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Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Hunting in the corridor

(Author Note: Unit of this world .
1 Fee ≒ 40 cm, 1 mar ≈ 4 km
1 Gran ≈ 4 g, 1 glow ≈ 4 kg,
1 REIT ≈ 4 liters
There are units of this world, but it is troublesome to confuse, so I will correct it to Japanese . ) 
*ban*! The sound of wall being hit resound the corridor!

Viewing the T-shaped corridor from above, although important rooms is at the edge, there are some door place along the wall .

There are lounge and shed which store tool etc .

I push open, the doors slide open one after another .

Coming out was of of course

Not a person, but lizardmen .

Every lizardmen has a wrinkle in the middle of their forehead which makes them look like they are irritated .
There are 5 coming out .
I look at them on the screen .

「If a person was living at their quiet home, then a troublesome neighbor who is noisy moved in, maybe that feeling?」

In reality it is more nasty .

It is the hunter who accept no complaint while rapid firing 5 mm rifle bullets .

There is no hesitation in shooting .

When I looked at the dungeon core, I understood by instinct .

There is no mutual understanding between us .

It is a relation where we kill each other until either side is destroyed .

I switch the shooting mode to 3 burst, and point it at the lead lizardman .

Red laser light swims on the dim corridor where the emergency light shines on .

While wavering right and left, to and fro, I point it to the forehead of the lizardman .


I shoot the 5 mm rifle bullet at the head of the lizardman and crush it!

Blue blood is scattered on the passage, the movement of other lizardmen stopped at that spectacle .

I take aim at the lizardmen with dumfounded expression … … Fire!

*dadada*!! …… *dadada*!! …… *dadada*!!

I shoot and crush the head one after another, only 1 left! When I was aiming at the body of the remain one .


I hear the cry of lizardman over the screen .


「What? No, such thing aside …… die!」

Red laser extend to the lizardman’s head ……

*dadada* !!

I shoot the head of the lizardman and crush it, the interior door open at the same time the blue blood sprayed all over the corridor .

No, not only that, the door to the other rooms are opening one after another too!

「Wha, what?」

From the room one after another, lizardmen come out of the rooms one after another in droves filling up the corridor .

And from inside ……

「What is that guy !?」

From inside, 3 blue lizardman clad in armor which shined silver, armed with sword and shield come out .

「High rank? Are they a middle boss, good! Die!」

The laser expand toward the eyes of the armed lizardmen .


*kaan*! While making high pitched noise, the shot that is aimed at the head is prevented by the shield!

Unfortunately the lizardman that the light shone on the eye seem to find it annoying and rise the shield .

「Ge! It was shielded!?」

Although it is only 5 mm, to guard against the riffle bullet which have a high penetration power, is it not made from iron?

Although it could be simply that it is thick enough that it can defend against it .

But, now that the enemy seem to understand the risk of this attack from the recent exchange, normal green lizardman line up in the back of the shield carrier .

Like I will let you do that, I fire at the lizardmen that are turning their backs over here but was only able to kill 2 .

The 3 shield bearer armed lizardmen came forth to prevent it .


*dadada*!! …… *dadada*!! …… *dadada*!!

I fire but as expected, it can’t penetrate through the shield .

Then, I have an idea .

I switch the shooting mode to single .

*dan*! …… *dan*! …… *dan*!

I fire while leaving an open between an interval .

The armed lizardman gradually came over here while raising it’s shield .

Finally, it came to the center of the passage!

「Over here!」

I change the shooting mode to full auto, the feet of the lizardman was cut down by 1 character width!

*dadada* …… !!!! The resound of the shooting sound fill the narrow corridor .

As if welcoming it, blue blood spray fluttered out of the Lizardman’s feet .

The front lizardman crouched down and stop it’s movement .


I change the operation of the gun turret .

The screen change to the side of the lizardmen .

This 5th floor underground is T-shaped corridor where 3 passages were connected .

The gun turret on the passage edge .

The center is a kill zone exposed to 3 line of fire!

Red laser light hit the head of the armed lizardman from the side .

