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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Awakening

(Author: I tried writing a new work, it will be the second work .
Thank you in advance . )

In the darkness where there is no light, bu~u~un……the sound of a machine flows gently .

This was the only thing in the dark for 100 years . A change suddenly occurs .

From a big machine that was located in the room, a blue light was emitted and began scanning an object .

The object illuminated by the light has a rectangular metallic shine, like a coffin made of metal .

After the beeps and electronic sounds, the machine’s voice announcement flows, and the coffin lid opens with a groan while steam is jetted out .

At the same time an emergency light in the room went on . The red glow of the emergency light illuminates the room .

It was a naked boy who was in the coffin .

「Mm…… . …hmm? C-c-cold!」

The surprised boy stirs in the coffin .


「What? Naked …why…it’s cold …」

Why am I naked?

Besides that, my head is heavy and my body feels dull .

I got up and looked around, it was a dimly lit room with red emergency lights . In the room there are 20 coffins similar to the one I was in . It’s a rather large room, is it about two classrooms?

At that time, beep! After the electronic noise sounded, “U~īn” …… something else from the machine sounds . Something protrudes from the side of the box, I investigate the source of the sound, and “paka” it opens . Inside there are clothes, food, and water .

I wear the clothes that look like blue work clothes . The clothing is thick, and it looks strong and warm . As for the food, there was suckable jelly, chocolate bars, and three water bottles .

3 servings?

For the time being, I drink water, rinsing my parched throat, then I realize that I am hungry from the growling of my stomach .

At the same time, a sudden hunger attack came .

In response, the jelly and chocolate bars are eaten .

The jelly is apple flavored and sweet, it is sweet and has a soft sour taste, it seems as if mellow melody is spreading around the throat .

When I open the wrappings of the chocolate bars, the strong scent of chocolate spreads throughout the air . Peanut cream was contained in it and it was quite sweet, and as I ate it, a warmth spread around to my back .

I finish eating two and drank some water to cleanse the palate .

It has only been 8 minutes but I think that there are only two remaining meals .

Well then, I think my stomach is full now .

Why am I in such a place?

If I remember…… . there was some sort of movement in the school’s classroom … … . in the mountains ……

Throb! A pain runs through my head!

「Ow! It hurts… . 」

I try to remember but a throbbing pain runs through my head .

「I will try to remember later, for now let’s try to find a way out of here」

I get out of the box that I was in and walk towards the direction of the red emergency light . Under the emergency light there is a door, and the exit seems to be over there . I put the food and water in my pocket and open the door .

“Pushū”! The door sounds as it slides open .

The end of the door looks like a passage, but there is a mark on the wall written with paint .

「Looks like this is pointing to the left?」

If you look to the left there is a door at the end, does it point to that?

At that time a sound rises from the other side .

Looking back to the right side, an irregular shape stood to block the passage .

Although it cannot be seen clearly from the dim glow of the emergency light, the whole body is covered in scales, its limbs are tight and thick, and a thick tail is drooping from behind .

A green lizard looking creature, about 180cm in height, stood like a person and was looking over here .


What is that?

I cannot believe the sight in front of me, what is this creature?

I stare at it completely rooted to the spot .

I simply cannot believe what I am seeing, it’s as if I am looking at the screen of a TV .

But this is reality .

Creak…… .

Creak…… .

With each step closer, a fear starts to slowly rise .

At that moment, a chill runs through my spine, and my paralyzed mind starts to move . My mind is in complete shock,  even in that state, a decision still makes its way through .

「Uwa ~a~a!!」

I just screamed and escaped .