Enigmas - Chapter 20

Published at 27th of December 2018 03:37:46 PM

Chapter 20

Hilia realised the horse was indeed heading for a cliff, and she couldn't do anything to calm the horse . It has gone mad with fear . Yoan saw the cliff too, clicking his tongue as he threw the bow and their backpacks out of the carriage .

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Next, this man!

He kicked the unconscious driver out of the carriage, he couldn't afford to be gentle now, since their lives were at risk . He proceeded to unsheathe his sword, cutting of the reins and grabbing Hilia by her waist .

The carriage tilted and Hilia screamed yet again, while Yoan gritted his teeth, throwing the two of them off the carriage . Yoan embraced Hilia, absorbing the impact as they rolled across the gravel path . He panted, glancing at the carriage falling to its demise, they were actually seconds away from falling off the cliff .

Hilia moaned in pain, blinking rapidly to regain her senses . She sat up, glancing at Yoan beneath her, who was wincing in pain .

"Yoan? Are you okay?"

"I . . . am . . . but you are rather heavy . "

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Hilia gasped, apologising as she stood up . She came to her senses once again when she saw the unconscious man beside them, hurrying to him .

"The poison is still spreading, if he doesn't have the antidote within three hours, he will die without a doubt . " Hilia mused to herself, her eyes transforming as she assessed the driver's condition .

"Hey, hey . It's okay, calm down, shhh, shhh . " Someone said in a comforting manner and the two of them directed their focus to the man in front of them .

Hilia observed the platoon of troops before her, curious . Whereas, Yoan regarded them with hostility, especially the man who was currently consoling the horse . The horse let out a huff of air, staying still as he allowed the man to comfort him . After a while, he jumped down from his horse, taking out his helmet and passing it to his right-hand man .

"Hold this for me . "

"Yes, captain . "

The captain was a blonde-haired man with enchanting green eyes, it was as if he was sculpted to perfection, with his handsome features and athletic build . Moreover, with a charming smile on his face, Hilia couldn't help but be dazzled momentarily by the captain .

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"Give me the antidote and arrest the assassin . "

"Yes, captain . "

The troops followed his orders, storming towards the woman who attacked the carriage, arresting her . She was struggling in their grip, throwing a glare at the captain, snarling in contempt .

The dashing man, who was the captain of those troops, disregarded the woman as he procured the antidote from one of his comrades, walking towards the unconscious driver on the ground .

"Excuse me, do you mind helping me?"

Hilia snapped out of her dazed state, nodding eagerly and Yoan narrowed his eyes at her, making a face as he retrieved his bow which he threw out of the carriage earlier . He noticed their backpacks a few steps further away, going ahead to retrieve them too .

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Opening his mouth, the man poured some liquid into the driver's mouth, forcing him to swallow it down . "Carry this man, and bring him back to the doctor . "

"Right away, captain . "

Hilia and Yoan looked on in amazement, the troops followed his every command without hesitation, some of them even admired the captain, as it was obvious from their revered stares .

"I commend the both of you, for getting out of the carriage . It wasn't an easy feat, that's some quick thinking you have there, swordsman . " The captain appraised, his gaze focused on Yoan as his smile grew bigger . Yoan just fidgeted with his sword, replying with an awkward "thanks" .

"And miss--ah, no, priestess, are you alright?"

"How did you know I'm a priestess?" Hilia questioned, frowning a little .

"You dress like one, and you seem like one, are you not a priestess?"

Hilia smiled, shaking her head, "no, I am a priestess . And thank you for your concern, I am perfectly fine . "

"I hope my arrow didn't cause you a huge scare . I was only saving your life, nothing more than that . "

He was the one that shot that arrow? It was an unbelievable shot .

Yoan thought to himself, raising his eyebrows .

Hilia smiled back in response . "It's alright, uhh…"

"Ah, how rude of me not to introduce myself . I am Mino, captain of the royal guards . It's a pleasure to finally meet you both . " Mino bowed to the two of them, keeping the same charming smile on his face .