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Everyone Else is a Returnee - Chapter Extra 4

Published at 14th of November 2018 09:36:50 AM

Chapter Extra 4

Extra Chapter 4: I am the Destroyer of All Foreshadows


All records were being observed . The Akashic Record provided records to anyone that was qualified, and all beings grew with those records as the foundation while creating new records that are once again recorded on the Akashic Record . Like that, the multiverse was in a constant state of evolution .

“However, I have already surpassed the Akashic Record . ”
“Not completely though, darling, right?”

Yu IlHan nodded his head in confirmation when Helièna said that .

“Even if I surpassed it, everything related to me is still connected to the Akashic Record . There’s no way I can just leave, can I?”
“Ufufu, darling…… . ”

When he stroked Helièna’s hair softly, she purred like a cat with her eyes closed . However, Yu IlHan pushed her back when she tried to lean on him and touch his body .

“Ah, why . ”
“Reasons, later . Not now . ”
“Yes, not now . ”

Liera, who never missed it when other women approached her man, appeared like lightning and stopped her with a cold voice . She was holding a sharp spear in one hand .

“Tonight’s my turn . The punishment for pushing your way into the queue…… is death . ”
“But Liera, wouldn’t it be sometimes good with the three of us? How about…… we both make our second child today, please? Pleaaase?
“Liera, not you either . ”
“No way!”

Liera was shocked as if everything until now was a dream . Yu IlHan sighed and smacked her on her forehead .

“I’ve almost grasped it . Tonight’s battle will not be on bed but in space . ”
“Grasped what…… . Ah?”

Helièna, who remembered what they were talking about until now, widened her eyes .

“Darling, did you really discover the foundation of the Akashic Record!?”
“I’ll say this again, but the Akashic Record is only a system and a concept . What I need to grasp is something other than the Akashic Record . ”

There were some words that he heard from Na YuNa before the final battle with God . The goddess of beauty left her power, that is, her records all onto Na YuNa and spoke to her for one final time before she left .

Once Yu IlHan becomes able to recognize records that are not recorded, they may be able to reunite again at that time .

“The ones that have surpassed records have already thrown away the concept of body and soul . Then did those beings meet complete annihilation? That does not make sense . Even mortals receive the benefit of reincarnation . But the ones who transcended the Akashic Record will be annihilated and return to nothingness instead? That doesn’t make sense at all . ”
“IlHan, I don’t get it . ”
“I think of it like this . ”

Yu IlHan spoke as he looked at the new goddess of love .

“By accepting new gods, they have completely thrown away their own records . We deem that as ‘annihilation’, but perhaps that is precisely what makes them go beyond the realm of the Akashic Record . If not, then there was no way the former goddess of beauty would have mentioned that there was a chance of reunion . ”
“Then do you mean that they are stronger than you, IlHan?”
“It’s not about being strong or weak . ”

Yu IlHan decided to remain within the Akashic Record and became the God of the world, while they had entered a new realm that surpassed records . In terms of physical might, Yu IlHan would dominate them all, but physical might wasn’t the important concept here .

They chose a different path from Yu IlHan, it was just that .

“Darling can surpass records whenever he wishes to . Then…… are you saying that you’ll throw away everything and go beyond?”

Helièna’s eyes shook . She imagined the worst possible outcome and shook her head while grabbing tightly onto Yu IlHan’s sleeves .

“No, darling . Don’t go . You can’t go . I’ll die without you!”
“……Eh? IlHan is going somewhere!?”

Liera, who finally understood what was happening, grabbed Yu IlHan as well .

“You are not going anywhere! You said you’ll be my side forever! I thought I was the one who would get to be by your side all the time!”
“I’m not going anywhere . I’ll stay until death do us part, so don’t worry about it . The ring on your finger is still sturdy and still has many, many millennia to last . ”
“Then why are you making such worrying comments!”
“That is because . ”

Yu IlHan took out something similar to a large telescope from his bosom .

“With this Eternal-ranked ‘Realiscope’ I’ve invented; I can now observe locations beyond records!”
“Ah, that’s good . It’s you boasting like always…… . ”
“Realiscope is that thing that brings the observed things into reality, right?”

Ever since Yu IlHan decided to work for one day a week, he came up with ideas, materials and foundations in the remaining 6 days and worked hard on that single day, and as a result, was producing an average of one Eternal-ranked artifact every week, or God-ranked artifact at the minimum .

Of course, there were differences within God and Eternal as well, so the majority went to his wives or children, or to his subordinates or their children, but outclassed items like the Hourglass of Eternity and the Realiscope were always with him due to safety reasons .

