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Chapter 7

[Chapter 7 - Divine Beast] Just how bizarre is this world

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Although he feels a little guilty inside his heart, but Shen Qian Ling still didn't ask further, obediently sitting in the pose of one in confinement (1), leaning against the headboard and waiting for the chicken soup; a soaked red handkerchief is even placed on the top of his head .

"Mother . " The rest of the people have already left the room; Shen Qian Ling's expression is suffering, "I really can't take it down?"

"No . " Lady Shen caressed his face, "This can expel evil . "

Shen Qian Ling's eyes have some hot tears; archaic superstitions harms people, he looks very stupid this way .

"Don't know when this injury of yours can recover . " Lady Shen sighed, thinking for a short while before clenching her teeth, using her finger to forcefully poke his head, "You, say you, everything's fine and yet you insisted on climbing a tree, how did mother teach you when you were young?"

How would I know, the one you taught during childhood also wasn't me . Shen Qian Ling felt his forehead was almost being poked through, did his mother learn the Golden Finger before .

"Fu ren . " Qin Shao Yu brought a bowl of soup in, and was a little surprised by his appearance, "Pfft . "

"Laugh your ass . " Shen Qian Ling angrily took the hand towel down, intending to bunch it up and throw it onto his face .

"Ling-er . " Lady Shen was in great shock, "This is a divine item that is usually used to wipe the golden body of the Buddha, you cannot just throw it anyhow . "

Shen Qian King's eyes widen, it's a cleaning cloth?

Qin Shao Yu's expression stiffened .

"Is it very funny . " Shen Qian Ling glared at him with all his might .

"Of course not . " Qin Shao Yu shook his head .

"Not funny and yet your shoulders are shaking . " Shen Qian Ling become even angrier .

"This is my heart hurting . " Qin Shao Yu placed the bowl of soup on the table, fluently saying, "Looking at how weak Fu-ren is, it's as if a knife is cutting through my heart at every moment . "

Godly lover, this is . (2) Shen Qian Ling side eyed him, preparing to spurn him for a while, but Lady Shen has already cried and said delightedly, "Look at how loving you are to each other, mother can rest easy now . "

Rest easy, what, you cannot rest easy, if you rest easy then I have to marry him already .  Shen Qian Ling chest tightened, tears immediately flowing down, his face is basically filled with tears .

"Ai ya, nothing happened, how did you just cry like that?" Lady Shen is expectedly very hurt by this, looking as if she can't bear to not humor him in her embrace .

"I can't bear to leave mother . " Shen Qian Ling's voice is hoarse, imagining with all his might that he is a princess about to marry, because this feel more atmospheric, and in that TV series the frontier king was a mustached, coarse uncle, wearing a big golden earring; the hairs on his legs were especially shocking, basically the thought of him makes one have goosebumps . Although Shen Qian Ling was acting as an eunuch at that time, he still pitied the sister in the show for very long, filming the bed scenes must have caused psychological trauma .

"Mother can't bear to leave Ling-er too . " Lady Shen was conceivably hit in the softest part of the depths of her heart .

"I wish to always be with mother . " Shen Qian Ling cried till he coughed; if Shen Qian Qian saw this, something like "What a frail and weak beautiful person" would be bemoaned again .

"Marriage is a must no matter what, how can you always be with mother . " Lady Shen patted his back .

"Then let me marry a few years later . " Shen Qian Ling looked at her with red eyes .

"Also fine, if you really don't want, I shall go and talk with your father . " Lady Shen relented, "The most important thing now, is to let your body heal properly . "

Shen Qian Ling is very delighted inside, and used a mostly sorry and slightly cocky expression to look at Qin Shao Yu — this warrior you better go marry someone else .

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"I think Shao Yu also can't bear to make things difficult for Ling-er right?" Lady Shen asked .

Shen Qian Ling straightened his waist and looked at him, you dare to say no .

Qin Shao Yu, an anguished expression, "Of course . "

"It's difficult for you . " Lady Shen sighed, "If Ling-er gets better in the future —"

"Mother!" Shen Qian Ling became teary eyed again, don't casually talk about the future with him, we are not close with him anyway .

"Fine fine fine, mother won't say . " Lady Shen quickly humored him .

"Don't be afraid . " Qin Shao Yu's voice is hoarse, "Even if I will be alone till death, I still will not force you . "

Shen Qian Ling appealed, "Actually between being alone till death and forcing me, you still can have a third option . " Marry somebody else big brother, look at you, you are this young and handsome, there must be a lot of ladies falling over one another to marry you, as for us we can forget each other; there's a strong air of the turmoil of a great warrior .

