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Chapter 2

Younger Brother will collect Onee-chan’s CGs! ※Little Bro’s Perspective Tentacles (Octopus)

The 5th year after I realized that I had reincarnated into the world of an eroge, the fact that my elder sister was also a reincarnator came into light .


Not only that, but her interior was the elder sister from my previous life!


Even in this life, for us to be siblings, I can only feel that we were cursed…… .

The only saving grace was that perhaps her 15 years of memories living as ‘Alice’ won out, but even after recovering the memories from her previous life, she still had ‘Alice’s’ tone of voice and behaviours .

When the fact that my sister was my previous life’s sister came to light, I involuntarily said that “it would wilt”, but somehow I think that with this it should still work . I won’t say what exactly, though .

For now, the ‘Alice’ up until now has, in various ways, taken care of me so before my sister with a good intuition realizes, I shall dispose of the underwears that I borrowed .


Until I reached 18 years of age, when the game would start, we single-mindedly focussed on raising our levels while spending everyday earning money for the sake of our livelihood .

Our house, tentatively speaking, holds the title of being the lowest seat of the lower level nobles, but since we do not have a territory we are fundamentally poor . The income of our father who works in the castle could only just barely cover the estate’s maintenance fees, so our eating habits were probably more destitute compared to the average commoner .

As such, in order to create healthy bodies as well as secure meals while also practicing combat, we steadily completed guild requests . Poor nobles have nothing to do with noble events!

Thanks to that, by the time I was 18 years old, I think I became quite the swordsman . I would have preferred a bit more of a cheat with concerns to battle, but……there wasn’t any of that .

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A few days after I became 18, rumours that the princess went missing began to spread . This is the beginning of the game .

Like what I decided with big sis beforehand during the strategy meeting, our goal is the true end!

I will definitely make my waifu from my previous life, Princess Sophia, into my wife! For that sake, I would like my big sis to also work hard .




And then, finally the guild has put out a request for the subjugation of the large octopus!

We must complete this event or else Princess Sophia’s half brother won’t appear .

Since big sis, who was scheduled to be subjected to the large octopus’ tentacle play, was looking a bit pale, I told her it’d be fine as long as she wore some pants underneath her robe and handed over one of my shrunken pants .


“Dean, you really are thoughtful!”


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She was very happy, but I took it upon myself to not advise her to tie off the cuffs of the trousers! Conversely, I handed her pants with leg holes that were a bit on the wider side!

Feeling relieved at the fact that her underwear wouldn’t be seen, it seemed that big sis didn’t realize that fact, so I gave a sigh of relief .

——indeed, I hadn’t given up on big sis’…… ‘Alice’s’ ero event at all .

Though she was my real sister, ‘Alice’ tickled my heart . Rather, the sense of immorality from her being my real sister added to the eroticity . It wasn’t an emotion like love or the like . I just wanted to visually rape my big sister . I want to see her erotic places .

I didn’t hold such feelings towards my previous life’s big sis, so I think this is probably an eroge correction . Rather, I hope that is the case…… .




And so, as planned, big sis was captured by the large octopus we encountered at the beach!




While listening to her screams, I turned my back to big sis and crouched down . It’s because she told me beforehand not to look .

However, I did not have such wasteful options like not looking!

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I took out a hand mirror that I had polished up from my bosom, and secretly reflected big sis’  immodest appearance .


“Alright! I can see it clearly!”


In the hand mirror, the sight of big sis’ legs being spread apart while an octopus leg screwed into her mouth was reflected .

The cloth prevented me from seeing it, but I could tell that the octopus legs that entered the pant cuffs were moving back and forth across big sis’ sensitive parts . Seeing as there were times when big sis’ body would twitch, there was no doubt that she was feeling it .

I properly burned the sight of big sis’ improper appearance into my eyes . If I do this, then my intracranial library will be able to reproduce it any number of times in the future!

This is probably the cheat ability of the protagonist . I can perfectly preserve something erotic just by seeing it once, and can replay it whenever I want inside my head . On top of that, I can enjoy it as either a movie or a still picture! As expected of an eroge!

The sole weakness is that something that has been saved can’t be deleted . One time, I saw my parents that had already reached quite the age doing some SM-like hustling, but that image was properly preserved as well . I think that the sight of my fat middle-aged father being tied up has become a trauma .


Big sis’ body was trembling bit by bit, so it seemed that the pleasure has exceeded her . The octopus legs that were violating the inside of her clothes were probably continuing to accurately attack her sensitive places .

At times she would turn her intoxicated gaze this way, but that silver-haired man still had not appeared . Ten minutes had already passed, but he still hasn’t appeared . It could be that he would appear according to the game’s timing . ——…in other words, just before ‘Alice’ reaches climax .


The moment I thought that, I saw big sis’ face flush as she began to move her hips by herself . She twisted her body, as if to hit a stronger and better place .


“Uwah……how erotic……”


Twitch! Big sis convulsed, and the moment when I involuntarily was about to reach for my own nether regions——a powerful ray of sun caused a silver colour to glisten .


That silver colour thrusted at the large octopus’ vital spot in an instant, and caught big sis who fell from the octopus’ legs within its arms . Big sis was limp and didn’t seem to be conscious .

I hastily replayed the scene of my parents’ thing in my head, calming my nether regions, and stood up .

Yup, my parents did a really good job .

For now, I’ll leave big sis to the silver-haired man and start dismantling the large octopus that is today’s dinner!


“Nee-chan! Today’s dinner is an octopus fiesta!”


When I let out a joyful voice while dismantling, I got really scolded at by silver-head……