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Chapter 68

Chapter 68 - Sacred Body

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

After returning to his courtyard, Xiao Yun immediately entered Xiao Ling'Er's room . The Xiao family's old patriarch was by her bed, with his eyebrows furrowed and an anxious expression on his face .

The powerful Chilling Qi was already incredibly shocking, but even the Xiao family's old patriarch had found that he could do nothing about it .

What's more, even the True Essence realm Xiao Hai felt a sense of fear towards the Chilling Qi . This Chilling Qi was enough to strike fear into anyone's heart .

"Yun'Er, you're back . "Seeing Xiao Yun walk in, everyone let out a sigh of relief . Only this youth could resolve this situation .

Xiao Yun nodded and immediately walked to the young girl's bed . By now, there was a layer of frost covering the violet-coloured wooden bed, and there were even ice crystals beside the bed . The Chilling Qi wasn't something that the bonfire in the room could dispel, and even the Xiao family's old patriarch was completely helpless against it .

"Hurry! Your little sister won't be able to last much longer," the Xiao family's old patriarch cried out .

Xiao Yun walked forwards, and when he saw Xiao Ling'Er covered in frost, he felt a wrenching pain within his heart . Xiao Ling'Er had completely passed out; her jade-like hands were cold and completely frozen by ice crystals .

Xiao Yun grabbed the young girl's hands and started to absorb the Chilling Qi . His Martial Spirit rapidly absorbed the Chilling Qi, but its effects were only slightly weakened .

The Chilling Qi this time was simply too powerful, and even Xiao Yun felt some fear towards it . While absorbing the Chilling Qi, he also needed to use his Martial Spirit to protect his body, otherwise his meridians would be frozen by it .

Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit was not able to completely absorb all of the Chilling Qi at once, which caused his spirit to tremble, as if it was going to be frozen . Feeling the discomfort in his spirit, Xiao Yun immediately activated the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art .

With the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art, jade-green Martial Spirit and the Violet Flame Martial Spirit, Xiao Yun was able to stabilise his own condition .

At the same time, the sub-branch on his Martial Spirit that was surrounded by Chilling Qi started to become thicker and stronger as well .

This persisted for a long time, and after 4 hours, Xiao Ling'Er finally woke up . However, the Chilling Qi was still present, and the rate at which Xiao Yun's Martial Spirit absorbed Chilling Qi could barely keep up with its rate of production in the young girl's body . If this continued, it would be incredibly difficult to heal her .

"Why is it like this?" Xiao Yun tightly frowned . How could there be such powerful Chilling Qi?

It had to be known that even with an Ice Martial Spirit, Fang Hao's Chilling Qi was much weaker, and was unable to contend with Xiao Yun's Violet Flame Martial Spirit . However, the Chilling Qi within Xiao Ling'Er's body was more tens of times more powerful than Fang Hao's .

Based on this, Xiao Ling'Er's body was quite extraordinary .

"Perhaps lil sis' body really is a one-in-a-million constitution . Just what sort of body is it?" Xiao Yun wondered .

"This constitution is very powerful," the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow replied .

"How is it powerful?" Xiao Yun asked .

"Before, I thought that it was an Extreme Chilling Body, but now, it looks like it's not that simple," the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said .

"Oh?" Xiao Yun exclaimed in surprise .

"It might even be a Sacred Body!" the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow revealed .

"What?! A Sacred Body?" When he heard this, Xiao Yun's mind trembled .

What did that mean? A Sacred Body was a peak-level existence and was incredibly extraordinary .

"That's right; it should be a Sacred body," the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said with a serious expression . "Moreover, I suspect that her constitution is similar to the Ice God Palace's Sacred Body . "

"Ice God Palace?" Xiao Yun asked . Evidently, he didn't know what it was, but seeing how serious the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow looked, it seemed quite impressive . Just from its name alone, it seemed quite awe-inspiring .

A God Palace - who dared to name themselves such?

"Legends say that the Ice God Palace's founder was a descendant of an Ice God . Their descendants all have special constitutions, as well as the bloodline of the Ice God . Once awakened, they will be able to rival the founder, and even if they only awaken a portion of their power, they will be able to sweep across the land unhindered," the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow explained . "As for those whose bloodlines are close to the founder's, they're referred to as Sacred Bodies . It's a type of constitution that can allow one to become a Sovereign of the heavens and the earth!"

"A Sovereign of the heavens and the earth!" Hearing this, Xiao Yun's heart trembled and he felt incredibly shocked . Did his little sister really have such a constitution? This was simply unbelievable .

"It's difficult to say whether or not your little sister truly has a Sacred Body . However, based on how powerful her Chilling Qi is, her body definitely isn't ordinary, and her future is limitless . Of course, without any guidance, the next time the Chilling Qi awakens, even you might not be able to do anything about it," the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow said gravely .

Xiao Yun sighed . What should have been a blessing was now a curse . Next time, even if he did his best, he might not be able to save his little sister's life!

"What a pity . What a travesty that such a constitution would appear in such a crappy little place . It's truly wasted her potential!" the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow bemoaned . If such a person was fostered by an expert, they would definitely become a powerful Sovereign, being able dominate wherever they went .

"Ai . " Xiao Yun could not help but sigh, and didn't think about it anymore, fully focusing on extracting Xiao Ling'Er's Chilling Qi . No matter how things turned out in future, he at least had to do his best to save his little sister's life right now .

