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Chapter 437: 437

Chapter 437: Not Allowing Others to Live Too?

Unknown Fox spoke with an indifferent tone, as if he was merely mentioning a matter of no significance .

He then flatly added, “With the God race and the Demon race presiding over them, there were several dozens of different races that had gathered upon the Black Demon Star . Among them, there were over one hundred Golden Immortals and more than one thousand True Immortals, along with thousands of Heavenly Immortals . As for the Mahayana, Sufferance, Convergence, and Yuan Spirit legionnaires, they numbered more than several dozen millions . ”

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist was left at a loss for words at that .

“When he saw the situation for himself, our master was beside himself with worry and he said that if these vermin were allowed to reach the homeworld, there was no question that it would fall, and the billions of people living upon it would hence be utterly slaughtered and enslaved… and that is why our master made a stand . ”

Unbeknownst to him, the way Unknown Fox addressed Jiang He had seen a change as well .

Before this, he had always addressed Jiang He as ‘my lord’ .

Now, however, he addresses Jiang He as ‘master’ instead .

One reason for that was because Jiang He had displayed his exceedingly powerful combat ability and talent .

Indeed, Unknown Fox would even be totally willing to address Jiang He as ‘daddy’, let alone ‘master’ .

Moreover, Dumbo, Trumbo, and the others persistently addressed Jiang He as ‘master’ every single day, and even Hu Mei was no exception . As such, Unknown Fox would appear to stand out a little if he alone were to address Jiang He as ‘my lord’ .

And now, ignoring the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist’s reaction, Unknown Fox continued, “At the time, Master had been observing the Black Demon Star from outer space . Then, the White Sky God King of the God race appeared to have sensed something, which was why Master decided to make a move and avoid alerting the entire legion . Hence, he launched his attack right after he had eaten dinner . ”

“Then, Master…”

“What did you just say?”

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist cut Unknown Fox short at that, and asked with a doubtful tone, “I don’t think I caught it clearly, but were you talking about… the White Sky God King?”

“That is indeed correct . ”

Unknown Fox nodded .

That in turn left the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist exclaiming in shock, “The White Sky God King, who is the personal disciple of the God race’s Ruler himself, and a God who was honored with the title of God King even if he had yet to reach that level… that same White Sky God King who was encircled and attacked by a dozen other top-level Golden Immortals but survived, and could even fight a Grand Luo directly while walking away unscathed? That White Sky God King?”

Unknown Fox nodded and said, “In addition, the Demon race had also sent another one of their champions . I think he was called Modolo or something, and he was no weakling either…”


The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist felt as if he was going out of his mind soon even as he shrieked, “I heard about him too! He is the personal disciple of the Ancestor of the Demon Race, and he was an equal match for the White Sky God King when it came to abilities… but do you mean to say that both the White Sky God King and Modolo were here? But… but…”

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist felt as if the number of times he had been shocked throughout the course of his life was not as great as the number of times he had been shocked today .

Looking around him, he asked, “Given that both the White Sky God King and Modolo were here, did they not make any effort to stop Jiang He? With their power that not even Grand Luo could best, how could a mere True Immortal like Jiang He be a match for them?”

“I do apologize . ”

Unknown Fox gave the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist a look and said, “You might not be aware of this, Ten Thousand Swords Daoist, but my master has already ascended to the realm of Golden Immortals… moreover, he did not become your usual weak novice Golden Immortal, but became a full-fledged Golden immortal instead . ”

“That is impossible!”

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist squealed at that .

His voice had actually changed .

It was no different from having someone grab him by the vocal chords and he actually sounded a little like an old eunuch as he was unable to hold back from exclaiming, “He was only a full-fledged True Immortal just days ago, and showed no signs of ascension at all… Even if he did manage to ascend, how could he cultivate up to the realm of full-fledged Golden Immortal in just a few days?”

