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Chapter 139

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 139: Not Me But My Son?! – 7

When Kang MiRae opened her eyes again, she was in an Abandoned World .

“Hi, kind noona!”

In front of her eyes was a young child that had an adorable outlook, he looked rather familiar . Mir was looking at her with his two round eyes, when Kang MiRae came to herself, she recognized him and greeted him .

“Hello, Mir . ”

Yumir, the monster that Yu IlHan raises, and probably cherishes too much . And also, the one that looked like Ilhan too much . However, when she looked at him for a long time, he spoke while turning his head around as if embarrassed .

“I think that noona is gonna die soon . ”
“Ugu, hagu, hugu…… . !”
“Huh? Ah!”

Kang MiRae finally realized that she was embracing Na YuNa tightly . She had dragged her towards herself due to the fear of getting separated while being transported through the gate, but it seemed that she had lost her consciousness on her way here .
And that was probably also why Na YuNa was suffering too, because she was grabbing onto her too tightly .

“Sorry . ”

“Cough, cough cough…… . . ”

When Kang MiRae let go, Na YuNa coughed as she beat her ample chest . Kang MiRae felt a little angry at her blatant show of femininity, but Yumir looked at Na YuNa’s chest area as if curious . That figure was so cute that she felt better .

“Na YuNa, are you alright?”
“My heart wavered thanks to MiRae’s violent cuddle . I even thought that it would be fine to die like that!”
“Shut up . ”

Kang MiRae pushed Na YuNa aside and looked at the surroundings . Surprisingly, it was a forest with a dense amount of trees .

“You should have realized it the moment ape like monsters came out of the gate . ”
“Don’t read my thoughts . ”

There were no monsters in the surroundings . No, to be exact, there were no enemy monsters around . Including allies, there were: Mir, four wolves that were watching the perimeter, and four ‘people’ who were clearly armed with Yu IlHan-made equipment .

“How did it become like this?”
[Mir hid everyone with his concealment and brought you here . It really is an absurd talent . ] (Erta)

Oh, and one more . There was a mini-sized angel that looked to be around 15 cm tall at most . It was Erta, the delivery girl that came to her on Yu IlHan’s request .
Na YuNa, who also found her, asked curiously .

“Angel-niiim, do you know where Feyta iiiis?”
[I know very well . I killed her . ] (Erta)

Answered Erta in kind .

[That bitch was the traitor in Heaven’s Army that sucked up to the Army of Brilliant Light . The reason you were kidnapped was also due to that bitch’s help, but you were done in like a fool without knowing a thing, weren’t you?] (Erta)

Replied Na YuNa in liveliness before becoming somewhat dejected .

“I thought she was a kind kid……”
“I was instead worried that you trusted that angel too easily . ”

Unlike her naive and air-headed appearance, Na YuNa didn’t trust in others that easily . Due to her innate beauty, she had met with blatant greed and lust from her childhood . If it wasn’t for her family, she wouldn’t have been able to grow up while remaining purely .

However, she had believed in Feyta . Despite it being Kang MiRae, who knew her better than anyone else, she found it hard to believe .

“But she’s an angel . ”

Was Na YuNa’s answer . Kang MiRae sighed, and Erta smiled bitterly .

[I apologize for not being able to provide you with unconditional trust . Humans are supposed to trust in the angels, and angels are suppose to deliver on the trust…… this is the natural relationship, but from some time ago, it’s been going wrong . ] (Erta)

Na YuNa looked towards Erta before whispering to Kang MiRae with a worried tone .

“Can I believe in this angel-nim?”
“You can . ”

Kang MiRae said in a confident voice .

“This angel is sent by IlHa…… Mr . Yu IlHan . ”

Na YuNa looked at Kang MiRae with inexplicable eyes, and Kang MiRae blushed a little and avoided her gaze . Erta thought that they got along nicely while watching the two .

[If you came to yourself, then let’s move . The gate has closed, and this world was isolated . You will not be able to go back to the worlds you were connected to . As such, we need to hold out until we can open the gate back to Earth . ] (Erta)
“When can we do that?”

Kang MiRae asked while palming her forehead after confirming that she could indeed not move to the world she was connected to . Erta replied in a bright voice .

[There are two problems . First, it is that this world is completely isolated from other worlds, and secondly, it is extremely hard to open a path back to Earth even if it weren’t . ] (Erta)
“I’ll do anything that I can do . What can we do in order to solve those problems?”
[We cannot do anything about the first problem with our power . If there is a definite fact, it is that this world will not stay like this forever . As such, we need to solve the second problem for the time being… . the first problem will naturally resolve itself] (Erta)

Kang MiRae’s vision darkened due to those words . They had to wait an indefinite amount of time until this world was no longer isolated? A lot of things would have happened to Earth by then! Although Kang HaJin was left on the other side, it would be hard for him alone to endure in the changing Earth .