“I’ve gained a hint from what the goddess of beauty said . She mentioned the word ‘recognize’ . If it’s possible for even me, someone who haven’t completely thrown away his records, to recognize the realm beyond records, wouldn’t it be possibly to forcefully drag them back to reality?”
“So you’re calling them onto your own field . ”
“Yes . In the realm of records, I’m invincible . ”

It was a twisted logic as always, but the two women accepted that .

“Then how does the observation work?”
“It’s space . The bridge is in somewhere where my dominion does not reach . In fact, I’m almost done scouting it, and even found signs of it . Now, I just need to look through the Realiscope and observe it . ”

Space was a realm of mystery that changed according to observation and recognition . If a flow was outside the influence of the Akashic Record, it could only be floating around somewhere in space .

Even Yu IlHan would have a hard time observing all of space, so it took a little time . However, that was over now .

“You might not now, but I was observing space within the Hourglass of Eternity every month . ”
“I got to admit that you’re tenacious, darling . ”
“Then should we gather the others?”

Yu IlHan hesitated for a moment, but eventually shook his head .

“Actually no . I think I’ll have to go by myself for this one . ”
“You’re going to do it alone again!?”
“I can’t help it since it’s a complete mystery even for me . I’ll be back soon . Well, if I actually get killed, then I’ll return as a soul . Although my level might drop a little, it’s not completely impossible to revive me . ”

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Yu IlHan was uttering nonsensical words like it was nothing . Of course, both Helièna and Liera believed that no one could annihilate Yu IlHan, but this and that were different matters .

“I’ll kill you if you really come back dead . ”
“Darling is so evil . You make me so worried right after I felt relieved . So evil!”
“I said it’s not a big deal . It’s only a possibility . I’m telling you two just in case, so tell the others for me . ”
“I heard YuNi was coming to have a showdown soon, you aren’t running away from that ,right?”
“Urgh . ”

Yuni, armed with a superhuman, no, superdraconic will to acquire Yu IlHan’s affection had trained for several decades and now she was a 6th class true dragon .
She was the fastest if you exclude the ones that have inherited Yu IlHan’s bloodline, and with her talent and tenacity, perhaps Yu IlHan’s own children may be left behind in the dust .

Carina and Michael were proud of their daughter’s talent, but still felt complex about how her aim was Yu IlHan . They were still 5th class but their daughter had surpassed the two with pure tenacity!

“Personally, I wish that Yuni would go with Mir . ”
“Mir is no good . The Dragon’s Army kids are so scary that no other girls can approach Mir . ”

The Dragon’s Army, that is, the children under Yumir’s rule, was a group that followed Yumir to the extreme, regardless of gender or past identity . The nearly 8 thousand children were all true dragons right now, and they served with Yu IlHan as their captain, and Yumir as their master .
Of course, they did reunite with their parents, but they chose Yumir over them . Perhaps it’s a natural thing, but it was very pitiful, so Yumir divided them into groups and made them spend time with their parents at least once a week .

“So why don’t you just receive Yuni?”
“…… I’ll think about it a little more . ”

Too many would follow suit if he accepted Yuni . Not to mention his father Gabriel, he himself and Yumir didn’t even know who they would be trouble with this . They could only sigh at the turn of incidents .

“Let’s talk about Yuni later . I’ll be back quick . ”
“I don’t think you need to go there…… . ”

However, with Yu IlHan’s personality, he would not stop until everything in the world was under his control; and the two women knew that . It was also an element that made the two love him even more .

So what could they do? They could only send him off with smiles .

“Buy me some ice cream on the way back . ”
“Gotcha . ”

Yu IlHan shared a short kiss with the two wives and left the Flying fortress .

However, as though she knew he was about to leave, Na YuNa was waiting for him with a serious expression . Leaving aside how she knew it, her aura was definitely serious, and Yu IlHan ended up asking .

“Wait, do I actually have to go through all of my wives one by one before I can actually go?”
“No~? I thought you might kiss me too if I stayed like this!”

Replied Na YuNa nonchalantly and giggled . Seeing that, Yu IlHan laughed .

“How much time would you need in order for you to grow up, YuNa…… . ”
“Well~, around three more millennia……?”

Even though she gave the ballpark figure of 3 millennia, she titled her head, which was very much like her . Yu IlHan gave her a light smack on the forehead, but ended up giving her what she wanted .

“Come here . ”

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“Okay . ”

However, the moment they kissed, her mana became a strong blessing and enveloped Yu IlHan .
He did think that it was too easy, but she pulled off a trick like this… That was an academy award-worthy acting . She gave him a light kiss on his cheek as well and smiled .

“Honey, don’t get hurt, okay?”

Even after blessing him, she didn’t seem to be relieved as she told Yu IlHan while stroking his face . After living together for so long, it’s about time they realize that they can’t do anything about him once he sets his mind to it, but each and every one of these girls were still worried sick .

“I said there’s no need for you to worry . ”

He didn’t drag this on . He lightly stroked Na YuNa’s cheeks before leaving .