“I myself had cultivated over 6,000 years, and had reached the realm of Golden Immortals more than 2,000 years ago . ”

“After cultivating diligent for 4,000 years, I still remain just a hair’s breadth away from full-fledged Golden Immortal… in comparison, Jiang He was only a True Immortal cultivator just a few days ago! How did he manage to step into the realm of full-fledged Golden Immortal in the matter of days?”

Unknown Fox appeared a little unnerved at that as well .

Shaking his head, he said, “I do not know . ”

Even though he had tried to put up an expression of indifference on purpose, there was astonishment lingering deeper in his eyes .

That was so true!

He himself had cultivated for over 3,000 years .

And now…

He was still a True Immortal and had yet to reach Golden Immortal .

How did his master managed to achieve that in just a matter of days… .


If others did not know, how was he supposed to know?


A matter of days, my foot!

Back when Jiang He had left, he was still a True Immortal .

But when he returned after the battle was over, he was already a full-fledged Golden Immortal .

The entire process lasted for just over four hours!

Even so, four hours?

When an average full-fledged True Immortal ascended up to Golden Immortal and weathered the Longevity Retribution while gaining enlightenment in Dao, didn’t they need months or even years to stabilize their cultivation?

That was when an immortal radiance closed in from the distance .

Jiang He was flying toward them .

He had come alone, having pocketed his Farm a long time ago .

He had also caught sight of both the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist and Wang Hou from the distance, and called out to them through acoustics .

“Minister Wang, Brother Ten Thousand Swords…”

He appeared a little surprised and asked, “Why have you two come?”

Both the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist and Wang Hou studied Jiang He for quite a while but held back the questions in their heads, with the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist speaking first . “Mister Jiang . It turns out that Minister Wang was worried that something would happen to you…”

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist then spoke briefly about how Wang Hou had approached him .

Jiang He was actually a little moved .

Even so, he was not a man who was good with sappy words of gratitude, and so he quickly said, “Many thanks, though it turns out that the legion of the Hundred Races Alliance was only all talk . I was just worried that they would disturb my peaceful lifestyle after they invade Earth, which was why I decided to attack first, striking preemptively to snuff out any elements of unrest in its cradle under my own initiative . ”


Both the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist and Wang Hou were unsure of how to start just then .

Judging from the way you have put it…

It sounds so simple and relaxed!

But it was the Hundred Races Alliance!

Why do they sound no different from maggots from the way you’ve described them?

And yet, reality actually turned out to be the case .

On the other hand, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist could not help asking, “Did you ascend up to Golden Immortal, Mister Jiang?”

Jiang He nodded .

“And full-fledged Golden Immortal at that?”

Jiang He nodded once more .

Taking a deep breath, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist asked yet another question, “Even so… you and I had only met days ago, and you were just True Immortal at the time… how did you managed to ascend just like that?”

However, was that question not a little too mentally handicapped?

Jiang He shot the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist a speechless look and said, “Of course I had to ascend—there was no way I could have defeated the Hundred Races Alliance if I did not ascend . ”


There was no way you could defeat the Hundred Races Alliance if you did not ascend?

And that was why you ascended?

This is so… . !

The Ten Thousand Swords Daoist was left at a loss for words .

Would it have been possible for me to ascend just because I f*cking wanted to ascend as well?!

Still, reluctant to give up, he pressed, “That being said, it was only a matter of days… how did you manage to ascend from full-fledged True Immortal to full-fledged Golden Immortal?”

“Well, about that…”

Jiang He was getting a little irritated at that .

How many thousand years old was this Ten Thousand Swords Daoist? Why did he keep asking this and that like some paparazzi?

Did he not know that people had privacy?

Be that as it may, scolding the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist on the spot would definitely be a little heartless, especially since the man did follow Wang Hou and had traveled through an entire planetary system to come and ‘save’ him . Still, Jiang He was not about to reveal the information about his Farm and Farm Points, and so he spoke with a rather rhetorical tone after musing to himself for a while, “Maybe… there is a difference in the physical disposition between different people?”

