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Published at 20th of September 2020 10:57:07 AM

Chapter 38

A Maiden in Love is Invincible

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『The same member composition as the reverse harem end! Each member’s ability has risen! On top of that, we have the kingdom’s elite knights that are led by Rizepapa! As one would expect I can only see this as a win!!…… or rather, isn’t this more like bullying the weak?』

“The crime of trying to get your hands on my Liselotte is heavy . Even if it’s overkill, it still won’t be enough…!”

Rather, I felt enthusiastic after hearing Endow’s bearish words and readied my sword . Finne, who is wearing gauntlets on her fists just for today, also nodded strongly .

“It’s still not enough to kill the scoundrel who has been trying to take Onee-sama’s body and making her suffer, even if it’s 100 times . ”

『That’s the spirit, you two! There’s no chance that you will lose, but don’t let your guard down! Please beat her with all your might!!』

Both me and Finne nodded to Coebayashay’s words, but Liese, who received the goddess’s favour, shouted with an angry voice while having a red face .

“Sieg! Finne! C-Could you please refrain yourself saying something embarrassing at this point of time!? To begin with, our enemy is that Ancient Witch, so you should fight for this kingdom, not me!!”

“Of course, the kingdom is also important . However, if it were for the sake of the kingdom, the crown prince (I) wouldn’t be at the front line . I’m currently standing here as your fiance . A fiance who is furious due to his beloved being harmed . ”

“……t-that! I-I understand . If Your Highness intends to do so, I will protect you as the crown prince’s fiancée and a person from the Riefenstahl family . ”

My words seemed to ignite something inside Liese’s heart . It seemed like she renewed her decision and then shook her spear with vigor .

『Because a maiden in love is invincible, right!? Do your best Rize-tan!!』

“Now, show yourself, Ancient Witch! I will have the tables turned even without having to trouble His Highness!!”

Coebayashay’s words and Liese’s provocation struck the courtyard almost simultaneously .

In response to this, white smoke rose up in the center of the courtyard which was the spawn point of the Ancient Witch that the gods had mentioned in advance .

『……White? Huh? Was the smoke when the witch appeared back then white too?』

『No, it was black… and it was supposed to be in an eerie and sinister motion…』

Endow and Coebayashay exchanged strange voices .

Certainly the smoke that is rising is pure white, and there are golden sparkles mixed in together, making it a rather divine atmosphere . Even though it’s not as bright as during daytime, it shines mysteriously in the courtyard where the sun has set completely and there’s a bonfire prepared in advance .

“Rather…… I feel like Sir Karschen’s appearance a little while ago was more wicked than this…”

I inadvertently agreed with the words that Finne muttered, but immediately sensed a pressuring smile from someone as if it’s wringing my neck .

No, there are still things that are mysterious as well . Even though, it’s impossible for a sorcerer of justice to be more evil than an evil ancient witch .

『She has appeared…!』

Endow’s voice resonated in our ears .

The smoke is starting to clear up and showing us a certain figure .

Come now…!

The smoke is scattered by the gust of night wind and the silhouette of the existence at the center becomes clear .

‘The Ancient Witch’ that emerged from there, also known as ‘The Great Disaster’ and ‘The Purest of Evil’, the evil itself that has repeatedly tried to bring this kingdom, the world, into a crisis of destruction,




is in a kneeling position .


“Is she crouching?”

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“What is that pose?”

“For the time being, should we try hitting her?”

“Is she preparing to invoke a certain magic?”

“It might be a strategy to throw us off guard . ”

Everyone on the spot confused on what they have seen, but still keeps the same fighting stance .

No, for some reason, only Arthur was silent and solidified with a grim expression .

『The witch’s hair is white…!?』

Endow voiced his astonishment .

Certainly, according to the legend and the words from the gods, the ancient witch was totally in black, but in actuality, who appeared before us has a shining, transparent white skin and a godly platinum blonde hair .

A breathtakingly beautiful, straight platinum-colored hair spreading on the ground due to the witch’s strange pose which left me with a feelings of guilt .

『I don’t know why but, she looks like a 2P player of the witch . However, please don’t let your guard down . 』

Although I nodded to Coebayashay’s voice, I was reluctant to assault someone who is prostrating and I couldn’t move as I’m at a loss due to her existence that doesn’t look evil at all . Almost everyone in this place would also think like so .

『Ohh, Finne makes the first move!』

『She doesn’t know what is going on, but she’s probably thinking on trying to hit her for the time being, I see? Ah, no, Arthur is aware of it and is trying to stop her…?』

The gods commented on the movements of the two people who seemed to be an exception .