Qin Shao Yu expectedly said, "Other than fu-ren, the heart of this Qin cannot contain a second person . "

Shen Qian Ling totally doesn't know to use what expression to face him, a fine fellow and yet so stubborn, biasness is a sickness that has to be cured . And so he continued coldly, "But I have already forgotten you . "

Then Qin Shao Yu's eyes reddened, and he cried .

Shen Qian Ling is incomparably shocked, big brother what song are you singing again; don't just see that other people are crying so you cry too . Who can understand the hardship of me getting hit by a piece of ceiling till I traveled to another world, this is then worth crying right . You have money, have power, look handsome, and even have a man who willingly found a fox demon for you; this is totally a winner at life, cry your ass ah .

Do you still have integrity .

"Shao Yu . " Lady Shen was obviously also shocked dumb .

"Don't say anymore, quickly drink the soup first . " Qin Shao Yu gently brought the bowl of soup to Shen Qian Ling's hands and then stared at him unblinkingly .

You're lucky I am a good person . Shen Qian Ling open the cover of the bowl, with a feeling of extreme regret .

The bowl, glided with gold and embedded with jade, is very luxurious, but the stuff inside is very bizarre .

Shen Qian Ling used the spoon to scoop up the contents twice, and felt that this Silkie chicken is a bit lean and tough; cut into chunks of black skin white meat, one look and one knows it's not tasty .

"Eat, quickly . " Lady Shen blew on it to help him cool it .

Shen Qian Ling used the spoon to dig out a piece of meat, and tried taking a bite .

It's truly not tasty .

What is valuable about this stupid thing? To think he anticipated it for half a day .

Could it be that it has great recuperation abilities? Young master Shen drank another mouthful of soup, this time he spit it out straightaway .

There's the taste of blood! Uncooked food cannot be eaten!

What if he gets avian flu!

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"Drink slower . " Lady Shen used a handkerchief to wipe his mouth .

"It's raw . " Shen Qian Ling protested with a frown .

"Of course . " Qin Shao Yu helped him to pat his back .

Of course? Your family eats food with blood? Shen Qian Ling refused to eat as expected .

"You can't be blamed either, you have forgotten everything about the past . " Lady Shen sighed, "The Silkie chicken is a rare bird that can hardly be seen once in a hundred years, there's so many people who aren't able to even catch a glimpse of it, much less eat it . "

Shen Qian Ling, tears in his eyes, mother who are you trying to trick, if the silkie chicken is a heavenly bird, then the San Huang chicken (3) is a phenomenal fighter .

"If this is cooked and has salt added, it will lose its medicinal effects . " Lady Shen brought the spoon back to him, "Be good and finish eating it . "

The weird taste in his mouth still hasn't disappeared; Shen Qian Ling immediately took it as the taste of chicken feathers, and was successfully disgusted by it in the end; and so he agitatedly look at Qin Shao Yu — medicine can't be eaten without a thought during pregnancy, you know this reason right? Quickly help me advise my mother .

"Quick, eat while it's hot . " Sect leader Qin sat by the bed side .

"No . " Shen Qian Ling is very principled .

"Are you really not eating it?" Lady Shen looked at him .

Shen Qian Ling continued to shake his head, I don't have pica, I'm not eating chicken feathers .

"Why is my life so hard . . . . " Lady Shen suddenly groaned sadly out loud, and even collapsed onto the blanket .

With such a fast speed, the entirety of Shen Qian Ling was shocked dazed; but it's just a bowl silkie chicken soup only right?

And so with a face full of tears he took the bowl over, gulping all of the soup along with the meat, and then threw down the bowl, intending to console his mother, but he found that Lady Shen has already turned back to normal, and is sitting by the bedside smiling at him .

Shen Qian Ling felt faint and his vision blurred .

The people of this world is truly . . . . .

Just who is the actual actor here!

"Since you have finished eating it, then rest properly . " Lady Shen tucked in his blanket, "Mother will go back first . "

"Yes . " Shen Qian Ling tried very hard to ignore the taste of chicken feathers in his mouth .

"I will send off mother-in-law . " Qin Shao Yu knows his manners, and saw her all the way to the courtyard door, before he returned to the bedroom .

Shen Qian Ling is currently standing barefooted by the table, gargling madly .

Qin Shao Yu: " . . . . . . . "

"What are you looking at . " Shen Qian Ling took a sweet peach to chew on .

"Of course I'm looking at fu-ren . " Qin Shao Yu said fluently, "This Qin, other than fu . . . . . wu . " He took out half a peach from his mouth with a frown .

