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Chapter 195

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 195: I Create – 4

Having gazed at the potential of the destruction mirror to his heart’s content, Yu IlHan finally started what he really wanted to do – modifying the five shields that protected him, Aegis .

First, he coated the alloy on Aegis’s surface, and etched a shallow carving, before inlaying a special ink made of 4th class magic stones, feathers of a fallen angel, dragon blood and finally solidifying it .

[My, how pretty . ]

However, that was not the end . The modification process was only complete with another mana crafting after spreading out the remaining ink on the surface and mixing a few more feathers in it .

As it was smaller, and was intended for defensive use, it had inferior destructive power and quantity of mana, but there was a meaning to this since he could shoot down enemies without him moving if it came down to it .

[What are you going to use the destruction mirror for, then?]
“Those are to be installed in the Bittersweet Persona . I need some for personal use, don’t I?”
[Don’t you mean you just want a sidekick?]
“Shaddap . ”

Ignoring Liera who hit bullseye, he went into mass producing the destruction mirror . When he powdered all the feathers from the 4 fallen angels he had killed, he got about 20 liters, and Yu IlHan used up all of them to make exactly 100 destruction mirrors .
Since their diameter was 2 meters, just lining them up would get a 200m lane . Even Liera felt a sense of pressure while looking at them .

[Wow, it’s scary just looking at it…… . It looks like this will be dangerous even for me……?]
“The climax hasn’t begun yet . ”

There was something that was as special as the fallen angel’s feathers, and that was the bones of the fallen angels . Although he had a little difficulty making them into weapons since they didn’t have metallic properties, their absurd regenerative ability was so splendid that Yu IlHan didn’t want to throw them away .

What was even more special that this ‘regenerative ability’ didn’t refer to health, but magic .

“So higher existences are OP overall . ”
[It’s not us that are OP, but that’s the standard for all higher existences . You can’t put them on the same line as lower existences, you know?]

Among the bones, the shoulder blades were the central parts of their skeletal system, and were also organs that connected the wings to the skeleton to ease the realization of their abilities . It was natural that the fallen angel’s abilities had taken a great hit when he destroyed those shoulder blades .

“The most important shoulder blades…… are all broken……”
[Can you please not make an expression that you’ve just lost faith in the world? The reason you were able to kill fallen angels easily in the first place was because you destroyed their shoulder blades!]

Despite that, the bones of the fallen angels had the ability to resonate with their wings, and control them . Then, what did he have to do with this? The answer was simple . Just grind them all and gather them up .

Yu IlHan left a single rib bone and ground all of the rest of the bones into powder and gathered them up . After that, he made a dough-like thing out of it by mixing the flesh of fallen angels and the blood of dragons, before sealing it into a cylindrical barrel made of alloyed metals .

“That’s one done . ”
[What is that for? I thought you were going to make the bones into your weapon…… . You’re not going to eat it, right?]
“Let’s mature that for 3 years and……”


Liera shivered after hearing that and screamed, when Yu IlHan smiled and shook his head .

“I’m not gonna eat it . That’s the final key to completing the destruction mirrors . ”
[Bad guy, Bad guy!]
“The destruction mirrors are great weapons, but it uses up too much energy every time it shoots a beam, so it cannot continue shooting forever . Then, what is the solution? Throw magic stones at it every time it drains? Or wait for it to do some photosynthesis using sunlight? No . We need to use the overflowing mana within the mansion . ”
[Then this barrel is… . . ?]
“It will be done soon . Look forward to it . It will be quite a sight . ”

Yu IlHan repeated that process to make a total of 20 barrels, and used 4th class magic stones to make them into artifacts . After that, he placed them all together with the destruction mirrors and commenced mana crafting . This was a large piece of work that required him to use more than half of his remaining 4th class magic stones, 2,000 of them to be exact .

[Did you even calculate how much mana those magic stones will emit at the same time? I’d rather spend magic stones every time rather than spending so much now!]
“Look further ahead, Liera . ”

He smiled while commencing mana crafting without the slightest bit of hesitation .

“We can’t just stop at Earth . ”
[If you are that greedy, you’re really going to fail…… Ugyaaaaaaah!]

