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Published at 8th of December 2018 06:10:07 AM

Chapter 13

Event 7: The Aphrodisiac Ingredient are a Virgin’s Love Juice ※Restraints・Love Juice Collection・Anal・Writing Brush

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Today we were thinking about having a proper talk with the Princess, but the day after the orc event, a brief letter saying “Help me for a bit” arrived from Shishou .
……just what kind of help did she want? All I had was a bad feeling .
Even so, I couldn’t ignore it, and decided to head over to Shishou’s place .

Shishou was previously my home tutor, and was also my mentor in magic . She was a wonderful woman who possessed knowledge, manners and powers as a mage, but……she was incredibly erotic .
Even her atmosphere was erotic . Her movements were erotic . Her voice was also erotic . Her existence itself was eroticism .
And she herself really loved erotic things . She truly was a suitable person of talent for an eroge . A call from her was, by no means, ordinary .
However, I had a reason why I could not refuse .
……I was in her debt for having her remove the magic-sealing collar that the bandits put on me the other day .
At that time, I was told, “I’ll help you take it off, so next time listen to one of my requests” and easily nodded to that . Right now I was truly regretting that .
However, at this point it couldn’t be helped . Since I’ve been her disciple for many years, I understood . If I ignored her summon, then it’ll be even more terrible .
Thinking about that, soon after receiving the letter I arrived at Shishou’s house at the outskirts of town .

“Ara, Alice . You already came?”

Shishou who said that while coming to greet me was, as expected, erotic .
Her soft robe that couldn’t hide the curves of her body was probably worn directly over her bare skin . Her large and open chest area just barely hid her voluptuous breasts, as her full, wet lips and thrilling gaze fascinated all of those who saw her . She was a woman who would make you think of the succubi which don’t exist in this world .

“Alice-senpai! It’s been a while!”

Also coming to greet me was her new disciple, Kyle . He was a beautiful boy that could easily be mistaken for a beautiful girl, with fluffy blond hair and blue eyes . It seemed that he had an excellent disposition as, though he was young, he often followed through for Shishou .

After greeting the two of them and sitting down on the sofa, Kyle quickly made some tea for me .

“Thanks, Kyle . Did you grow taller again?”
“Yup, I’m sure I’ll soon overtake senpai!”
“I’m looking forward to that . ”

I drank the tea while making such trifling conversation .

“Incidentally, Alice is still a virgin, right?”

And then I spurted it out with everything I had .
Seriously, you never know what Shishou will say .

“Say, you’re a virgin, right?”

Seeing Shishou holding a transparent bottle, I became flustered .
This is bad, this is a bad development . If she knows that I’m still a virgin, she’s going to do that to me again .

“No……um, I’m already……”
“Ara ara, is that so? Then, it’d be this one, I suppose . Is it okay if I try inserting this?”

After seeing the next thing she took out, I stood up .

“I’m sorry, it was a lie . I’m a virgin . A virgin . I’m completely pure!!”
“I knew it . ”

Shishou smiled as she tidied up the black mass——an orc-sized thing that she had taken out from a drawer .
Scary . Knowing what she would say next, I was scared .

“I’ve sort of, you know, run out of an ingredient for a medicine . Alice, could I ask you to help?”
“……no, um . ”
“The other day, I helped you take off the collar, right?”
“I will express my thanks through a different method……”

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Perhaps she became impatient with my attitude, as Shishou snapped her fingers .

“Sorry, Senpai . ”

Just when I thought I heard Kyle’s voice at my ear, I felt a sense of discomfort around my neck……

“S-Shishou, this is……!?”
“Ara, it’s because Alice wouldn’t listen to me at all . It’s okay, I’ll take it off once we’re done . ”

The collar that I previously had her remove was once again around my neck .

“Uu……you’re horrible . ”
“I really am troubled . There weren’t any girls I could collect the ingredients from . … . . Kyle really is a troublesome one . He ate all of the part-timing girls!”
“Ehh! But Shishou . I can’t turn down a girl’s request, right?”