*dadadadadada* …… !!!!

From the side merciless attacks come .

Although shooting at the head is guarded by a strong helmet, but the impact can not be prevented!

The weight of the warhead, even only 4 gram, flying 3000 km per hour it’s power is like a hammer .

*kakakakaaan* !! While making high pitched noise, it shoot toward the head and hit it from the side .

The rifle bullet hit the defenseless neck which bend to one side .

The neck is torn up, gaudy blood spray dye up the inside of the shield .

It let go of the weapon, and held it’s neck but it is a fatal wound .

「This is the end」

I switch the operation gun turret once again .

The image on the screen this time changes into the back of the lizardmen .

The lizardmen line up with their body pressed against each other .

There is no need to aim .

I fire until they are annihilated!

The gun turret keep firing in full auto!

The corridor was scattered with blue blood spray and piece of meat, *Gyaaa*! It was filled with cries completely!

5 second, there is no moving thing after rapid firing 100 bullets .

A thick purple fog fills the corridor .

「Did I kill them all?」

Inside the fog, there is no reaction even after I fire single shot 3 times .

I make up my mind and go to breathe in the demon source .

Timidly, I approaching the fog of demon source while searching for a sign .

When I put my hand into the fog, it seems I can absorb it from the skin unlike the first time .

The demon source clings to my arm and disappears .

If the body enters the fog, it will absorbed much quicker like a vacuum cleaner, like that time!

My ankle is caught .


It seems there is one that survived, I was scowled at with boiling hatred in it’s brown eyes .

I kick and tear it off in a hurry but I was scratched by it’s nail during that time .

「It hurts!」

Pain runs through my ankle but there is no time to pay attention to it .

The lizardman approaching was here while crawling slowly .

When the fog clear up in the corridor there are many green scale and 1 piece of scale which shine in blue, there drop a sword glistening in silver and a shield .

「O! Did the weapon was dropped!」

I pick up the sword immediately .

「Gu! ……, heavy ……」

It seems the sword’s weight is probably around 20 kg .

I somehow was able to raise the sword overhead, and then I swung it down!

Although the sword was swung down slowly due to it’s weight alone, the lizardman’s head was split in one blow!

At that time, deep inside my chest become hot .

「Haa haa ……, at last」

My blood as hot as magma, *doku*, *doku*, *doku*, *doku* flows around inside my whole body .

It seems I leveled up .

I pick up all the drops in the corridor and return to the control room .

A sword and a shield, other than that 25 green scales and 1 blue scale was obtained .

Then I confirm Status .


Name  Ars・Crate

Age   16

Lv   15    (+10)

HP   150   (+75)[Vitality]

MP  1640  (+100)[Magic Power Quantity]

Str   22   (+10)[Physical Strength]

Vit   24   (+10)[Stamina]

Mag   48   (+20)[Magic Power Mastery]

Dex   24   (+10)[Dexterous]

Agi   24   (+10)[Agility]
「Oo! It went up in one go!」

I bend my arm to make biceps .

Although I touch it through my clothes … … eh? It remain unchanged?

However, there is an actual feeling that my level went up, my body was strengthened .

I was able to carry the 20 kg sword and shield with one hand .

It is absolutely impossible for the old me, my joint will become funny if I do such a thing .

I could feel that power is springing forth from inside of my body now .

The wound on my ankle is healed, is it because of the level up?

Bone and meat seem to be reborn anew .

I swing around the heavy sword to confirm my condition .

「Gununu … … . ! This is impossible as expected」

Although it is better than a while ago, but I become tired just to lift the sword overhead .

Swinging it down just like that is slow, the speed is slower than by the sword weight itself .

I want to swing it quickly but, just by supporting it’s weight alone I already use up all my muscle power .

There seems to be no strength left to speed up the swing down .

「Maa, doing this is basically muscular workout itself」

I look at the screen of the control unit .

There is no new lizardman coming out .

「Good, now is my chance . I must find food and some usable tools before it is too late ……」

I step out of the corridor once again .