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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Mysterious email

(Author Note: Correction
It has been 70 years since we killed the devil, Trapezotron → It has been 90 years since we killed the devil, Trapezotron)

Received title: To survivors


「This e-mail is being sent to all receiving communication devices .
You may discard it if it duplicates .
This world has been scorched by nuclear flames, after 100 years of radiation it is now a different world .
It has been 90 years since we killed the devil, Trapezotron . who caused this nuclear war .
I am glad and proud of those who survived the hell-like confusion .
The earth is still in the midst of recovery and dangerous monsters are still wandering but I want you to live without losing .
To gather comrades to help, drive out the demons, and destroy the abominable dungeons, that is my wish .
This is only an update of information .
Please click the following mark to download it . 」

「Those who receive this mail for the first time download the following three application data .
・ Adept system
・ Monster Image Book
・ History record after collapse
All three will be necessary to survive in this harsh world .
I will outline each of them below」

■ Adept system
It is a program to adapt to the changed world .
In the world after the collapse, there is an energy called magic essence, a supernatural phenomenon that flows from the radiated world .
It affects the human body, causing them to transform .

This program has an attribute of <Machine God> and uses its power to control the energy .
The controlled magic essence will strengthen you and will become a force to survive in this world .
You can check strengthening of magic essence on the status screen .
Magic essences can be obtained from defeated monsters .

■ Monster Image Book
These are the monsters confirmed up to now .
Escape if you find dangerous monsters

■ History record after collapse
It summarizes various records .

For the time being, I downloaded the three application data .
Thinking about various things while downloading .
Is it really a world after 100 years?
Is that lizard a monster?
What on Earth is going on?
Various doubts surround my mind, and I hold my head .

Beep! It seems that the download is over .

That’s it! Why do I not ask this pile operator .
As I tried writing a reply, a weird electric interference came through .

Eh? what, is there mail?”

I tried writing a reply mail and sending it, but I could not send it .
What is this?
For now let’s just read the downloaded data .

The day passed with me reading the data .

The next day, I wake up on a cold floor .
There is no bed in this control room .
At first, I tried laying clothes under myself, but the effect was minimal .
Because of the hard floor, I did not get much rest even though I slept .
I stretch my body that became stiff .

「I am hungry……」

I ate all the food I had yesterday .
There was no chocolate bar for dinner, there was only one jelly and water, so I did not have enough .
To get food, I have to cross the corridor where there are monsters, to the former room .
I have to go .

I knew the name of the room from yesterday .
I found out various things through my investigation .

This is an evacuation shelter designed for nuclear warfare, ranging from the entrance floor to the ground floors 5 levels underground .
This nuclear shelter was originally for an important person of society, that person would evacuate here if anything happened .
There is a guard system for defense to protect important people .
This is important, because that security system can be moved to this room .

「You should be able to move with this control key . 」

Taking out the card I got from the desk .

I Inserted the card into the control unit and it brought up the authentication screen .

「New administrator registration ……and done!

So, what can I do…?」

Most security systems are offline and unusable when I look at the screen .
Apparently there is no electricity .
Originally there is a nuclear fusion reactor, which is supposed to be the main power source, but now it is stopped .
It seems that the standby power supply I am currently using only goes up to the 5th underground floor, this floor .
In order to pass electricity to other floors, it is necessary to raise a standby power supply on that floor or to have a main power supply .
Like this floor there is a fusion reactor .
Is it the innermost room on the other side of here?

「Oo! Looks like you can use a surveillance camera, how old are you?」

The image reflected on the surveillance camera was a large room with a huge machine, and a thing like a jewel that emits purple light floated in front of it .
As soon as I saw that light, chills run up my back, and I am driven by unreasonable insecurity .

Doku, doku!  The heartbeat gets louder and louder… .
My chest is hot …

Breathing become intense, tears overflow from the eyes, sounds move away from the ears ……
Doku, doku!

I do not even know whether I’m even breathing out or even breathing, my fingertips are cold …
Doku, doku! But my heart is hot ……

It feels like I am being drowned and dragged into the bottom of the cold water……
Doku, Doku! The body feels cold …

Is it just my mind, my soul, my heart, feels like it is being pulled out?
Doku, doku! Something wriggles in the depths of my chest …

Just at the moment when I felt like I was being embraced by the cold arms of death… .


Electronic beeps come from the smartphone and I come back to myself!
Ha! I quickly switched the screen!
When I switched the screen, the heat gradually returns .
Body and mind .

「What was that …?」

I do not know what that was .
But I was convinced .
That was most likely one of those things .

「Ah! Why was the smartphone?」

Looking at the smartphone, the screen of the Adept system started up without permission .
This seems to have been what saved me .
Thank you for that and I open one application .

■ History record after collapse

There was something that interested me when I reading this yesterday .
Chapter: Monsters, two kinds of demons are observed to occur .
One is natural mating with monsters .
The other is created by dungeon cores .
Dungeon cores use magic essence to make monsters .
The lizard man in the hallway, is not by natural mating .

This nuclear shelter has become a dungeon .