“Wait, Finne-chan! You can’t do that . This person is-” “I-I’M TERRIBLY SORRY FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE!!”

The witch yelled so .

The ancient witch said her apology as if to cover Arthur’s words with a trembling voice but loud enough to be heard by everyone present .

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The witch then raised her face and looked up to me, the representative, with her golden eyes, and opened her mouth .

“I have no willingness to resist! I will surrender to you all! That’s why! Please! Please do forgive for what I have done…!!”


She struck her forehead against the ground as vigorously as what it has sounded .

“Wawawawah! P-Please raise your head!!”

Arthur rushed towards her in a panic and tried to help her . It’s unusual for him to use honorifics .

“This is fine! Prostration alone is not enough! I’m the ancient witch! I did something very bad! I tried to do terrible things to Miss Liselotte over there, so as expected I’m really scared if it’s 100 times, but I can’t help being killed over and over that much…!”

She said so while shaking off Arthur’s hand . Al looks up at me as if begging for forgiveness, but even if you’re looking at me like that, I still don’t know what in the world is going on .

“What is going on here?”

For the time being, I can conclude this white person is certainly the ancient witch, even though she’s white . I felt uncomfortable with her existence that has the same color as the Goddess of Creation, Lilena, but I asked so without dropping my vigilance .

“…that’s, umm, I connected Miss Liselotte’s heart with mine . I thought it would be nice if all of my loneliness, sadness, regret, jealousy, and resentment were conveyed and synchronized . ”

The witch said with a trembling voice as if she couldn’t assert her own words or perhaps she’s crying as I couldn’t see her face .

I know about that . I heard it from the gods and Liselotte’s confession .

“But turns out, ‘I’m happy! I’m overjoyed! I love His Highness Siegward! He’s cool today as well! Sieglove! Lovelovelovelove!’ and such affectionate emotions was the one that came out instead-” “NO! STO-STOP THIS AT ONCE!!”

Liselotte blocked the witch’s words while turning crimson .

“Yes! I will stop! Forgive my rudeness!!”

The witch squeezed her forehead even further into the ground and was silent .

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『Unfortunately everyone already knows that Liselotte likes Sieg, right?』

『We are the one who exposed it and she has a fairly easy-to-understand attitude as well . What’s more, Rize-tan herself has sometimes confessed while being a tsungire recently . 』

While I was laughing at the words that Endow and Coebayashay said, the witch looked up at me .

And then Liese looked up at me with her adorable teary eyes, so I replied her with a sweet smile .

“Madam witch, please continue . ”

Liese looked shocked by my words, but the witch happily resumed her words .

“Yes! I will continue! Well, it was at the point where I was about to fall in love with His Highness Siegward as well! It’s exactly what you can consider as 『A maiden in love is invincible』! Miss Liselotte was filled with such a happy feeling and love for His Highness, and when I touched it, my dark feelings were purified in an instant! Please look at my eyes! It’s now back to the original gold, isn’t it!?”

While saying so, the witch raised her face clearly and showed me her shining eyes .

“I don’t know the original color of your eyes, though…”

When I was still baffled with what is going on, Arthur who is still on his knees and next to the witch let out a sigh and opened his mouth .

“There’s no doubt, it’s definitely her original color . This might only be my assumption but this person is perhaps the Goddess of Creation, Lilena… . am I correct?”

“There’s someone who knows me!! Yes! That’s right! I’m Lilena! My, you really have a good eye~!”

The witch who asked Al, that is Lilena who believes in the words of two people, responded with full of joy .

“Even I’m just an unimportant priest… . That’s why, I can’t let her keep her head down with good conscience . She did say she doesn’t have any willingness to resist, right? Could you at least let her sit down instead?”

Al begged me to reply modestly to Lilena’s words .

『Let’s listen to her story for now . We now understood that the ancient witch returned back to Goddess of Creation, Lilena thanks to Rize-tan . Therefore, how about asking why did she become the ancient witch in the first place? Why did she aim for Rize-tan? And if she understands about this, could she explain how our voices can be heard by the royalty as well as Lilena herself?…』

I looked at Lilena after hearing Coebayashay’s words . That’s right, 『A maiden in love is invincible』 is the phrase that Coebayashay said and she used it earlier as well .

“I understand, Coebayashay, the goddess from a different world . However, please throw away this foolish of a deadly sinner, Lilena . Well, how about we talk from the place where we imitated the world where you live and created this world first? ”

She said so as if to tell that she knows everything about this world as well as the other world where Endow and Coebayashay live, and thus, the omnipotent goddess opened her mouth .

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