Just what is this brother disciple of mine doing……?

“Shishou, I really don’t want to . ”
“Araa, how troublesome . The appointed day of delivery for the medicine is coming up soon . It’s just for this time, is that no good?”
“It’s no good . ”
“……then, this is the last time I’ll do it . Just this time . Next time I definitely won’t ask Alice . How’s that?”

……this is the last time .
That had a bit of a charming echo to it . Even if I manage to escape this time, this Shishou of mine will probably do all sorts of things to make a request of me .
Then, if I just endure today……

“……could I also have you exempt me from your other experiments too?”
“Hmm… . . oh well . Alice is also family at least, so this is about the limit . Very well, from here on out, I won’t ask for these kinds of things from you! Is that fine?”

I hesitated for a moment, and then nodded .


Ahhhhhhh, right now I am really regretting it .
Why did I nod!? Do I just like nodding at anything!?

“Senpai, haven’t your boobs gotten bigger since the last time I saw you?”

Kyle said that as he placed restraints on me .
Next to him was Shishou, making clattering noises as she prepared something .
And I was sitting on a chair similar to something you would find in an examination room of an obstetrics department, with both my legs spread to the left and right, as both my hands were fixed together above my head .

“Well then, Kyle . I have work, so I’ll leave the rest to you . Got it? You can’t touch down below with your hand . If impurities get into it, the efficacy will drop . ”
“I understand . Then see you later!”
“Eh, Shishou!?”

Isn’t Shishou going to do it like always!?

“Did you think Shishou would do it? Lately it’s been my job . I want to become a mage capable of making magic medicine like Shishou, so I’m in the middle of learning the collection method . ”

Kyle smiled sweetly while looking at me .

“Fufu, a troubled Senpai is also cute . ……it’s okay, what we need is the love juice of a virgin, so there won’t be anything painful, you know? Shishou told me to gather a lot, so I’ll make you feel very good . ”
“Kyle……um, wait, I……actually……”
“You can’t~ . Everyone’s waiting . For the aphrodisiac made from Senpai’s lewd juices . ”

What should I do, Kyle’s different from usual .

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His smile was very dark . A shota being dark was a staple……ahh, no, this isn’t the time to be escaping from reality .

“This isn’t the first time Senpai is being harvested from, right? How did Shishou do it? Was she gentle? Did she attack you with words? Did she use tools? Fufu, she probably said something lewd like we’re both girls, right?”

I simply shook my head .
The Kyle that said, “I’ll ask your body later” in a cute voice to me when I refused to answer, was not the Kyle that I knew .

“Then, I will be removing your underwear . ”

Lifting up the skirt of my one piece, my underwear that was held up by strings on the left and right sides was quickly removed .

“Senpai, you don’t have much hair . ……I’ll be wiping it, so it might be a bit cold, but endure it, ‘kay?”

A wet cloth was suddenly pushed against my chasm, causing me to let out an involuntary voice .
Kyle wedged the cloth into my chasm, and after cleanly wiping that part, he put an empty bottle under my hidden place, and then smiled again .

“Thanks for waiting, Senpai . I’ll make you feel real good . ”
“Are you scared of me? Your body’s gone hard from the nervousness . If it’s Senpai, I thought that you’d get wet just from being looked at like this, but hmm, it’s still quite dry . ”

Did he think I was some kind of masochist that would feel it while being watched……!
How cruel . As expected, I didn’t want to accept this situation . When it was Shishou……I was pressed down by her sexy atmosphere, or rather it was kind of like an extension of girls playing around together . To begin with, it entered the scope of sex ed for a home tutor, so I was just cooperating with her harvesting on the side as she was teaching me that .
Right now, that has instead had its full focus turned towards harvesting .

“……you’ll be less scared if you can’t see it, right?”
“Eh, wait!”