Moreover, if they couldn’t go back for so long, how could she, with that person…

“I think I know . ”

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Just as a certain person’s face was about to be drawn inside Kang MiRae’s head, The innate genius at magic, Yumir, shouted with his hand raised .


Kang MiRae became slightly afraid when hearing Yumir saying that with a bright smile . However, the four armed people that stayed silent until now, shouted in exclamation .

“As expected of the Imperial Prince . ”
“Ah, I’m feeling reassured now . It’s as if I’m with His Majesty himself . ”
“It’s us who need to protect the Imperial Prince . Do you wanna all die?”

It seemed that they were hired in order to protect Yumir . Although she didn’t know why they were treating Yu IlHan’s family like royalty… . . Kang MiRae confirmed with Erta .

“So, what is the method?”
[Massacre . Mir got it right . ] (Erta)
“Wow . Mir is so smart . ”
“Eheheheh . ”

While Na YuNa and Yumir exchanged similar smiles, Kang MiRae, the only unconvinced one here, shouted from the bottom of her heart . Of course, Erta explained in kind .

[As this is an Abandoned World, the angels belonging to the Heaven’s Army cannot use their powers here . However, if we are given an enough number of magic stones, I can create a gate activation magic formation . ] (Erta)
“And how many do you mean by ‘enough number of magic stones’?”
[Using level 130 3rd classes as the standard, around 100 thousand . ] (Erta)

Really, it seemed that they needed to conduct a massacre on the scale of the entire world!

“Fuu… . . Hap . ”

Kang MiRae sighed due to the absurd scale of the magic, before coming to herself and tapping on her own cheeks . It was too early to despair . As long as they had the hope to go back to Earth, she couldn’t stay still .

Yumir was staring at her . Kang MiRae finally remembered that Yumir was grabbing on to her as she was swept into the gate . He, had followed her here in worry . Even though it was unknown whether they could go back or not .

Thinking back, if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t even have known the fact that they were trying to kidnap Na YuNa, and would have been defeated after they entered the gate . It was probably due to that reason that Na YuNa was also off guard against him .

“Mir, thank you . ”
“Yeah . ”

Yumir nodded . Then smiled nonchalantly . Even though the current situation was quite serious, Kang MIRae ended up smiling with him . She thought how good it would be if she had a little brother like him .

With a lightened heart, she opened her mouth .

“Mir, we can go back, right?”

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Yumir nodded confidently and said this . Perhaps Kang MiRae would never forget these words in her lifetime .

“It’s much easier compared to what my dad did! So we can do it!”

And like that, a party comprised of: two humans, four wolves, one dragon, and one angel, started a worldwide hunt .

The first half a year was the hardest . As Yumir’s concealment was not yet perfect, they were sometimes found by monsters, and when they were, they had to desperately clean up those monsters and leave that place as soon as possible . That, repeated countless times within the first half a year .

As the entire world was their enemy, there was no place they could rest easy in . Battle was everyday life, and the longest rest they had amounted to 3 hours .
However, no one complained . All people other than Yumir had experienced their own hell to grow up, and as Yumir had the Resting skill from birth, his condition was the greatest among them all .

Battle continued endlessly . Fortunately, their job distributions were very balanced, and they could win against both a small force of elites, and a large amount of monsters .

Phiria, with her thief-class, took charge of scouting, and the four wolves with the 4th class Flemir at their head, and Mirey who wielded a shield and a greatsword, along with Jirl blocked the monsters at the front, and Pate, who wielded the bow, would control .

Kang MiRae would receive protection from them and clean the battlefield up with strong magic completed with a lot of time, and Na YuNa would strengthen everyone as the priestess .

The greatest fortune was that they had brought a spatial expansion bag from Kang MiRae’s clan . Inside it was full of mana potions which MiRae had acquired from negotiations and threats with numerous alchemy guilds in the world she went to . It wasn’t just ‘full’, it made one wonder if she stole their entire supply!

The group grew rapidly . Among them, Yumir achieved 3rd class the fastest among the 2nd class members, and grew up to look like an 11 year-old from a 7 year-old . The others blessed his growth with a complex mind comprising both happiness and sadness .

“It’s fine since he’s still cute . Although I’ll be a little sad if he grows anymore, it’s still fine since he’s cute . ”

Everyone agreed with Na YuNa’s words . He wasn’t cute because he was young, he was cute because he was Yumir!

Although Yumir was still cute after the growth, his draconic side appeared more along with his class acquisition, and grew stronger . Especially, like his class name, his concealment skills and magic skills were enhanced, and it looked like he was catching up to Yu IlHan .
Erta was tearfully happy to see that, and was shocked to find out then, that she missed Yu IlHan quite dearly .

