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Endless Vertex - Chapter 9

Published at 14th of July 2019 09:30:47 AM

Chapter 9

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"Sync . I wonder who he is? He must be an incredibly cool and handsome man . "

"I know your jealous Atlas . Number 1 on Dexter Billboard! It would be an honour to meet him!" Hugh balled his fist in excitement .

A ray of sunlight spilled into the room . The warm ball of flame in the sky has risen from its sleep .

"It's already the second day huh . Oh shoot! I'm late for my job!" Atlas ran for the elevator . Before leaving, he eyed Hugh as he wore his ocean-blue earphones, "Don't even ask about my job . Mind your own business . "

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"Finally, I've lined up for one hour already!" With trembling arms, a plump man with barely visible eyes drooled greedily as he reached towards the steaming hot truffle cheese hotdog . A gust of air whizzed pass him and he felt a soft nudge on his palm .

"No! My sausage is gone! It was the last one . " The plump man knelt down, yelling in anguish . Passersby threw the man who was clenching something between his legs weird looks and picked up their pace .

"Wait what? It transformed to 100 RMB . " He took a deep breath of the cash that has replaced the sausage . A little comfort for an empty stomach . Munching on the juicy hotdog he'd just traded for, Atlas weaved through the passerby on the street, taking rhythmic steps while bobbing his head, hastily enclosing on his destination . Upon his arrival, a gentle-looking girl in a pink boat-neck dress was already waiting under the shades of a saucer magnolia tree . Ravish magnolia petals perched atop her finger tips .

Beautiful face . Check . Amiable presence . Check . No drooling or signs of stains . Atlas wiped his face . Check . He was good to go .

"Pardon me . Are you Miss Kristine?" Atlas bowed like a gentle man, asking politely . A good first impression is key to . . .

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"Sorry . I think you've got the wrong person . " She smiled apologetically, "My Uber has just arrived . So . . . "

"Oh, em, yeah . " Stuttering awkwardly, Atlas watched as she entered a Honda car that just arrived .

"Don't even think about asking her number . It'll be an useless attempt . " The driver lowered his dark green cap, showing a meek grin, a scarlet dot under his lip .

"Yew hew! Handsome!" A deep, female voice traveled from a distant away . A gigantic meatball 'rolled' towards Atlas, thick nasty makeup smeared all over its dumpling like face . "I'm Kristine . " She displayed a interested look, fanning her hand sloppily, Blinking in slow motion, her fake eyelash reminded Atlas of sea urchin shell .

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"What the father . . . " Atlas's face twitched, peering left and right . He recalled the photo of Kristine . This was like an after and before comparison of a major plastic surgery . Did she mutate? Did she have a break up or something? People do stress eat, but this massive weight gain right here was destroying his mind .

Something wasn't right . The timing was too exact . His instincts told him . Also, Kristine's eyes are clear caramel brown . This blob's aren't . He backed off with caution .

Something is definitely off .

"Having a nice day Kristine Summer?"

"Yes, pretty cool weather today . " She stared out the window with boredom, answering in a calm tone, "Perfect for daylight kidnapping right?"

The unassuming young man licked his lip . "I am genuinely sympathetic . Being raised in your family is a blessing, at the same time, a curse . You're strong . Others may be crying and whining in your situation . Aren't you scared?"

"Can't say I'm not . Gotta take risks . "


Bam! Rubber screeched like chalk on a board . The mobile shifted one hundred eighty degrees at incredibly high speed, slamming down a Stop sign before maneuvering into the road's side henge, flipping midair as it capsized into a bush . A spine-chilling footprint was imprinted onto the door of the driver's seat . The driver has stopped breathing, streams of blood flowing out his mouth and nose from internal organ damage . Pale hue hovered over Kristine, shielding her from the sharp shards of glass that could have left a mark on her delicate skin .

"Always wear a seatbelt . Saves your life . " A blue wire dangled outside the window and Atlas's head popped out upside down in Kristine's vision, a mischievous smirk hanged from his cheeks despite the unsightly wreck and repulsive body of the kidnapper .

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