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Eternal Reverence - Chapter 23

Published at 4th of September 2019 10:03:54 AM

Chapter 23
With the conclusion of the first round, the top 80 are declared .

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The Yang Clan has 7 going through .

The Shen Tu Clan and Guan Clan with 6 qualified each .

But there were only 2 survivors from the Li Clan, they are Li Fuchen and Li Yunhai .

The fight for the top 40 spots are evidently much more intense . With the conclusion of the second round, contestants from each clan were cut down

The Yang Clan had 5 left, the Shen Tu Clan with 4, the Guan Clan with 3, and the Li Clan still with 2 .

In the third round, with the top 20 spots on the line, the matches cannot be described as intense but were desperate instead .

As the rewards for the top 20 are too significant . Obtaining those prizes, one could smoothly cultivate for at least the next few years .

Inevitably, Li Fuchen once again is going against Guan Peng .

“The Li Clan really has the worst of luck, to have Li Fuchen fighting against Guan Peng this early on . ”

“Ain’t that right . If not for having Guan Peng as the opponent, Li Fuchen would have no problems entering the top 20 . ”

The crowd had heated discussions .

For the first 2 rounds, Li Fuchen put on an excellent performance and effortlessly defeated his opponents . But his next opponent, Guan Peng is distinctly different from the rest, being one of the six to enter the Tempering Pool . Guan Peng was easily a top 10 candidate and only Yang Kai could be guaranteed a win against him .

“Li Fuchen, seems like this is an arrangement from the heavens . ” Guan Peng’s face was full of joy at Li Fuchen’s misfortune .

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Losing to Li Fuchen last time was the worst humiliation . He swore that Li Fuchen would have to pay the price and the time was now . Being the top 20 placement match, this battle was of utmost importance . Not only will it determine if you were getting any sort of reward, it also decided if you had the chance to enter the Cang Lan Sect .

Not passing this round would mean you get nothing, with all effort was put to waste .

Li Fuchen gave a light-hearted laugh, “Heaven’s arrangement indeed . ”

“Still reluctant to accept your defeat huh? Wait till I bust your teeth out . ” Li Fuchen’s self confident smirk fueled the fire within Guan Peng’s gut .


“Patriarch, do you think Guan Peng will meet any mishaps?”

Speaking at the side of Guan Yue was Guan Tian .

Guan Peng’s father, Guan Tian initially believed in his son, but Guan Peng did still lose to Li Fuchen before . Until now, it wasn’t clear how did he lost and there weren’t any details of the fight either . But a loss is a loss, and it proved the ability Li Fuchen possessed . On the stage, anything could happen and that made Guan Tian’s heart sink .

Guan Yue shook his head, “Relax, complacency was one of the main factors why he lost to Li Fuchen . But Li Fuchen isn’t even a speck of dust against the current Guan Peng . ”

The sudden rise of Li Fuchen did surprise Guan Yue, but in his eyes, a normal bone frame is still nothing to get hyped over, as they normally amounted to nothing in the future .

“A typical normal bone frame made all of you so nervous . ”

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Seated on the left of Guan Yue, a greyed hair old veteran gave a snort .

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Guan Yue and Guan Tian gave an awkward look at each other . The veteran was the Guan Clan’s only Earth Realm practitioner who didn’t attend to any affairs and only appeared bi-yearly during the genius contest .


“A pity, you would never be able to do that . I defeated you once, and I will do it again . ” Li Fuchen declared .

“Shameless boasting . ”

Guan Peng’s form change abruptly, his wooden sword poured towards Li Fuchen like rain .

Clink, Clink, Clang, Clang…

If Guan Peng’s sword form was fine like rain, then Li Fuchen’s sword form would be the enveloping breeze . With the breeze blowing apart the fine rain, none were able to approach Li Fuchen .

“His ability seems to be considerably enhanced . ”

With a series of exchanges, Li Fuchen evaluated Guan Peng’s skills . Not only does he have outstanding physical strength, every sword trajectory is crafty too . This reflected the results of his combat training .

“How could this be?”

Guan Peng’s brows tighten, after this period of combat training, his sword skills had a better quality than before, with every blade aimed at Li Fuchen’s weakness . He presumed Li Fuchen’s combat skills to be strong but not surpassing his own . If it had been weaker than his, the Soft Flowing Sword Style would have permeated Li Fuchen . If it was on the same skill as him, he could have easily send Li Fuchen’s sword flying due to his physical strength .

But out of his expectation, his Soft Flowing Sword Style was completely neutralised by the Clear Breeze Sword Style . Not only so, his opponent’s every strike was aimed at his wooden sword’s weakest point, which limited his usable strength to only 50% .

“Impressive, this contestant’s combat skills is outstanding, easily spotting his opponent’s weak points . ”

Cheng Zong Ming’s eyes lit up and nodded in approval .

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Shen Tu Jianhe nodded in agreement, “This young man is Li Fuchen, the son of the Li Clan’s Patriarch . He has good talent for combat, but regretfully, he only has a normal bone frame . ”

“Normal bone frame?”

A look of sympathy appear on Chen Zong Ming’s face . Even though Li Fuchen’s combat skills wasn’t outstanding,it was still considered good . If he had at least a 2 star bone frame, he would be a talent that was worth nurturing at the Cang Lan Sect .

“This b*****d has such great combat skills?”

Guan Hong and Guan Yan were appalled .

Under their coaching, Guan Peng’s combat skills significantly improved . But obviously, Li Fuchen was much better by seeing how he effortlessly nullified Guan Peng’s Soft Flowing Sword Style .

“Don’t be pleased yet!”

Guan Peng gave out a roar and with a change of his stance, he switched from the Soft Flowing Sword Style to the Rainfall Sword Style .

Compared to the Soft Flowing Sword Style, the Rainfall Sword Style gave up the subtlety but increased the velocity and rate of attack . As though the fine rain changed to light showers, the attacks came non-stop .

“Let me repeat, I have beaten you once, I will do it again . ”

Still wielding the Clear Breeze Sword Style, but the sword form this time around seemed to be more frantic . With a single swing, Guan Peng’s sword stance got disseminated and intense sword clashes erupted .

“Young friend, I am Guan Tong . I wonder if you are willing to forsake this fight for my sake and I will reward you with anything you wish for later on . ”

Right at this moment, an illusionary voice penetrate right into Li Fuchen’s ear, causing him to hesitate for a slight moment and expose an opening .

Not knowing why Li Fuchen expose a weak point, Guan Peng couldn’t care less . His Rainfall Sword Style turned the tide and attack Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen gave off an unpleasant look and desperately retreated as the situation is at an disadvantage .

“What’s going on? How did Li Fuchen made such a big blunder? It can’t be!”

“Why can’t it be? Maybe Li Fuchen overexerted himself earlier and is weary now . ”

“Sounds reasonable . ”

The exchanges on the stage roused a debate among the spectators .

Li Fuchen still had considerable strength left and just Guan Peng wouldn’t be enough for him to unveil his trump . After a few breaths, Li Fuchen took back the reins and oppressed Guan Peng .

“Young friend, this old man is true to his words . If you can give it up, I will gift you 5000 gold . ”

The voice once again resonated in Li Fuchen’s ear .

Li Fuchenuchen didn’t heed the voice and intensified his sword form .

Getting his reply, the face of the elder beside Guan Yue darken and slightly moved his lips .

“Young friend do not fail to appreciate my kindness . Even the City Lord has to give in to I, Guan Tong . You better reconsider carefully . ”


Li Fuchen slashed at Guan Peng, forcing him down the stage .

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