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Eternal Reverence - Chapter 160

Published at 4th of September 2019 10:01:29 AM

Chapter 160
Liu Wuhuang’s breakthrough to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm wasn’t as prominent as Li Fuchen’s breakthrough to the 1st level of the Earth Realm .

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If the description of the qi force developed by Li Fuchen’s breakthrough was a giant dragon, Liu Wuhuang’s breakthrough would be considered a giant python . That was quite a significant difference .

Even so, the 2nd level of the Earth Realm was still the 2nd level . The qi presence was like a tornado storm, giving off a lot of pressure to Xiao Libie, Chen Fanghua, and Yu Wen Tian .

“With the combined abilities of the five of us, we will be able to go against all three sects now . ”

Xiao Libie was very pleased . Previously, Li Fuchen was the only one who could fight against the disciples from the three sects . They couldn’t even help in any way, and that made him frustrated . The feeling of being protected was undesirable .

The stone structures were massive in size, and the five of them continued to explore deeper .


“Kek kek, finally at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm . ”

“So this is how it feels to be at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm?”

In the deeper parts of the stone structure was a medium sized herb garden . Li Wuxue, Duan Hai, and Duan Muyou had all advanced to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm . Three massive qi presences rose up into the sky . The qi pressure that came from the three of them caused people who were within a few hundred meter radius of them to suffocate from the pressure .

“It seems like the heavens are looking out for us, we actually found a medium sized herb garden that contained six Earth Shattering Fruits . ” Duan Muyou laughed lightly .

“We can now single handedly defeat Li Fuchen . If we join hands, we’ll be able to turn him into dust in a single move . ” Li Wuxue sounded serious .

The feeling of being strong was amazing . The ability to control others’ life and death was even more satisfying .

Duan Hai didn’t say a word, but the killer aura that came from his body was much more convincing than any useless statement .

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It was obvious that the existence of Li Fuchen caused a huge blow to his emotions .

“Alright, we have broken through . It’s your turn now . ” Li Wuxue said to Black Fiend, Ling Huang, and Jiang Xiaomao .

There were a total of six Earth Shattering Fruits, each of the three sects got two . Only Yan Qingwu, White Fiend, and Ghost Girl Ye Hua didn’t get their share .

Yan Qingwu previously found a small sized herb garden, so she should already have an Earth Shattering Fruit .

White Fiend and Ghost Girl Ye Hua would just have to wait .


Black Fiend, Ling Huang, and Jiang Xiaomao couldn’t wait to sit and cultivate . After a dozen qi revolutions, they consumed the Earth Shattering Fruit .


As the sky grew darker, a star could be faintly seen .

Li Fuchen and group constantly moved deeper into the stone structures, hoping to find a second herb garden .

It was not known how much time had passed . Several miles away to the east was a wave of energy wave that caused one’s heart to palpate .

“Someone is breaking through . ” Chen Fanghua frowned .

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“It should be Li Wuxue’s group . ” Xiao Libie frowned too .

As their ability was being upgraded, their enemies were going through the same process too . But they did not know how many of them were at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm . If the majority of them has advanced to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, then everything was back to square one .

“We need to hurry up and find the second herb garden . ” Liu Wuhuang mentioned .

Li Fuchen nodded . It was too easy to advance within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain . A single stalk of herb was sufficient to advance . Now that they were at the core of the domain, it would be even easier to advance their cultivation levels .

It’s fortunate that one could not continuously consume the Earth Shattering Fruit . If they consumed a second one, it’s effects would be drastically reduced . With a third fruit, it’s effect would only be 10% of the first fruit . In summary, the more you consumed, the weaker its effects . After the third fruit, there would no longer be anymore effects .

If not, having eight or ten of these Earth Shattering Fruits would allow one to easily progress to the 9th level of the Earth Realm .


In the medium sized herb garden, Ling Huang, Black Fiend, and Jiang Xiaomao had completed their progression .

