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Chapter 271

Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 271: If You Wish To Follow Me – 5

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When they returned, it was 4 a . m . according to Guundia time . If the world was normal, everyone should be sleeping, but to those belonging to Guundia that had to guard against monsters 24/7, this naturally didn’t apply to them .
There were lights in various parts of the fortress, and the guards could not help but put up their guard against Yu IlHan and the Guardian fortress that appeared out of nowhere due to Yu IlHan cancelling his concealment, even though they knew that they wouldn’t be able to win against him .

[That’s a good atmosphere . ]
“I’ve only seen such a scene in movies . ”
“I said I’ll wipe out all the monsters before coming back, why are they still here?”
[Would darling rest easy if some complete stranger suddenly appeared and said they’ll wipe out all the higher existence factions, including the Heaven’s Army, for you?]
“It’s sad because you’re right . ”

He thought they might not even open the gates, but perhaps there was a separate order from Han YeoRang, as he could enter without any resistance . Of course, he could not stop them from whispering about him .

“That man is…… . ”
“I’m sure of it . He has such beauties by his side . ”
“My, my . ”

Kim YeSeul blossomed into a smile after hearing the word ‘beauty’ . Yu IlHan didn’t bother reacting to her . In fact, he was worried that Helièna may show her power and cause a mess, but it seemed like she planned to hide her vicious and violent magic power .

“You’re here . ”
“Oh, Major-General, and…… . ”
“It’s been a while . ”

Lead by the soldiers, he was taken to where Major-General Yoon and Han YeoRang was . Han YeoRang had an imposing aura about her despite wearing tattered armor, and the dignity of a leader could be seen from her . Even after seeing Kim YeSeul and Helièna, she did not back down and greeted Yu IlHan .

“Colonel Han YeoRang . ”
“I’m glad that you’re safe . ”

Han YeoRang’s firm voice sounded very natural to Yu IlHan . Well, in the first place, there was no relationship between the two at all . If any, it was between a weapons trader and customer .

“I’m glad that Colonel Han is safe as well . I did erase all the monsters for now…… but it’s not like the world has stabilized, so I cannot be sure when an uprising may occur again . ”
“……That is plenty amazing . ”

What expression was Han YeoRang supposed to make when Yu IlHan mentioned massacring all the monsters in the world like pulling out weeds from his backyard? Although she already knew this as she heard from Yoon DaeHan, she once again felt the tremendous gap in worlds that they lived in . Yu IlHan didn’t even know what kind of thoughts she had and spoke .

“Originally, I planned to take Colonel Han and all the members of Suppression back to Earth . Right now, the Earth is…… . ”
“Yes, I have heard everything . It’s developing at a rapid pace, and may even evolve to a higher world in the near future…… . ”

It was good that there was no need for additional explanation . Yu IlHan shrugged his shoulders and continued .

“But I feel that Colonel Han is a very important figure in this place . Of course, if you wish for it, I’ll take you back to Earth…… . ”
“No . ”

She shook her head without hesitation . It was exactly as Yu IlHan foresaw .

“As long as there are people who believe in me, I cannot run away to Earth alone . ”
“It should not be considered as running away . The environment of Earth is harsher than this place . ”
“But there is you, Mr . Yu IlHan . Just with that one fact alone, Earth will be much safer than this world, as well as a more productive place . ”

The exaggerated evaluation made him shiver . However, just then, Han YeoRang dropped a bigger bomb .

“So…… can you not accept us all?”

Yu IlHan questioned if he heard wrong, but the reply was the same .

The surviving members in this fort only numbers 30 thousand . Right now, we have it tough just surviving, and even if we do survive and live on…… we do not have much hope in life . ”

He did not deny that . Fighting against monsters, and preparing for war whenever they could – that could not be called ‘life’ .

“But an entire 30 thousand people…”
“We will make our settlement by ourselves . There are plenty of land on Earth without an owner right now . I just want to receive your protection, Mr . Yu IlHan . I want to stay where your eyes can reach . ”
“…… . ”

Yu IlHan couldn’t reply and only looked at Yoon DaeHan . However, just as when he thought that he would help him persuade Han YeoRang, Yoon DaeHan instead tried to persuade him

“In fact, we’ve decided already . If you permit it, everyone will follow you back to Earth, Mr . Yu IlHan . ”
“You simply do not know what a higher world signifies . Didn’t I say that Earth will become a warzone? It will become a battlefield of beings with absurd power that cannot be compared to the monsters in this world!”
“Even so, we have thought that it is better than drying ourselves out to death in this place . ”
“……How can you possibly…”

He could not understand what these people were thinking at all . However, Kim YeSeul had a satisfied smile all this time, and Helièna also giggled .

[It really is interesting . Darling is witnessing why humankind can only bring themselves to destruction . Even though they’re struggling to escape the current status quo, they’re running in a worse direction, thinking that new things will be better!]
“That’s no different from you Destruction Demon Army guys . ”
[Oh my, is that really so? The objective of the Destruction Demon Army, is literally destruction, darling . Destruction that swallows everything up, even themselves . That’s why the Destruction Demon Army is not going against their raison d’être . ]
“They really are screwed up . ”
[However, darling is different from those things . ]

Helièna’s seductive smile tried to grab Yu IlHan’s heart .