Light shot out . Seeing an overwhelming amount of light that filled the mansion and still had leftovers, Liera was shocked, thinking if this was really a phenomenon created by a lower existence, while Yu IlHan calmly harmonized the mana that looked like it would sweep over his body, and lead it in the correct direction .


Liera could only laugh while seeing Yu IlHan leading mana as if he was conducting an orchestra .

Since when could he wield mana so well? Liera knew that he had talent, but still, it hadn’t even been 3 years since he started wielding it .
However, he was currently having little difficulties in controlling mana that was enough to decimate an entire country, to make a single artifact . He was showing much more proficient control over mana than her, who only knew how to gather mana and destroy enemies .

Twenty barrels and hundred mirrors were exchanging energy while facing each other according to the lead of the magic stones . The wings and bones that were originally one, but now apart, were now being connected again, just in a different form .

An unknown amount of time passed since the light overwhelmed their vision . Just when Yu IlHan spent all the mana in the magic stones and continued using his own mana as all of that was still insufficient, was about to consider drinking mana potions, the light finally started dying down .

[Hundred Eyes is complete . ]

Finally, a sentence that made Yu IlHan think of success, came up in his retina . Looking at the mirror and barrels that were emitting faint black auras, and were vibrating a little, he carefully called out the information on the weapon .

[Hundred Eyes]
[Rank – Chaos]
[Attack power – 8,800(Increases according to location installed, and according to enemy faced)]
[Durability – 316,000/316,000]

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[Options –
1 . Once every 24 hours, it is possible to shoot towards one target for 30 seconds, ignoring the remaining mana .
2 . Grows permanently by absorbing the mana of killed enemies .
3 . Automatically recovers durability by consuming stored mana when durability drops . ]
[The destruction mirrors, which are frightening weapons on their own, were mass produced, and was enhanced with devices to periodically supply energy and enhance the power, was created as a masterpiece to overcome the record of a world . The only disadvantage is that it may not be able to use the full power if not installed in the proper location . ]

Checking the information, Yu IlHan spoke with a sigh of relief .

“Good, for now I got Chaos . ”
[For now……? You just made a weapon that is even suitable to be installed in the front line bases of Heaven’s Army and ‘for now’……?]
“The real challenge starts here . ”

Checking that his artifact was successfully made, the smile never left his lips . However, the toast of victory wouldn’t be too late for after the flying fortress was successfully completed! Yu IlHan endured his desires to test out the Hundred Eyes, and put them inside his inventory . He still had some work to do .

He spent around 500 4th class magic stones to create various stuff like additional arms, and traps on the walls and inside of the fortress, and only after his many 4th class stones were reduced to around 1,300, did his work end . By this time, there was only 2 days left in the barrier duration .

“Well then . ”
[Are you going to make something else? Oh, there was personal equipment, wasn’t there?]
“Let’s rest . ”

Liera was as shocked as if she had just heard that Yu IlHan was not a virgin . These two shared similarities in that they were not possible .

[Rest? You’re lying, right? You said you didn’t need any . ]
“I said I didn’t need one, but I never said I don’t want one . Since I finished everything I have to do within this period, it will be fine if I give myself some reward . Rest is the best entertainment, after all . ”

While Liera became speechless at the words ‘rest is entertainment’, which would normally be said by higher existences, Yu IlHan headed to the bath in the mansion after exiting the workshop he worked in for 2 months . Then, he took out the Giant Bucket, which he had also worked with for the past two months, and poured hot water in it .

After the water levels became suitable, Yu IlHan boldly threw away his clothes and jumped in . However, just as when he was feeling a sense of strange satisfaction due to the resonance of the bucket and the water, Liera very naturally took off her clothes and came into the bucket .

[I can enter too, right?]
“You’re already here though!”
[Yup, it’s too late even if you say no . ]

Liera always learned the bad things off Yu IlHan, such as making wrongs into rights, and being stubborn . Yu IlHan had to try his best to not eye the body that had a violent volume, which would probably quantify as 100,000 attack power if it was even quantifiable .