The three of their qi presences were unbelievably vicious . Their eyes were either sharp as a sabre, filled with intimidating evil qi, or scheming and deceptive . They were now three totally different individuals since two hours ago .

“Li Fuchen, wash your neck and wait for me!” Black Fiend laughed heartily .

Ling Huang said, “As soon as he appears, I shall let him taste the feeling of being sliced by a thousand blades . ”

“Leave that female Azure Water Sect disciple to me . She looks so delicate and tender, it should be an enjoyable experience to play with her . After I kill her, I can still make her into a human skin puppet . ” Jiang Xiaomao let out a perverted look .

On the ground not far away was Yan Qingwu who was seated with a frowning face . This wasn’t the first time she heard these people mentioning the name of Li Fuchen .

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‘Within this short half a year’s time, it seems you have improved your ability by quite a bit . ’ Yan Qingwu thought in her heart .

During midnight, Li Fuchen and his group finally found the second herb garden .

In this herb garden, there were only two stalks of Earth Shattering Fruits . Luckily, Xiao Libie and Chen Fanghua were the only ones who had yet to receive their share of Earth Shattering Fruits .

As for the rest of the herbs in this garden, they all belonged to Li Fuchen .

“I have already consumed one Earth Shattering Fruit . This one wouldn’t be as effective anymore . ” Chen Fanghua gave up the Earth Shattering Fruit and offered it to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen replied, “If you consume this Earth Shattering Fruit, you would have at least a 10% chance to advance to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm . ”

Chen Fanghua shook her head, “10% is much too small a chance . If you do not despise me for being the weakest link, the 1st level of the Earth Realm is already sufficient for me . ”

“Naturally I will not despise you . With me here, you can be at ease . ”

Li Fuchen kept the Earth Shattering Fruit and took out an empty storage bag . He passed it to Chen Fanghua, “This storage bag is for you . ”

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Storage bags that had the logo of the Azure Water Sect had to all be returned . Those that did not have the Azure Water Sect’s logo, would naturally be one’s own belongings .

“Then I shall help myself . ” Chen Fanghua let out a pleased smile . A storage bag was a very important item for a martial artist . When one was out and about in the outside world, there are always necessities to bring along . It would be inconvenient to not have a storage bag, with it, all problems will be solved .

During an auction in the outside world, whenever a storage bag appeared, it would cause chaos . The price would at least be several tens of thousands gold coins . Sometimes, even if one had gold coins, they wouldn’t be able to get one . After all, those who fought for the storage bag, were people who had a certain level of influence .

Two hours later, Xiao Libie successfully advanced to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm .

One could see that Xiao Libie was extremely excited .

It wasn’t hard to guess why either . For an Earth Realm martial artist, each level was harder to advance to than the next . With his 4 star bone frame, it would take at least one or two years before he could reach the 2nd level of the Earth Realm by normal cultivation methods .

But now, he could easily advance and save a ton of time .

In the past, not every group could discover the core of the domain . It was lucky enough if one or two disciples could find any Earth Shattering Fruits .

As the morning sun broke out and shined down on the lands . The five of them set off again, deeper into the stone structures .

“What a pity, this should be a large sized herb garden, but there isn’t a single stalk of herb . ” Glancing at the empty large sized herb garden, all five of them showed an expression of regret .

Li Fuchen said, “High grade herbs require many years to nurture . Perhaps these herbs were harvested by the disciples of the four sects a few years ago and have yet to be regrown . ”

Tiny root hairs would be left in the soil after harvesting . And these root hairs would begin to germinate after countless years and mature into herbs again .

The higher the grade of the herb, the more years required for it to grow .

According to records, some earth class herbs needed at least a few hundred years or even thousands of years to grow again .

The legendary heaven class herb would require at least thousands or tens of thousands of years to mature .

Xiao Libie nodded, “What Li shidi is saying does make sense . ”

“Haha! You guys are all here, huh? The heavens are really on our side and have actually brought you guys to us . ” A malicious voice echoed as a large group of people entered the spacious courtyard .

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