"My mother has left, what are you still acting for . " Shen Qian Ling sat back by the bedside .

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"How can fu-ren say this . " Qin Shao Yu still said with affectionately, though his eyes had more of a joking air, "Every sentence of this husband comes from the heart . "

Can't bothered with you .

Shen Qian Ling wrapped himself into the blanket, "This warrior, have a good farewell, not sending you off . "

"I didn't say I wanted —"

"Bao Dou!" Shen Qian Ling shouted .

Qin Shao Yu: " . . . . . "

"Does master need anything?" Bao Dou ran in with a container of soy beans .

"See the guest off . " Shen Qian Ling is facing the wall .

Bao Dou instantly used an expression of "Sect leader I don't actually want you to leave but my master he wants you to leave so you better leave" to look at sect leader Qin .

"Then I will come to see you later . " Qin Shao Yu tucked in the corners of his blanket, then turned and walked out the room door .

"Actually sect leader Qin is quite good . " Bao Dou mumbled .

"Shut up . " Shen Qian Ling sat up on the bed, "Don't bring up his name next time . "

"Oh . " Bao Dou nodded earnestly .

Shen Qian Ling took a bunch of soy beans from his bamboo container to eat .

"Ah ya . " Bao Dou paled in shock .

"What's the matter?" Shen Qian Ling looked at him innocently with soy beans in his mouth, although it's your snack but occasionally it's alright to give me some to eat right?

"Quickly spit it out, I use this to feed the silkie chicken . " Bao Dou quickly brought a handkerchief over .

"Ke ke . " Shen Qian Ling coughed madly, it's animal feed?

"Why are you feeding the silkie chicken out of nowhere . " Shen Qian Ling could only gargle once again .

"Master ate the little silkie chicken that it just gave birth to, of course I must go and console it a little . " Bao Dou said, "Or else its mood will not be good . "

Shen Qian Ling: " . . . . . "

The silkie chicken needs to be consoled too?

Although it's said that ten of thousands of beings have souls but . . . moreover I didn't really want to eat it .

"Does master want to go with me?" Bao Dou invited, "Today, the weather is not bad, you can even enjoy the sun . "

Feed the chicken? Shen Qian Ling thought for a while, "Alright . " It's better than being stuck in the room .

"When master sees the divine beast later, you must not offend it . " When reaching the backyard, Bao Dou suddenly said .

"Divine beast?" Shen Qian Ling is puzzled .

"Yes . " Bao Dou said, "The silkie chicken can hardly be glimpsed once in a hundred years, of course it's a divine beast . "

. . . . . .

Wait .

There seems to be something off .

Shen Qian Ling's head puttered for a while, and then he . . . . laughed .

Bao Dou, surprised, "What is master laughing about?"

Shen Qian Ling said, "So in this world silkie chicken are rare goods?"

Bao Dou didn't manage to answer, before a screech tore through the sky; Shen Qian Ling said curiously, "What's that sound?"

"The silkie chicken . " Bao Dou said earnestly .

"Don't lie to people anymore, a silkie chicken should be 'gege da' . . . . ah!" Shen Qian Ling said halfway, shouting in shock .

Because on the tall wall of the backyard . a huge bird suddenly took off, its body a bright glided gold, its wings so big till it seemed to cover all the sky .

"Don't be afraid master . " Bao Dou quickly held him, "The divine beast is leashed . "

Shen Qian Ling, teeth chattering, "The bird bird bird that you you you said . . . . . "

"Silkie chicken, that's it . " Bao Dou listened till he became impatient, and finished the other half of the sentence for him .

Shen Qian Ling wanted to cry for a short while .

Looking at this, it should be a phoenix right?

What kind of bizarre world did I travel to, there's even phoenixes .

Can things like phoenixes just casually appear?

It's simply too unreal right?

Once he thought that he most likely just ate a young phoenix, Shen Qian Ling's vision faded to black, and once again . . . . . fainted .

(1) confinement pose: 坐月子 - lit . sit moon kid . There's a chinese tradition where after the mother gives birth to her child, she has to do confinement, suppose to help the mother recover from childbirth . Usually there will be a caregiver to cook food, bathing the baby for the mother . There's also a few dietary restrictions and other rules, like not washing the hair for period of confinement which is usually a month .

(2) Divine lover, this is: lit . feeling god ah this is . - well . . . It's hard to translate this . Anyone has any suggestions other than this yoda-like sentence?

(3) San Huang Chicken: 三黄鸡 - lit . three yellow chicken . It's the average brown chicken that first comes to mind when chicken is mentioned .