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Published at 5th of October 2018 09:10:33 PM

Chapter 1205
Chapter 1205: Wind Valley (2)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Upon hearing the young man's orders, everyone behind him immediately charged towards the Vermillion Bird in front of him . At that moment, the entire guest room was filled with a cold and eerie murderous intent .

Gu Ruoyun stayed standing on the large, ruined bed as she stared coldly at the situation . Her eyes flashed with a clear and cold light .

"Bunch of foolish humans!"

The Vermillion Bird laughed icily . Her body then slowly enlarged as the crowd watched, turning into a flaming Firebird and tearing the entire room to pieces .

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The Vermillion Bird roared before she angrily hurled a mouthful of flames towards the humans in front of her . The ones at the lower rank of power were instantly burned to ashes from her flames . They never even had the chance to struggle . . .

"Now, I'm going to give you all a taste of the Vermillion Bird's firepower . Let's see if you foolish humans would still have the audacity to underestimate my Master!"

Each time the Vermillion Bird remembers the things that Elder Bai had said to Gu Ruoyun, she would feel infuriated . The flames on her body then burned brighter and brighter before it shot towards the entire group . . .

The young man's expression sank . With a wave of his sword, he sliced the oncoming flames in half .

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As he was heaving a sigh of relief, the flames gathered towards him from both sides as if they had grown eyes and they would not rest until they had burned him to death!

"It seems that I don't need to do anything now . "

The Azure Dragon Tianqiong slowly exclaimed . His handsome face carried a confident smile . "The Vermillion Bird can defeat these people on her own . Besides, it's about time we disciplined her . . . "

That young man might be at the late-stage of the exceeding state but since his foundation was unstable, he does not have the full power of a late-stage Martial Saint . He was only considered to be slightly more powerful than a mid-stage Martial Saint! Of course, if he were a fully-fledged late-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state, both the Azure Dragon and the Vermillion Bird's powers were still enough to subdue him .


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The young man tried to forcefully slice the flames in half again but each time he cut the flames, they would join back quickly and attack him again .

He began to pant from exhaustion as he stared at the Vermillion Bird behind the flames with an ugly look on his face . "Your struggle is meaningless! I'd advise you to give up . Otherwise, our Second Young Master will never let you off!"

Gu Ruoyun nearly burst into laughter when she heard the young man's words .

If it was not for the fact that she was acquainted with Feng Yuqing, the young man might have fooled her .

"You say that your Second Young Master of Wind Valley wants to kill me?" Gu Ruoyun raised her brows as she stared at the pale young man with a forced smile .

"That's right!" The young man gritted his teeth and replied, "Our Second Young Master has taken a liking to you and wants to make you his concubine . That's why he had sent us to capture you! Our Valley Lord has always treasured the Second Young Master . If you continue to resist, Wind Valley will hunt you down and kill you . "

Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eye . What a good strategy, getting someone else to do your dirty work!

Once this fellow knew that he had failed his mission, he had pushed the blame onto Feng Yuqing . Feng Yuqing has a reputation as a perverted hedonist! Even if this were to get out, everyone would undoubtedly believe the young man!

If she knew that it was Feng Yuqing who had wanted to attack her, it would certainly create a dispute between Wind Valley and herself . The Valley Lord would then personally attack her in order to protect Feng Yuqing!

Unfortunately, in all of Feng Xiaoxiao's rigorous schemes and deep foresight, she never anticipated that Gu Ruoyun and Feng Yuqing would already have a predestined meeting . . .

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