Ericia acquired her 3rd class after Yumir, and acquired a stronger blessing ability and the overall strength of the wolfkin rose, with the elves achieving 3rd class a little after her . Na YuNa and Kang MiRae also acquired their 3rd classes with no difficulty after some time .
That, took them half a year . There was no need for countless years of harsh training or whatnot . Just suffering in an environment with enemies everywhere would naturally make them into 3rd class beings!

The stronger they got, the stronger Yu IlHan’s equipment got, and some of them became sturdier and stronger even though they didn’t undergo any repairs . They grew along with the record of the user!

However, they couldn’t adapt easily in the Abandoned World just because they became 3rd classes .
The monsters under Destruction Demon Army went around in tens of thousands in order to kidnap Na YuNa, and the group had to undergo countless guerilla warfare until they could massacre such a group . When another group came as reinforcements, they almost despaired .

A hardcore life with 10 minutes of sleep was the basics . Yumir had to try his best in order to include all of his companions into his concealment, and his innate talent along with the harsh environment rapidly raised his concealment skill .

However, a miracle occurred at the point one and a half years passed .

[The skill, Concealment, has become level 90! You are now able to conceal yourself faster and more secretively . ]
[You have earned the title, ‘Big and wide shadow’ . The range of concealment applied to the allies become wider, and the effect rises as well . The effect rises if an ally has a concealment-class ability . ]

Yumir’s new title reversed the situation . As his concealment developed in a way to cover both himself and his party members, he had acquired a title that enhanced such an ability, and that, made the group into attackers from escapees!

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To describe Yumir and co after the title, it could be said that a group of inferior Yu IlHan version 2 . 0s were going around . The monsters had to shiver in fear of being assaulted at any time, and Yumir and co could leisurely conceal themselves after an all out attack .

Of course, it didn’t work so well against 4th class beings, but by that time, they could kill a 4th class being by combining their strength, so it wasn’t that big of a problem . This was excluding the 4th class Flemir!
In other words, Yumir’s party could now fight against two 4th class beings on equal footing .

Did this mean that all 4th class monsters went around in threes or more? Unfortunately, not all monsters were as clever as dragons .

There were less than 100 4th class beings in this world, and they had very large egos, and unlike the dragons, never grouped with other 4th classes . As such, they all vaporized into experience points for Yumir and co, one after the other .

After 2 years passed since their entry into this Abandoned World, their group brought disaster to this world .

Excluding Flemir and two third class wolves that came here, everyone’s level averaged out at 130, and the monsters wished for them to leave, but the group hunted monsters even more proactively .

The Destruction Demon Army and the Army of Brilliant Light beings residing in that world ended up completely giving up . The fact that higher existences couldn’t use their powers applied to them as well .
In the first place, they thought that it would be enough with 4th class monsters, but the presence of Yumir had made everything go wrong . Yes, everything was doomed, completely, and perfectly .

Now, they only wanted to return to their camps . They also couldn’t return because the world was closed . However, as the world was still tightly closed, they could only wait obediently, and in that meanwhile, Yumir and co caused chaos everywhere and were pulling out the roots of monsters from this Abandoned World .

When 9 months passed, the world finally exited its isolation and acquired a possibility to be connected to another world .

The Destruction Demon Army and the Army of Brilliant Light exited first, and Yumir’s group also succeeded in opening a magic formation to go back to Earth by consuming magic stones .

“What do we do, what if Korea already met its doom? Can we really adapt well?”
“What are you worried about when Mr . Yu IlHan is there? Moreover, not to mention Korea, there should be no one who levelled up as fast as us, noooo?”
“That’s true, but… . . ”

Kang MIRae couldn’t stay still now that they were actually returning, but Na YuNa calmed her down with her ever-relaxed attitude .

Other than that, Flemir and the elite wolves sighed in relief as they had managed to protected Ericia safely, while Ericia and the elves also sighed in relief that they had protected Yumir .
Erta was purely happy that she could go back to Earth and meet Yu IlHan, and Yumir was happy, thinking that he had caught up to his father a little .

“Let’s go see dad!”
“Yeah, let’s . ”

Like how they first came to this Abandoned World, Yumir lead everyone .
The group jumped into the gate with chaotic minds including worry and joy, and returned to Earth .

Only 10 days had passed on Earth .

Author’s notes

Like father, like son . 10 days? what happened? Ertawagon anywhere . I thought about writing three or four chapters about Mir’s actions, but compressed it into one as this story is supposed to write about the chronicles of Yu IlHan . If this was an ordinary story, Yumir or Kang MiRae should have been the protagonist… . No matter how OP Mir is, he can’t break through level 100 in one day! I was surprised to see so many people accept that fact… . Thanks for the wait, countdown to 2nd Great Cataclysm!