .

For her to be willing to talk to him like this was already like a dream to him . He was already satisfied .

Then, a car arrived and stopped beside Yu Zhe . The chauffeur got out of the car and said respectfully to him, “Young master . ”

Then he went to open the back door to the back seats .

Yu Zhe said to Mu Xiaoxiao, “I’m leaving . ”

“Okay . ” Mu Xiaoxiao nodded .

Yu Zhe wasn’t moving, his eyes staring at her with reluctance, as if he wanted to imprint the look of her in his heart .

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“I… may be going abroad to study soon . ” He seemed agonized as he said .

Thus, he plucked up his courage to come to this autumn outing just to see her for the last time .

Initially, he had only wanted to hide in the shadows and look at her from afar so that he could imprint her into his memory . Thus, when he went abroad, he would be able to think about her and even imagine that they had come together for this autumn outing . He could then weave this into a beautiful memory that he was also a part of .

However, he didn’t expect to be discovered, and she had treated him so well . This autumn outing really turned into a memory where he was also a part of .

He imagined that after going abroad, he could reminisce about this for many years to come .

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned . “Abroad?”

“Yeah, I’m going there to study to get into an overseas university . ” He asked eagerly . “What about you? Will you go to university in China, or abroad? Which school do you want to go to?”

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Mu Xiaoxiao smiled, shaking her head . “I haven’t thought about that yet . ”

Yu Zhe was slightly disappointed, but he didn’t dare to continue asking further .

How he had hoped that he could know which school she wanted to go to, then he would do his best to get into that same school even if it killed him .

Even if he wouldn’t be able to get close to her, but only to look at her from afar and to know what she was doing every day, he would be contented .

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced at the chauffeur and said to him, “You should go back then, goodbye . ”

Yu Zhe was reluctant, but he had no choice but to leave .

After watching the car drive into the distance, Mu Xiaoxiao retracted her gaze . She was relaxed, and she even hummed some leisurely tunes .

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She took the tour bus back to the villa .

After taking a shower, thinking that they would be going back later, she packed her luggage .

They didn’t come here by taking the bus with their classmates . In fact, they didn’t have to wait for the bus and they could go back anytime they wanted to .

Thinking that it would take about two or three hours get back, it would be better if they returned earlier .

Yin Shaojie and her haven’t been to the Yin residence for a while . So she wanted to head back to Yin residence straight, be in time for dinner, and spend a night at the Yin residence with Mama Yin and Papa Yin .

After packing the luggage, she was about to bring it out and give Yin Shaojie a call to see if he was done with the meeting .

However, she heard footsteps at the door .

They were very light as though whoever was making them was moving in a deliberate manner .

Alarmed, Mu Xiaoxiao just happened to see the ashtray on the table, so she walked to the side of the door with the ashtray in hand .

Then, the door was opened and a little head poked out .

“Ah! It’s me!” Han Qiqing quickly yelled, seeing something about to drop on her .

Mu Xiaoxiao put down the ashtray and grumbled, “Why are you trying to scare me?”

She was scared, thinking it was some evil dude .

Han Qiqing laughed mischievously and said, embarrassed, “I was only trying to scare you . ”