“Each time I ascended up to a new realm, I would directly rocket up to become a full-fledged individual of the new realm . It actually denies me the chance to experience the simple process of cultivation too… Sigh!”

The helpless sigh left the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist stumbling three steps backward, clutching his chest and holding his hand over his mouth, his eyes becoming a little red .

Beside him, Wang Hou promptly put away all the questions he had in mind at Jiang He’s answer .

He was just about to ask how Jiang He had managed to defeat over a hundred Golden Immortals all by himself, but decided to give up after some thought—he was afraid that the Yuan Spirit he had just managed to cultivate would be unable to bear it .

Still, that did not mean that Jiang He would not reveal that information even if he did not ask .

Sighing, Jiang He said, “Actually… I was definitely acting impulsively this time . That White Sky God King of the God race and Modolo of the Demon race proved so powerful that, if I had not ascended in a critical moment and consumed a treasure to strengthen my combat abilities… I would at best have killed up to five Golden Immortals this time before they killed me, instead of managing to kill around ninety of them while maiming and forcing both Modolo and the White Sky God King to escape . ”

Both Wang Hou and the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist were left speechless .

Seemingly not noticing the look on the other two men’s faces, Jiang He continued, “By the way, aside from the Golden Immortal Demons and Gods who fled along with Modola and the White Sky God King, I allowed twentyish Golden Immortals to flee . After all, both Modolo and the White Sky God King did flee in the face of danger and could be considered deserters, not to mention that they had ignored the fate of the Golden Immortals belonging to lesser races to ensure their own safety . Once those Golden Immortals from lesser races spread the word, neither the God race nor the Demon race would have an easy time . ”

That was when the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist took a deep breath and suppressed the astonishment within . “That might not be certain,” he said . “Even if those Golden Immortals from lesser races manage to make it back, they probably would not dare to spread the news about that matter . ”

“Even if word gets out, who among those lesser races would have the guts to complain?”

“The other Golden Immortals from lesser races are dead anyway . ”

“In fact, hundreds of True Immortals, thousands of Heavenly Immortals, and dozen millions of soldiers sent out by dozens of races in equal portion would actually be an acceptably loss for each race . However, if either the God race or Demon race create trouble, it is basically no different from extinction for the lesser races . ”


Jiang He’s mouth hung wide open and he spaced out for a moment .

Abruptly slapping himself on the head in slight regret, he murmured through clenched teeth, “Damn it! If I had known that would happen, I should have killed a few more Golden Immortals . I’m eating my words because I had let them go for no reason… would I, Jiang He, not become a joke among worlds once word of this gets out? Everyone would hence assume that I am not a man of my word . ”


Wang Hou blinked, and asked uncertainly, “Jiang He, what do you mean by ‘eat your words’? Could you perhaps have made a deal with the Golden Immortals of those lesser races?”

“I do not even know who they are—how are we supposed to cut a deal?”

Jiang He shook his head and flashed a pained smile . “Actually, I said something quite fearsome before the fight, insisting that I would kill them all without exception . However, I did not end up killing everyone, so doesn’t that mean I am eating my words?”


Wang Hou chuckled .

What the hell!

This is called eating your words, too?!

Are you actually worried that the Golden Immortals from lesser races which you had spared would spread slander and rumors?

Would they not be scared to death instead?

Even as those thoughts crossed Wang Hou’s mind, Jiang He’s eyes shifted toward him and studied him closely for several seconds, before he exclaimed in surprise, “Minister Wang… did you ascend?”

“Yeah . ”

Wang Hou smiled and said, “After several days of seclusion and cultivation, I did manage to improve a little . It’s not worth mentioning, though . ”

Still, he was feeling a little smug inside .

You may be a deviant, Jiang He, whose cultivation would change on a different day…

But I, Wang Hou, am not that shabby either .

Before this, Paragon in martial arts was the pinnacle . Even so, I had managed to open a path for martial arts, and this is certainly a feat that would lose out to no other person .