“Don’t you have any shame? Even blood related sisters don’t do that . ”
[It’s fine since I’m not blood related . ]
“That’s even worse!”

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Even though he was confident that he knew a lot about her, she made him panic from time to time with unpredictable actions like these .

[Huhihi . ]
“Don’t make strange laughs . You sounds like Miss YuNa . ”
[Ah, so refreshing!]

Yu IlHan barely held himself from staring at the blond hair that looked more vibrant due to the water .

From his estimations, Liera was treating him too closely, and that was because her emotions were going berserk due to having forgotten them for a long time . Though, what was actually happening, was that Liera was thinking about how to surpass Na YuNa naturally and take the lead once more . Only Yu IlHan himself was making weird hypotheses .

‘This dumb angel must not know how her frightening chest makes a man think . ’

Well, it was like him to think that Liera had no feelings beyond those of close comrades .

Precisely because he confirmed Na YuNa’s feelings, the conviction that there was no way there would be two that liked him, was pervading his mind . Truly dumb .

[You should look at me since we’re in together!]
“Hey, at least disarm yourself if you are going to enter a bath that someone’s already in . Unless you disarm yourself, I’m not keeping any etiquettes . ”
[Arm? I’m not armed at all? Look, I’m in my birth state other than the wings . ]
“That’s what I call armed . So you shouldn’t have come in at all . ”
[You’re too much!]

Even while grumbling, Liera was all smiles . She knew that Yu IlHan couldn’t chase her out despite all that he said . She liked the not-honest Yu IlHan . Of course, Yu IlHan couldn’t calm down at all .

“No matter how close we are, there’s a limit to how close a man and a woman can be… . . ”
[IlHan, it’s alright, right?]

Liera threw a completely sudden question to Yu IlHan just as he was grumbling . However, Yu IlHan understood her question, and was more upset because of that .

“Aren’t you changing topics too nonchalantly now? And with a sneaky tactic, too?”
[It really is alright, right?]

Yu IlHan grumbled that Liera learned only the bad things off other people when she asked again . However, he replied in a more serious voice this time .

“Yes, it’s alright . ”

Liera suddenly assaulted Yu IlHan in this small bucket and hugged him!
The smooth and voluptuous body that made him feel awkward just by looking, was instantly drawn closer to him and stuck on to him . Yu IlHan couldn’t move due to panic .

“Wh, what is it?”
[You said it was alright to hug!]
“You deceived me, Liera!”

Liera didn’t care about what Yu IlHan had said and laughed as if she had acquired everything she wanted in the world . Yu IlHan had to struggle to get out, but he had to give up .

Not only was it hard to get out as it was so slippery, he instinctively felt that it would bring about a larger catastrophe (mainly on Yu IlHan’s mentality) .

“Yes, do whatever you want . ”
[No, I’ll endure it . ]
“You’re not enduring at all!”
[I’m enduring an enormous lot!]
“Bullshit . ”

Although it was very violent and incomprehensible, it was probably her own way of consoling him . He could only focus on training the mind and accept that such an outgoing angel became his guardian angel .

[Fufu . ]

Just as when Yu IlHan was wondering about what to choose between counting prime numbers and reciting the national anthem, Liera pushed her already stuck body even more and smiled even more brightly .
She had the same smile that made him able to endure the time he was supposed to be unable to endure .

[Everything will go well . ]
“Hmph, I used up so many magic stones so that’s natural . ”

Her finish was mean as well – thinking that, Yu IlHan replied .

“I’m fine so get off me now . ”
[Tch, even this doesn’t work . ]

The dense man who somehow ended up misunderstanding other people’s hearts in some way or another, and the weak woman who couldn’t be decisive when it came down to it, rested comfortably in the two days in frozen time .

And, the time finally arrived .

Yu IlHan perfectly installed all the artifacts and installation-type weapons inside and outside of his mansion, and commenced the final mana crafting .

[Destroyer’s Flying fortress is complete . ]
[You have created a God-ranked artifact . The title, ‘Creator of Myths’ s criteria has been fulfilled and has grown . Additional options are added when a God ranked artifact is created . ]

This was the moment when the unprecedented artifact, and one that will never come about again even in the future, was born .