Suddenly, my sight went dark .
Kyle put a blindfold on me . On top of that, he was unbuttoning my one piece .
He took his time, taking them off one after the other, and at times would fondle my breast as if playing a prank on me . From his breathing, I could tell that Kyle was extremely close to my breasts as he slowly exposed them .

“Amazing . They’re not as large as Shishou’s, but as expected, they’re huge . ……hm, but they’re more springy than Shishou’s . ”

He had pretty much taken off all the buttons until the waist . Inserting his hands into the open gap, Kyle began to massage my breasts as they lay exposed from the front part of my one piece .

“Senpai, your cute nipples are already erect . ”
“Ah, no……”

Suddenly, the tips of my breasts were pinched, and I trembled . As my vision was snatched away, I didn’t know what he would do next . It’s just, Kyle’s breathing was very close to the tips of my breasts . Every time his breath hit me, it gave a strange feeling .

“If they’re this big, then they could probably fit my penis……”

As he told me that while stimulating my nipples, I remembered the time I went to meet the elf .

“……huh, could it be you’ve given a boobjob before?”
“I haven’t……”
“Ehh . But you shook a little . Say, was that penis big?”

I shook my head repeatedly .

“Hmm, so it was big…… Even though Senpai is a virgin, you’re quite lewd . It doesn’t seem like I’ll have to hold back too much . ”

Even though I didn’t give any answer, perhaps Kyle read something from me as he advanced the conversation of his own accord . During that time, he continued to knead the tips of my breasts without rest, and at times would pull them up and down, left and right, as though he were playing with a toy . Even though it hurt a little, a deep feeling began to stimulate my bottom half .

“You’ve started to get a bit wet . Do you like it at the nipples? How do you want it? Do you want me to continue touching them with my fingers? Or shall I lick them for you instead? I’ll suck them lots for you like a baby . ”
“No… . . Ah, ahh……don’t pull them……!”
‘So you don’t like it with the fingers . Then I’ll do it with my mouth . ”

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“Ah! No!”

Just when I thought he was quickly approaching my chest, the nipples of both breasts were placed into his mouth at the same time . A wet tongue and lips caressed that part which had become sensitive from his fingers, and my abdomen tightened as it convulsed . I could feel a fluid gradually sliding out as it overflowed .

“Senpai’s breasts are sensitive even though they’re big . How cute…… . Truthfully I want to use my mouth to suck them and bite them, and gradually melt you, but today it’s for work after all . I’ll be increasing the pace a bit . ”

Saying that, Kyle released my breasts and I let out a relieved breath .
At that moment .

“Noo! Aahn……!!”

Together with a clicking sound, my nipples were pinched by something, and an electric current ran through them . The rippling stimulus continued without pause, and I struggled against the restrains as my body shook .

“Ahhhh! No, wha…… . stop!”
“……it feels good, right? I’m passing magic through a thunder gem that’s been manufactured to be smaller . The stimulating shock is pretty amazing, and all the girls up until now were also pleased by it . Fufu……Senpai has also become this wet . If you like it, then I’ll give some to you later . ”

Even though only my breasts had been stimulated, my body had begun to feel incredibly hot . The shocking sensations pierced through to my hidden place as the stimulus didn’t stop .

“Take it off…… Ah, ah, nooo…… . !”
“Alright, I’ll make it even stronger . ”
“Hih, noOOoooo!”

At that moment, an electric current ran through my entire body .

“Huh, could it be that you lightly came just from your breasts?”

Even so, that stimulus continued without rest, and my body twitched in reaction .

“This is just the beginning . Since I have to collect a lot, next is this . ”

Suddenly, I felt a breath spray against my wet, hidden place, and my body twitched again as it quivered .

“……ah, no, don’t touch there……!”
“Not with my hand, right?”

Kyle said that as he chuckled in an ill-natured manner .

“Shishou prepared a lot of tools after all . Ah, they’ve been properly sterilized too . ”

Ahh, that’s not the problem here .