And yet, even before he could further delude himself, he heard Jiang He praised him, “Not bad, not bad! It seems that you’ve ascended with great progress and gained considerably, have you not, Minister Wang?”

“Still, why do I have the feeling that you are a little stronger than an average Golden Immortal? I even estimate that I would need eighty percent of my strength to ensure that I could take you down instantly with a single strike of my sword . ”


Wang Hou’s face turned green at once .

And it was only after seeing that reaction from Wang Hou that Jiang He realized he had spoken out of turn .

“No, no, no!”

“Me and my big mouth… I am too blunt and often speak erroneously… I would definitely be have hurt the self-esteem of a big man like Minister Wang because of the way I spoke . I should have said that it would take a full-powered strike from me to instantly kill him, and not eighty percent of my strength—I am doing him a great dishonor with that . ”

Jiang He thought that to himself rebukingly . To clear up the awkward air between them, he promptly extended his hand to point up front and said, “By the way, Minister Wang and Brother Ten Thousand Swords… since you are both here, why don’t you take some treasures with you? You would not have made a meaningless trip, at least . ”

There were still many corpses of True Immortals and Heavenly Immortals, as well as their mystic treasures floating around them .

Jiang He was not that interested in those things, whereas both the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist and Wang Hou became excited .


There were at least two to three hundred True Immortal corpses and two to three thousand Heavenly Immortal corpses . Leaving aside their prized treasures and mystic treasures that were left floating in outer space, those very corpses held the value of entire cities .

Grinning broadly, both men hence went off to join in the treasure retrieval party, while Jiang He took out the immortal-grade pavilion with a flip of his hand . Taking out a teapot, and the Elder Tea Leaves of Enlightenment, he strode inside the building and had a sip of tea .

Watching as Wang Hou and the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist joined in the treasure retrieval party, Dumbo’s eyes immediately went red and barked loudly, “Put your backs into it, everyone! Collect the treasures as fast as you can!”

“Why the hell are you dragging your feet over there, Unknown Fox?”

“Your cultivation is higher than us, so go up front to pick up what you can . The shockwaves from the battle are already dying down, and the godly arts that remain would not be a lethal threat to you! What the heck are you so spooked about?”

“All of you, get me at least fifty corpses . If you cannot do that much, none of you are going home!”

Jiang He could not help but laugh .

Fifty? Did that dog still did not know how to count even now?



Far away in distant space, warp radiance had suddenly lit up on a certain mediocre living planet, with many figures stepping out from within the warp portal .

The Eight Immortals grouped together, with Lü Dongbin checking on a star map and saying, “According to this progress, we would be able to return to the homeworld in three days at most . ”

They had been changing portals without stopping after rushing all the way there . These immortals who had returned from the celestial battlefield as reinforcements did not once take a break .

That was when one of the Golden Immortal Foxes of Green Hill invoked a mystic treasure with the wave of his hand, which turned out to be a grotto-heaven .

The True Immortal Foxes and Heavenly Immortal Foxes of Green Hill all climbed inside the mystic treasure .

After that, five out of the six Golden Immortal Foxes also went inside .

The single white-haired Golden Immortal Fox who remained collected the mystic treasure with a wave of his hand . Leaning on a crutch that was actually a premium-grade immortal item, he went to stand before Lü Dongbin and said, “To tell the truth, Pure Yang Immortal Swordsman… something has happened my clan . ”

“Out fellow clan foxes who had remained on the homeworld had been wiped out to the last fox, and every champion we had sent to return to the homeworld before suffered terrible casualties . ”

“As such, I shall return to the homeworld alone ahead first . ”

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This Golden Immortal Fox was actually adept at spatial shifting techniques .

Moreover, he was bestowed a treasure by the Grand Luo of his own clan, and spared no expense in requesting a demi-Saint in crafting a super long distance teleportation jade charm . He would go on ahead, and would definitely make it back to the homeworld quicker than the other immortals, who were relying on the warp portals .

