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Published at 2nd of November 2018 10:35:06 AM

Chapter 1368: 1368
Chapter 1368: The Secret Order's Plea (17)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Chu was dazed and he stared at Elder Tianren in confusion .

"Don't think I can't read your actions!" Elder Tianren scoffed icily and said, "You cannot offend that girl . Otherwise, forget about me, I'm afraid that not even the Clan Leader can protect you!"

Even the Clan Leader would not be able to protect me?

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Mu Chu was dumbstruck, Just who was Gu Ruoyun? After all, in the First City, even the Lord Governor has to give way to the Clan Leader . Yet, Elder Tianren has said that if he were to offend Gu Ruoyun, not even the Clan Leader would be able to protect him?

"That's all I have to say so you'd better think it through . Furthermore, to avoid having you make any more unforgivable mistakes, you will stand in the corner and reflect on your mistakes for the next three years . Over the course of these three years, you are not allowed to even take one step out of this place! I will speak to your Master about this matter . "

Once he had finished talking, Elder Tianren walked towards the mountain range in front of him and did not spare Mu Chu another glance .

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Mu Chu fell silent for a while before he ran after the elder . Perhaps what Elder Tianren had said to him had an effect as he did not cause any more trouble for Gu Ruoyun after that! However, as he had been made to shut himself away and ponder his mistakes from the moment he set foot in the Secret Order, he had no way of informing Wen Ya about this . As a result, the Wen Family then committed an unforgivable mistake and caused their own tragic downfall in the end!

. . .

Elder Tianren had just walked into the Clan Hall when he noticed the Clan Leader who was seated there and waiting for him . He quickly stepped forward, joined his fists and asked, "Clan Leader, is there something you wish to talk to me about?"

"Mm . " The Clan Leader gently replied . "Elder Tianren, I heard that you descended the mountain?"

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Elder Tianren was shocked before he explained his reasons for descending the mountain to the Clan Leader . He looked rather exasperated as he said, "It's all because of that child, Mu Chu! That kid had clung onto the charms of a woman and abandoned Gu Ruoyun . Worst of all, he had even humiliated her! I had descended the mountain to convince Gu Ruoyun to come to the Secret Order . However, that little girl's temper was rather stubborn . In this, she is very much like the Sacred Lady . She simply isn't willing to suffer any losses, and would conceal faults . "

"Oh?" The Clan Leader's eyes lit up, "You've met that little girl, Gu Ruoyun?"

"That's right . " Elder Tianren nodded . "I think very highly of that little girl . She has a temperament which will not suffer any grief! With that kind of character, she could easily grow into a peerless cultivator . Unfortunately, this little girl had grown up in the West Spirit Mainland . If she had started out from the Secret Order twenty years ago, I dare to guarantee that no one would be of any match for her in the Secret Order now . "

The Clan Leader chuckled . "Looks like that little girl isn't too bad at all to be able to receive such a high evaluation from you . However, Elder Tianren, I still wish to give this little girl a thorough test . Therefore, I won't let her accept the inheritance just yet . "

Elder Tianren was a little shocked and asked in a puzzled manner, "What's the reason for that, Clan Leader?"

"Because I want to know just how great her powers and talents are and if she could lead us through the oncoming dangers on the mainland!" The Clan Leader took a deep breath and said, "Besides, I'd like to see if she has the power to ride the Sacred Beast! Elder, haven't you heard of the phrase 'the color blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo'? Yu'er's daughter would certainly turn out to be more powerful than Yu'er!"

Elder Tianren was very shocked . After all, in all these years, the Secret Order's Sacred Beast has only ever acknowledged the Sacred Lady alone . It had even ignored someone like the Clan Leader! It would only ever act slightly more intimate with the Sacred Lady but, even so, the Sacred Lady has never been able to successfully ride the Sacred Beast .

Now, the Clan Leader was placing her hopes on the Sacred Lady's daughter?

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