[Darling isn’t planning to let Earth run to meet its maker, right?]
“Well, that is what I hope to do, but well, yeah . You’re right . ”
[Right? People are attracted to your power that makes your beliefs into reality . Receiving the servitude of the inferior as the great one, it’s a natural thing . ]

And as such, as long as they believed and followed Yu IlHan, they did not pick the wrong head – was this what she meant? It was really complicated .

[Fufufu, how can your pondering face be so cute too……?]
“Hmph . ”

He pushed away Helièna’s face that closed in on his without hesitation, but his hand lacked some strength . Helièna recognized that and a smile hung on her face .

“Very well, then . 30 thousand people . We shall all go to Earth . It’s not that hard anyway . ”
“Thank you . ”

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Han YeoRang’s expression darkened after seeing Helièna, who had a might incomparable to hers, acting cute towards Yu IlHan, but as soon as his permission was given, she smiled brightly as if she never had a dark expression and bowed towards him . The her that acted upon emotions did not exist anymore .

Yu IlHan walked up to the walls of the fort with his companions . A slow ringing bell resounded out, alarm magic activated, and the ones that collapsed due to the fatigue of battle all woke up and walked outside . When all members, including the non-combatants, gathered below the wall, Han YeoRang raised her voice and declared .

“From now! We! Shall go to Earth! It’s the place I was born on, and it’s the place where a Supreme being rules!”

Loud cheers filled the place . Supreme being referred to him? Yu IlHan became dejected . However, the reaction of the people was filled with vitality, and he didn’t have any strength to refute that statement .

“Then let’s go immediately . Everyone gets on board . We shall all go at the same time . ”
“This many members…… all at once?”
“Sure . ”

He warped to Earth many times already . No matter how many people he brought, it didn’t use that much mana . Yu IlHan dispelled the barrier on the Guardian fortress, and let every remaining survivor of this world into the fortress . Then, he put the crucial items into his inventory .

Everyone got on board the fortress . The abandoned fort, the abandoned lands, the abandoned skies . Yu IlHan muttered while looking at Guundia that were devoid of monsters, and will also be devoid of humans very soon

“What will happen to such a world?”
[Well? It will probably stay abandoned forever, no? It’s not like mana has disappeared so monsters will keep appearing, but they will only go through a cycle of appearance, disappearance, and destruction, so there will be no future for this world . ]
“Perhaps that has the same meaning of a world where time no longer flows…… . The world where everything has stopped . It’s an unfortunate thing . ”

Kim YeSeul Muttered, she felt sadness from Helièna’s words . However, Helièna’s words hadn’t ended yet .

[But, but you know? If it’s darling, you might be able to change that . ]
“How? Do you want me to come to this world and regularly clean up the monsters?”
[No, no, darling . You’re subordinating the mankind of this world under Earth . ]
“And so?”
[……fufu, the rest is a secret . If it’s darling, you’ll find out in no time . ]
“You…… . ”
[Fufu . ]

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Helièna looked at Yu IlHan after speaking . It was a familiar gaze for Yu IlHan . It was very similar to how Liera looked at him normally . He licked his lips as if about to say something, but eventually decided not to .

He felt like he fell into a swamp the more he faced this woman . She was a being that denied his views and standards of action in a straightforward manner .
Her very being was against the natural law . Was it because she was from the Destruction Demon Army? Even though he said that there was a need to control and restrain her by her side, perhaps it was his mistake to come with her .

“Then we’ll depart for Earth . ”
“Earth, what kind of a world would it be?”
“It’s a world ruled by someone with overwhelming might . It will be much harsher than here . ”
“But…… but a different life will be waiting for us there . ”
“Lady Han YeoRang is with us . We have nothing to fear!”

Belief in Han YeoRang, as well as the admiration for the Supreme being – these two were strongly embedded in the people’s minds . Even while thinking that they were doing everything in vain, Yu IlHan activated the Warp skill .

“Whoaa . ”
“This world is…… . ”

When they arrived on Earth after leaping over the dimensional wall, the ones onboard the Guardian fortress all burst out in exclamation . Thick foliage everywhere, as well as absurdly high cliffs!
A tunnel made of seawater that connected the land and the skies . Numerous stone islands inside the tunnel of seawater and bridges of rainbow that connected the islands! It was like the land of paradise!

“Beautiful . ”
“So beautiful…… . ”
“This world was created by the ruler?”

Everyone looked towards Yu IlHan in shock . Han YeoRang was no exception . Even though she had become adept at controlling her reactions, she couldn’t help but regain her girly emotions in front of such a spectacle .

“Amazing, Mr . IlHan……!”

Yu IlHan laughed dryly . He couldn’t say that he was the most shocked out of all of them .

He had to work on the stabilization of Earth .
Before Earth completely leapt into becoming a higher world, right now! Immediately!