There was a twitch on Lü Dongbin’s face then, whereas the other immortals were all left stunned .

One of them exclaimed, “What actually happened? The Foxes of Green Hill that remained on the homeworld are not a weak clan—how could they be wiped out? Could the Hundred Races Alliance have actually succeeded in laying siege to Earth?”

The Daemon Fox shook his head and replied, “The Hundred Races Alliance must have yet to conquer our homeworld . According to what I know, the one who wiped out the legacy of Green Hill was a young human who rose through the ranks from the homeworld . That was why our clan had sent forth six Golden Immortals, a hundred True Immortals, and a thousand Heavenly Immortals, for we aim to track him down and resolve our differences . ”

He did not withhold anything…

Not that he needed to .

Though it was possible that Lü Dongbin and the other human elites might try to stop him…

Even so…

The clan of Green Hill Foxes had resolved themselves on their will to kill .

Whoever stood in their way would therefore be an enemy .

In addition, this grudge was one amounting to clan genocide for Green Hill Foxes, which was why even if Lü Dongbin had caught the term ‘young human’, he was not sure what to say right then even if he wanted to protect that human .


Without sparing another word, the old Daemon Fox promptly straightened his hand and draw a line into thin air .


A spatial rift hence appeared before everyone’s eyes, while he leapt inside the spatial rift .


At the same time .

The coordinates of the former Black Demon Star in the Sky Demon Planetary System .

The corpses and mystic treasures floating amidst the stars were finally cleared away .

Stepping out of the immortal-grade pavilion, Jiang He smiled, “Well, it does count as a major victory this time . When we get home, I can finally sleep in peace and manage my farm… oh, yes, I just remembered the mutated ginseng seeds I bought last time . I should prepare to cultivate those and see if I could grow some ten-thousand-year ginseng… why don’t we seize the moment and return as soon as we can?”

“Very well . ”

Wang Hou was all smiles and nodded in agreement .

He was amply rewarded .

In total, he had picked up over 140 True Immortal corpses and more than 500 Heavenly Immortal corpses . Aside from those, he had also collected over 800 immortal items of various grade, along with numerous Spatial Rings .

It was the same for the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist as well .

This was…

An overwhelming profit!

As a matter of fact, his gains did not lose out to Wang Hou by much .

In comparison, Dumbo’s canine eyes were going white from glaring .

What the f*ck .

Those two fools were as powerful as they were quick, and had basically fished away half of the remaining corpses and mystic treasure .

Its canine heart was pretty much bleeding .

“By the way, both of you could make an inventory of your own respective treasures, and exchange the immortal crystals you have collected… at a price that is satisfaction guaranteed,” Jiang He said, and invoked his immortal-grade pavilion again . After allowing Wang Hou, the Ten Thousand Swords Daoist, Unknown Fox, Dumbo, and the others to all enter, he himself cast teleport to return to Earth while bring along the pavilion .

It was the eighth of April by the time Jiang He made it back to Earth .

It had taken him four whole days for the round trip to and from the Sky Demon Planetary System .

Luckily, he had ultimately resolved the problem and did not have to live his days warily from now on .

After resting for a day, Wang Hou visited Jiang He at his house on the ninth of April .

He was grinning broadly and took out a Spatial Ring, saying, “Jiang He, I have tidied up and categorized the treasures I collected . There are more than three hundred and eighty thousand immortal crystals inside, and I brought every last one here . ”

“Three hundred and eighty thousand…”

“Thirty-eight times one point five… well, I could round it out for you and give you 700,000 immortal crystals to complete the deal . ”

“What are you doing, Jiang He?”

Wang Hou quickly waved his hand, exclaiming, “You were the one who killed all those people . Moreover, I had already claimed a large sum of treasures and immortal items—how is it acceptable for me to keep taking your immortal crystals?”

