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Eternal Sacred King - Chapter 259

Published at 14th of June 2020 05:25:11 AM

Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Assassination

True Fire Weapon Workshop .

Elder Zhang sat in the back hall, frowning as he looked at the accounts book .

Ge Yong bowed his head and stood below with a fearful expression, not saying a word .

“Why are we getting more orders for middle-grade spirit weapons recently while the orders for superior-grade spirit weapons have dipped instead?” Elder Zhang asked in a deep voice .

Hesitating for a moment, Ge Yong replied, “It’s Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop…”

“Fufu . ”

Before Ge Yong could finish, Elder Zhang scoffed lightly, “I told you, in less than half a year, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop is bound to close down . Seems like I was right . ”

To Elder Zhang, the reason why True Fire Weapon Workshop gained more orders for middle-grade spirit weapons must be because Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop had closed down .

“Err… ”

Ge Yong looked awkward .

“Why? What’s wrong?” Elder Zhang could not help but frown and ask when he saw the odd expression on Ge Yong’s face .

Ge Yong answered honestly, “Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop did not close down . They merely changed to customizing superior-grade spirit weapons instead of middle-grade spirit weapons . ”


Elder Zhang’s expression changed slightly as he asked, “Wasn’t Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop unable to customize superior-grade spirit weapons? Why are they suddenly able to do it?”

“I have no idea as well,” Ge Yong shook his head .

Pondering for a moment, Elder Zhang asked again, “What’s their asking price?”

Ge Yong replied, “3,000 superior-grade spirit stones . ”

Enlightened, Elder Zhang scoffed coldly, “No wonder all our business has been stolen! They pushed the price so low! Pass down orders that from today on, the price for customizing superior-grade spirit weapons at True Fire Weapon Workshop will be at 3,000 superior-grade spirit stones as well!”


Ge Yong hesitated .

“Why are you stuttering?”

Elder Zhang berated, “Just say whatever you want to say!”

Ge Yong cupped his fists . “Elder Zhang, pardon me for being blunt . Even if we lower our price to 3,000 superior-grade spirit stones, we won’t be able to compete against Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop . ”

“Why? You don’t believe in my weapon refinement skills?” Elder Zhang’s gaze turned fierce with a tinge of anger .

Ge Yong said softly, “Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop only requires a single set of materials to customize superior-grade spirit weapons as well . ”


Elder Zhang slammed the table and stood up . His expression changed drastically as disbelief filled his eyes .

“That’s impossible!” Elder Zhang kept shaking his head .

Even if he were to do it personally, he would need at least ten sets of materials to guarantee the refinement of a superior-grade spirit weapon .

However, Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop only required a single set of materials?

While the difference between middle-grade and superior-grade spirit weapons was a single spirit pattern, that one pattern stumped most Weapon Refinement Masters .

An additional spirit pattern meant that the chances of failure for spirit gathering would increase immensely . How could someone guarantee a 100% success rate of refining superior-grade spirit weapons with just a single set of materials?

Ge Yong said with a bitter smile, “Elder Zhang, we can’t continue like this . The impact on our weapon workshop is too great . ”

“What’s the background of this person? Have you investigated him?” Elder Zhang suddenly asked .

Ge Yong replied, “I’ve been investigating, but there’s no accurate news . ”

“Shadow, come out!”

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Elder Zhang ordered suddenly .

“Squeak, squeak!”

In the shadows behind him, a rat that was the height of half a man ran out . It was pitch-black and had cunningly cold eyes . As it squeaked, it bared its sharp teeth that were like knives!

Ge Yong was shocked .

This was a Foundation Establishment spirit demon, an ancient remnant beast, Shadow Rat . Elusive and mysterious, it was best at sneaking and specialized in assassinations!

“Shadow, infiltrate Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop tonight and don’t expose your tracks! I want to find out who this Mo Ling is . ”

A vicious glint shone in Elder Zhang’s eyes as he said slowly, “If you get a chance, kill that person to eliminate our future worries!”

The Shadow Rat answered and turned around before disappearing .

In the capital, ordinary cultivators were forbidden from Sword Kinesis Flight as well as fighting .

However, it wasn’t an absolute without loopholes .

As long as there was no massive fluctuation in spirit energy, one could naturally evade the detection of the capital’s guards .

Nighttime .

Su Zimo sat in his room silently as usual, refining the essence energy of the dragon egg .

Night Spirit was sprawled beside him .

At midnight, Su Zimo felt something and frowned, opening his eyes .

Almost at the same time, Night Spirit moved and listened intently .

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After a while, a cold glint flashed in Night Spirit’s eyes . Walking out of the room silently, it headed to a corner at the edge of the wall and hid itself inside a shadow .

Su Zimo could see everything clearly . Even though Night Spirit’s eyes were opened, its eyes, body and surroundings were integrated with the darkness of the night completely without a single flaw .

If Su Zimo had not seen Night Spirit heading over personally, he would not have believed it .

Before long, a small head popped out of the top of the wall, surveying the surroundings and the courtyard with a pair of shifty eyes .

The Shadow Rat felt a sense of uneasiness but it could not discover anything unusual .

After a moment of hesitation, it retreated from the wall .

Night Spirit was still hidden in the shadow of the night at the corner of the wall motionlessly with a cold gaze, seemingly waiting for something .

True enough!

After a long time, the Shadow Rat appeared at the top of the wall again!

It had not left and was merely being cautious by probing the situation within the wall .

When it discovered that there were no dangers, the Shadow Rat relaxed and slid down the wall slowly .

The moment it landed on the ground, Night Spirit darted out and appeared in front of the Shadow Rat in the blink of an eye .

A cold, sharp claw appeared silently, piercing the Shadow Rat’s flesh .

The Shadow Rat panicked and wanted to shout .

A black light flashed through the skies .


There was a crisp sound .

The head of the Shadow Rot was pierced by a sharp spike and its eyes dimmed!

That spike was Night Spirit’s tail .

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It was still a flawless hunt!

The Shadow Rat could not resist at all!

Throughout the entire process, Night Spirit was filled with a strong killing aura that was pure and cold .

Picking up the Shadow Rat with its mouth, Night Spirit passed through the courtyard to Jishui River . It swayed its head gently and tossed the corpse of the Shadow Rat into the river, causing a ripple to spring up before disappearing .

The flesh of an ancient remnant beast was not attractive to Night Spirit at all!

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes, seemingly in thought as he smirked .

That Shadow Rat was clearly sent by someone .

“Can’t take it anymore huh?”

True Fire Weapon Workshop .

Elder Zhang and Ge Yong did not sleep for the entire night .

Until daybreak, the Shadow Rat did not appear .

There was a hint of fatigue on Elder Yu’s face, as if he had aged ten years overnight .

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and waved . “Go back and rest . Shadow is dead . ”


Ge Yong also realized that if Shadow had not returned by now, it was most likely dead .

Elder Zhang walked out of the room and looked in the direction of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop . The coldness in his eyes intensified as he muttered, “Mo Ling, a tall tree attracts the wind . Let’s see how long more you can survive!”




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