“I’ll be off then . ”
“Okay . ”

Yu IlHan spread his wings and shot up vertically . He had already prepared a place . The Realiscope was something that dragged the observed being into reality, so he needed enough space so that all the beings beyond records could fit in it .

The surroundings were dark . Stars were shining and they illuminated space like lamp posts . Yu IlHan didn’t really have a battle in space, but after knowing that this place was full of mana as well, it wasn’t that much different from when he was on land . Screw science .

“Wouldn’t they get angry if you drag them here?”
“If they still get angry after I tell them that I’ll send them back, then I’ll just need to beat them up . ”
“You are the worst . ”

Kang MiRae and Erta were waiting in the space waiting zone . He couldn’t do this without their help as this was something that had to do with manipulating space, so he brought them here as he couldn’t do anything about it . And there were two others that were waiting here as well .

“Once the magic activates and the dimension settles, Mir, you need to take your mothers and retreat, okay?”
“It’s fine, I practiced a lot, dad . ”

Yumir’s role was to take Kang MiRae and Erta and retreat safely . Yu IlHan wouldn’t try anything until he figured out and prepared for all scenarios! He warned Yumir once again and turned his head around .

The final person here was…… .

“Spiera, are you ready?”

It was the dragon Spiera with four pairs of white dragon wings . In her hand was a pure white spear, but the pitch-black aura that leaked out of it looked very creepy .

“Sure . I want to let go of this already . ”
[Kh……hur…… . ]

The two both creased their faces when they heard the voice that only the two could hear . What was there to hide, it was none other than the soul of the former God of Heaven . Since Yu IlHan reaped everyone’s souls, he couldn’t miss the God of Heaven’s!
However, it was too unsettling to return him to the cycle of reincarnation, and even Yu IlHan had found it extremely difficult to annihilate it completely .

It was possible to restrain him by Declaration, Rule and all other skills and spells together, but annihilating the soul of the previous Supreme being cleanly couldn’t be done by him alone, so the method he looked for was the realm beyond records .
He didn’t know about the others, but the former gods that were bullied by God of Heaven would at least help him out in this regard, probably!

“You’re suffering quite a lot, Spiera . ”
“Yu IlHan, you made this spear in order to reap his soul from the very beginning, didn’t you?”
“And I used you as the keeper to protect him . ”
“…… . ”

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Spiera wanted to reap Yu IlHan’s soul as well with the spear, but she held it in .

“You’ll pay the price after we get back, Yu IlHan . ”
“I’ll do everything that you want so don’t worry about it . ”
“Oho . ”

Spiera made a smirk .

“Actually, I have two dreams . One is for me to become the strongest, but ever since I realized that it was impossible, my dream then became to train the strongest being in existence . ”
“You achieved your second dream through me, then?”

Spiera seriously nodded . Yu IlHan was the strongest, and Spiera’s role in putting him there was not small . This caould not be denied .

However, there was still one more dream left .

“So I’m planning to achieve my second dream through you as well . Actually, my second dream is becoming a gentle housewife . ”
“Don’t the two dreams differ too drastically!?”

Yu IlHan was shocked, but Spiera threatened him with the spear in her hand .

“Speak now if you don’t like it . ”
“You’re giving me a threat as your proposal, and you want to become a ‘gentle’ housewife? Yeah sure!”

However, it was a very effective threat, and Yu IlHan had no options! When he nodded his head in defeat, Spiera’s expression became a rare warm smile as well .

“Then I should make my next dream to give birth to the next strongest between us? Fufu, that sounds fun . ”
“You have a fun life…… tch . ”

Yu IlHan raised the Realiscope . He had already set on a location as well . He had to observe, call, and clean that damn God’s soul perfectly so that there wouldn’t be any troubles for quite a while .

“But who knows, perhaps some other monstrous creature will be born naturally as a higher existence and rampage around while wanting to become God . ”
“Please don’t leave a foreshadow for act 2, Yu IlHan . Can’t we just ‘live happily ever after’?”
“My wives know me too well…… . ”

He grumbled and put his eyes on the Realiscope and glanced at the extremely minor region that hid from his vision .

The scene beyond the world he recognized entered his eyes .

“Everyone get ready . ”

Thinking that he would encounter the last remaining mystery, Yu IlHan ended up laughing even though he knew the potential dangers .

Then he spoke out in a joyous tone .

“Looks like we’re going to cleanly get rid of the final piece of foreshadow . ”

Author’s notes

This is it! It’s actually the end! Perhaps I might want to write another side story waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay later, but not now! But I’ll tell you who won the soccer match, it was the Demigod team! The afterword will go up soon . Actually, I received a fan art as a commemoration for finishing today . If you want to see the fan art then you must read the afterword too!