“Not a problem . ”

Jiang He waved him off in return with a grin . “Right now, immortal arts have yet to be popularized among the Hua Nation . As more citizens assume that path in the future, they would need to use immortal crystals, spirit stones, and mystic treasures… Moreover, with my current strength, things like immortal crystals are merely an attachment, but it does my cultivation no good at all . ”

In the end, Wang Hou was forced to accept since Jiang He insisted on giving .

He was left a little muddleheaded .

After all… he had merely made a trip to Jiang He’s house, and his 380,000 plus immortal crystals had become 700,000???

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Be that as it may, his face twitched just then and he promptly casted a secret technique . Linking himself with the Star Map, an ocean of stars appeared within his gaze, making it appear incredibly mystical .

Soon, Wang Hou opened his eyes and exclaimed somberly, “Oh, no! Jiang He, someone is coming!”

“I can sense the aura of an exceedingly powerful Golden Immortal entering the solar system . His killing intent is very potent, and he is approaching earth by casting a spatial shifting technique…”


Shocked, Jiang He rose to his feet and invoked his Golden Radiance Sword with a wave of his hand, and flew towards outer space with it in his grasp .

Even as he flew, he was cursing through clenched teeth, “Damn it, could it be Modolo and the White Sky God King, both of whom have stubbornly refusing to change their minds and are coming to ambush Earth instead?”

Wang Hou took to the skies as well, keeping up behind Jiang He himself .

Going all out, Jiang He had promptly gulped down a Strengthened Mutated Pepper .


A frightening aura erupted away from Jiang He’s body .

“Minister Wang, you locate him while I try to blindside him . We absolutely cannot allow him to enter Earth, or there would be terrible casualties if he self-destructs or if we fail to take him down immediately . ”

“Very well!”

Wang Hou responded with a grave look . “At the moment, I could utilize more of the Star Map’s authority, even suppressing him briefly with it . When you attack, try to take him down instantly with your sword… otherwise, if the many planets around Earth are blown up excessively, that would affect Earth as well . ”

In fact, Wang Hou was panicking a little when he sensed the frightening aura spilling from Jiang He’s body .

Damn it!

You may look fierce and intimidating, but don’t you blow up all the planets near Earth if you failed to cut down your target . If that was so, everyone would lose more than whatever they could gain .

“Don’t worry, Minister Wang . ”

Jiang He answered Wang Hou with assurance .

Golden Immortal?

He was going all out and had even eaten a pepper . Beating up a Golden Immortal would be a simple matter, would it not?

That was, unless…

The visitors proved to be the whale gamers that were Modolo and the White Sky God King .


“The homeworld!”

In outer space, the elderly Golden Immortal Fox with ashen-gray hair was powering forward .

Casting his spatial shift technique without end, he was getting every closer to Earth .

However, the closer he was to earth, the clearer he could sense it through his secret bloodline technique…

That every last Green Hill Foxes on Earth was killed .


They were not all killed .

It seems that one remained .

Even so, that young human must have enslaved our clans’ young one…

The old Daemon Fox could not help imagine scenes of the young one being tortured, and his killing intent promptly thickened .

“Damn it!”

“How dare that young human wipe out the Green Hill Foxes and our legacy . I would definitely skin and pluck out your bones, extracting your soul and tormenting it for ten thousand years…”


“Jiang He, dead ahead…”

Jiang He had already advanced deep among the stars .

On the other hand, Wang Hou had landed on the moon .

With his control over the Star Map, he used it as a medium to communicate with Jiang He through acoustics, saying, “That fellow is moving too fast, and is killing intent is exceedingly concentrated . Be that as it may, I am unable to fully locate his aura, and could only find out the general direction of where he could be…”

“You do not have to check his aura . ”

Jiang He replied . “It has to be an enemy, given that their killing intent is that concentrated… anything could wait after I cut him once with my sword .

As a matter of fact, Jiang He was absolutely furious .

This is so… outrageous!

He had just managed to get home last night, but even before he could take some time out and have a good rest, why was someone dashing here, looking for him to start some trouble?

And they had even issued a ultimatum of life or death?