Just like that, the evening descended, and the moon hung high in the sky as cold wind blew . However, the youth was still silently extracting Chilling Qi from his little sister . Soon, Xiao Yun's body was unable to take it anymore . Although his Violet Flame Martial Spirit was quite powerful, it had been greatly weakened when he fused with it, so it was very taxing for him to continuously extract Chilling Qi for such a long period of time .

"Yun'Er, you must take care of your body!" the Xiao family's old patriarch sighed by the side, wanting Xiao Yun to stop, but not knowing how to say it .

After all, Xiao Yun and Xiao Ling'Er were dependent on each other, and were far closer than a normal brother and sister . He simply couldn't bear to say it . At this same time, he also felt very sympathetic towards the girl for the bitter things she had experienced .

"Big bro, don't worry about me . " Xiao Ling'Er breathed in with great difficulty as she looked at the youth beside her with misty eyes . "Even if I survive this time, I won't be able to recover . Don't harm yourself for me . "

"No . As long as big bro has even a single breath left, I won't give up on you . " Xiao Yun's eyes were resolute as he spoke with gritted teeth .

Xiao Ling'Er blinked with great difficulty, and some tears fell out of her eyes . However, because of the extremely cold Chilling Qi, the tears instantly solidified into ice crystals . Anyone who saw her now would only be able to sigh in sorrow .


After a while, a gust of wind blew past as a powerful aura descended towards the room .

"What a powerful Chilling Qi . " An otherworldly beauty wearing a white palace dress appeared in the air . The woman's white clothes fluttered without there being any wind; her beautiful looks made her look like a celestial who had descended .

The woman in the palace dress looked over and locked onto Xiao Ling'Er's room . "This Chilling Qi originates from that girl's body . Looks like she has an Extreme Chilling Body!" she exclaimed in delight then continued, "If we bring her back to the Palace and properly nurture her, her future might be like those geniuses . "

After thinking, the woman started to descend .

"Who is it?" The woman's silent descent brought with it an air of suppression . The Xiao family's old patriarch, who was about to leave, suddenly discovered an abnormality . He went into the courtyard and looked up, seeing the woman in the palace dress descending like a goddess .

"Who is this?" Seeing this person, the Xiao family's old patriarch's expression became serious . He felt an extremely strong aura, as if he was facing a gigantic mountain . In fact, he felt that it was an aura that he couldn't stop at all .

The woman in the palace dress landed, but didn't seem to stand on the ground . Instead, there was a light beneath of feet that allowed her to lower .

She calmly looked at the people in the courtyard before walking towards Xiao Ling'er's room .

"Who are you?" the Xiao family's old patriarch blocked in front of her as he asked in a low voice .

"Essence Core realm?" The woman in the palace dress raised her eyebrows and swept out with her hand as an invisible shockwave crashed into the old man .

The Xiao family's old patriarch felt as if a massive wave was about to crash down on him and hurriedly retreated .

"So powerful . " After steadying his body, the Xiao family's old patriarch felt incredibly shocked . That casual attack had revealed show strong the woman was . It wasn't hard to imagine that she was definitely an expert above the Essence Core realm .

The woman in the palace dress elegantly walked towards Xiao Ling'Er's room, and a powerful aura emanated from her body, causing those who she came near to hurriedly retreat . They didn't even dare to breathe loudly, and could only watch as this person entered the room .

Even the Xiao family's old patriarch stared for a while before walking in with a serious expression .

"The source of this Chilling Qi seems to have just awoken, and yet it's already so powerful . This body is an extremely rare Extreme Chilling Body . " After the woman in the palace dress stepped into the room, her still eyes flickered as she looked at the young girl who was surrounded by Chilling Qi . She couldn't help but marvel, "I never thought that I'd meet such a good sapling on this trip . Even if I didn't receive that information, I didn't come out for nothing . "

"Who are you?" When the woman in the palace dress entered, Xiao Yun's eyes gleamed, realising that someone had come in .

"You can actually absorb this Chilling Qi, but doing this won't save her life, and will instead cause her to lose her vital essence of life . This Chilling Qi is like one's essence blood . You're essentially taking her essence blood, injuring her foundations," the woman said .

"My little sister's body has been frozen by the Chilling Qi and if I don't remove it, she'll die," Xiao Yun replied as he looked at the woman in the palace dress with a wary expression . "And who are you? Why are you here?" Just from the air she gave off, Xiao Yun could tell that this woman was not ordinary .

"Who am I?" The woman in the palace dress smiled sweetly, "I'm the person who can save your little sister . "

"Really?" A look of surprise and hope appeared in Xiao Yun's eyes .

"Naturally . " The woman in the palace dress was beautiful and elegant, and gave off an otherworldly and celestial-like aura .

"Let me try . I'll help her guide the Chilling Qi back into her dantian so that she can use it for herself . That way, she'll be able to gather vital essence, helping her cultivation greatly in future, and becoming her foundation . Right now, you're simply harming her . " The woman in the palace dress walked over, her clothes fluttering despite there being no wind, as a formless pressure moved Xiao Yun away .

After this, she stretched out a jade-like hand onto Xiao Ling'Er's arm, helping her guide the Chilling Qi .

"What strength . " After being moved aside, Xiao Yun felt incredibly shocked . Just then, this woman hadn't truly attacked him - she had merely waved her hand, moving him away without hurting him at all . It was like a gentle wind! For one to have such profound control over their aura, just what sort of cultivation did they have?

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