“If I attach a thunder gem to the clit, you’ll cum in no time at all, but sometimes it’s too good and some girls end up leaking pee . If stuff other than love juice gets in it, everything will go to waste~ . ……un, this should be good for Senpai . ”

Just what did Kyle pick? I could feel breathing very close to my wet place .

“Hey, did you know? Whenever Senpai feels it, this part also has been twitching too, right? See, even now……”
“……!? Ah, that’s place is no……”

A cold and hard something touched my back hole . It tapped, repeatedly knocking against it, and stimulating the entrance . It was very thin, and gradually went in with only a little bit of pain .

“It’s such a shock that Senpai is this lewd . Even though I admired you, for this kind of place to have been developed . Geez, look at how much is starting to overflow . I can even smell a lewd scent . ”

The thin rod that was inserted shallowly into my behind repeatedly went in and out . When it continued to churn up that area, together with the stimulus on my breasts, I became unable to think of anything .
It feels good . I want more . Like that, my body trembled .
When I did that, this time it was inserted a bit deeper, and as it rubbed against my inner walls, the piston repeatedly made a squelching sound .

“The squelching is also cute, Senpai . ……I’ll also play with this erect clit too, so cum a lot today……”
“Hyaa, go-……!”

A soft thing touched my flower bud that had become sensitive . That rustling, gentle touch stimulated the area around my flower bud, and a tantalizing pleasure was given .

“Does it feel good? This is the brush I created for clit use . ”

The tip of the writing brush would stroke gently at times, and would crush it at times . When the places that had become sensitive were tampered with,an embarrassing voice began to leak out together with my rough breathing .

“Fufu, it seems I’ll be able to harvest a lot . Sorry, Senpai . I’ll let you cum soon . ”

Saying that, Kyle stirred up my back hole, and stimulated the inside of my foreskin with the brush tip .


My entire body started to convulse, and I came .


“I’m back~”
“Welcome back, Shishou . ”

Shishou came back when my restraints had already been removed and I was languidly lying on the sofa resting .

“My! You gathered this much? Thanks, Alice!!”
“… . . ”

I don’t really want that bottle to be in a place where I can see . I’ll want to die of embarrassment .

“Shishou, hurry up and take off Senpai’s collar . ”
“Oh right . ”

Just what was with the Kyle just now? It was to the point where I suspected they were different people, as he returned to my usual good natured brother disciple .
It could be that I had been seeing some sort of waking dream……no no, that can’t be . That bottle was proof of that point . Unable to stand being in this place where I displayed such a shameful sight, I decided to leave as soon as the collar was removed .


When I was leaving Shishou’s house at a quick pace and heading towards the main street, Kyle called me to a stop .
And then, he held out a white cloth in his hand .

“Here, you forgot this!”

When I spread out the thing I received, it was……

——my panties———!?

NOoooOO, I forgot to put them on!
Tightly gripping the received artifact, my entire grew hot with embarrassment and trembled . Why with this sort of timing? Why did I not realize up until now!?

“Senpai, you’re completely red up to your ears . ”

Kyle laughed with an ill-natured chuckle, but while his atmosphere was different from normal, it was also different from when he was harvesting, and he was making a slightly troubled face .

“You’re really so cute that I worry about you . Senpai, you haven’t been tricked by any weird men, right? Since it’s not normal for a man to start developing a virgin’s anus . ”
“Kyle . I don’t understand what you’re trying to say . ”
“Senpai is naive and lewd, so be sure to take care not to fall for someone through your body . ”

Just what was I making such a beautiful boy worry about…… It’s just, I could understand from his expression that he was truly worrying for my sake . Regardless of the reason why .

“…… . understood . I will be careful, so……Kyle, please forget about what happened today . ”
“Ehh~……this is work, at the very least . But, fine . Senpai is special . I’ll only use it as a side dish for today and then forget about it!”

Unconcerned about my angry voice, Kyle nimbly dodged my fist and returned to Shishou’s house .

……I really don’t get my little brother disciple .

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