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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Level up

「Dungeon ……」

That is the current place where I am at .

Did I sleep in such a place for 100 years ……

「It is good that I was safe …… . but is this 100 years hide and seek」

Because cold sleep is a state of apparent dead, it seem I was overlooked .

If the lizardman have intelligent to open cold sleep device, I would be “out” .

Thinking about that possibility, I trembled .

Right there, the sound from my stomach * gu * .

「…… Before thinking about this and that, I must do something about food」

Food should be in the room I was asleep, maybe .

However, I must do something about the lizardman in the corridor before I can go and get it .

It is too reckless to confront that with my body .

「The other is the guard system which seem to be usable is ……there!」

Although it is a surveillance camera on the passage, it has a machine gun attached, it seems to be called a gun turret .

5 mm rifle bullets with 300 are loaded .

The corridor is T-shaped, in the edge and center, and it was deployed on 4 places on the ceiling in total .

The control room is in the left edge of the T-shape, the power room where the dungeon core exists is in the right edge .

In the remain lower edge there were security room and the stair that lead up .

「Yoshi! Let’s try to use this」

I select the gun turret deployed in front of the control room .

I can defeat it safely if I remote-control it from here .

There are keyboard and mouse beside the control unit, the desk has the controller such as the handle part of the gun .

I name it gun trigger, and move it .

The screen moves according to the moved direction .

The gun turret seem to operate normally .

I look into the screen and look for the lizardman .

It seems to hang around in the vicinity of the center .

There are some distance so it is hard to aim .

I left the seat and knock on the door from this side .

I come back to the seat and look into the screen, the lizardman seem to notice the sound and is approaching this place .

「Good! Come ……, come …… over here!」

When the lizardman is about to come near the door, I aim at it’s face .


From the gun turret a red laser point extended to the lizardman .

While breathing in, I pull the trigger .


The thin riffle bullets are spitted out from the gun turret, the lizardman head was shot and crushed!

A part of lizardman’s back of head is blown off, it fall while the blue blood pour from that hole into the floor .

The defeated lizardman after tremble *pikupiku*, it turn into a purple fog .

「It is the demon source?」

I confirm if there is other lizardman in the screen, the door is opened hastily!

The purple fog drift in front of my eyes, and scatter gradually .

「Will I level up if I touch it?」

I stretch my hand out to the purple fog .

It doesn’t feel cold, nor do it is aborted .

Must I breath it in with my month after all?

I make up my mind and advance into the fog!

The whole body getting cold, it feel like I indulge in a feeling of drunkenness……, a sense when I looked at the dungeon core a little while ago is struck!

At that time .


– Demon source detected –

– Begin optimization –

An announcement sound flows from the smartphone in my pocket .

It seem the Adept System have started .

There is something like magic square reflects on the smartphone’s screen when I take it out, from that light is emitted .

The letter of light appear from the screen one after another, and they fly around me .

Warm……the heat gradually return to my body .

N? Are?

My chest is hot……, it become hotter rapidly ……, it is hot as if burning!

「Gu! …… ITAI! ITAI! III! ……」(Note: Hurt)

Without being able to endure the pain, I crouch down .


– Demon source of the abnormal quantity is detected inside the body –

– Error Pattern 05, prepare repairing program –

– According to the program, carrying out further optimization –

More letter of light come from the smartphone’s screen, I’m covered .

As the heat inside my chest dispersed in to the whole body, my body is pulled .

When the heat disappear .


– Optimization end, return to normal function –

It seems to be over .

The status entry is displayed in the smartphone .


Name  Ars Crate

Age   116

Lv   1

HP   40   [Vitality]

MP  1500  [Magic Power Quantity]

Str    8   [Physical Strength]

Vit   10   [Stamina]

Mag   20   [Magic Power Mastery] (Note: control, command)

Dex   10   [Dexterous]

Agi   10   [Agility]

First, the age is as expected .

When I tap at the age entry, it being overwrite and change into 16 .

I look at the number briefly・・only Mp, isn’t it too high?

Although I have yet to see the other’s value, I don’t know why?

*Hita* ……

「N? What is it?」

When I look at where the sound from, a new lizardman was heading here from the inside the passage .


I turn back to the door in panic .

The moment the door close, another one came .

I saw it emerging from the corner .

The enemy is 2 .

I will do it!

From the control unit screen, I look at the lizardman approaching here running with short steps .

I grasp the gun trigger .

It fire 3 times in succession when I pull the trigger only once a while ago .

It seem I can change the setting to single, three burst, full auto .

I switch to single, and track the lizardman movement .

Aim……Locked! Fire!


It hit the face of the first lizardman!

The lizardman lean against the wall as it’s stance is broken ……it is approaching here slowly !?

Passing it, the lizardman which was following it come forward .

I switch the aim to that one and shoot it in hurry .


It miss the vital point, and hit the shoulder .

The lizardman held it’s injured shoulder, *gira* glance over here with hatred, and jump .


The screen is shaking!

Is it attacking the gun turret !?

NOT GOOD! is it broken !?

I put the laser points on the lizardman chest immediately, and pull the trigger consecutively!

*dan*! *dan*! *dan*! *dan*! *dan*! *dan*! *dan*!

For the time being I keep shooting at it until it disappear!

The lizardman change into the fog, I switch to the first lizardman .

I fire successively at this one toward the easy to hit chest too!

*dan*! *dan*! *dan*!

After firing 3 shoot, I look at it’s appearance .

Although it crouched down・・but it have yet to disappeared .
Then, I change the aim toward the head, 3 burst!

*dan*! *dan*! *dan*!

It’s head is full of hole, and it disappears .

Although it is 3 burst, I wasn’t able to shoot and kill it like a while ago .

Because of the rapid fire speed of the machine, should I shoot it quickly?

1 point make a point, 2 point make a line, 3 point make a surface . (Note: Geometry?)

It will become either line or surface when I fire rapidly and the impact is connected, I think that it will smash the bone .

I look into the screen .

「…… For now, the others don’t seem to come」

Toward the door, I run to absorb demon source .

Although I enter the demon source, I doesn’t become sick like a while ago .

A chilly cold seems to infiltrate my body .

Inside my body is hot .

Blood as hot as magma is *doku*, *doku*, *doku*, *doku*, flow in the whole body!

「*Achi*! *Achi*! 」(Note: sneeze sound?)

Is this the level up feeling?

When I finish absorbing the demon source and was about to return, I notice something fall on the corridor .

「This……the scale of that one? Drop item?」

I picked up 3 green scales the size of one hand .

I return to the control room, the status is checked .


Name  Ars・Crate

Age   16

Lv   5    (+4)

HP   75   (+35)[Vitality]

MP  1540  (+40)[Magic Power Quantity]

Str   12   (+4)[Physical Strength]

Vit   14   (+4)[Stamina]

Mag   28   (+8)[Magic Power Mastery]

Dex   14   (+4)[Dexterous]

Agi   14   (+4)[Agility]

4 level went up in one go!

I grinning *niginigi* while open and close my hand .

I feel somewhat stronger .

I could see hope .

Raising level, I will escape from here!


「…… . First is meal」

I go to the corridor and knock on the wall once!

*ban*! the sound resounds in the corridor .

I come back inside immediately and grip the gun trigger .

It is a skirmish before going to get food .

I will shoot to death all those who going out of the corridor!