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Published at 10th of December 2018 01:15:03 AM

Chapter 1475: 1475
Chapter 1475: Meeting A Wayward Dog (6)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Woman, I'd advise you to mind your own business!"

Duan Yi furrowed his brows and glared coldly at Gu Ruoyun before he icily exclaimed, "Otherwise, you probably don't know when you'd bring disaster upon yourself!"

As he spoke, his gaze turned towards the little fellow, Mengmeng, in her embrace . His voice then became even crueler .

"Besides, if my guess is right, the food that Dong Fang had mentioned should be the food used to feed this spiritual beast! Only a fool like Dong Fang would want to eat a spiritual beast's meal! If it was up to me, I would turn the spiritual beast in your arms into excrement . Hahaha!"

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That implied that he would eat the little fellow in Gu Ruoyun's arms .

When Li Qing saw that Duan Yi was causing trouble for Gu Ruoyun, he wanted to step out and defend her but who would have thought that this fellow would change the topic to taunt a seemingly harmless spiritual beast!

Li Qing wondered that if Duan Yi had seen what the little fellow looked like when he had devoured the Storm Panther, would he have the courage to say these kinds of things now?

As expected, the little fellow became highly offended!

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In this world, only I can devour others yet this ignorant human actually wants to eat me?

"You're done for . "

Dong Fang snickered and stepped back knowingly as he looked at Duan Yi, taking pleasure in his disaster .

"Lady Gu's spiritual beast has a very bad temper and you've offended it . Even if your father were here, he wouldn't be able to save you . Besides, this spiritual beast's food is not something you can eat whenever you like . You won't be able to eat this meal even if you were to sell the entire Dong family . "

Actually, the Dong family could not even be considered as a second-rate organization . Even if they were to lose their family fortune, they would never be able to enjoy the same treatment as the spiritual beast .

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"Oh, this little thing can get angry too?" Duan Yi looked at Mengmeng once again and burst into laughter, "So what? I can slap this palm-sized little fellow to death in one blow! Furthermore, with the Dong family's riches, why should we be unable to afford a spiritual beast's food? Even if this spiritual beast were a carnivore, it's not like the Dong family can't bear it at all! Unfortunately, I would never waste so much effort to nurture a spiritual beast with no fighting power like this one! A spiritual beast like this is only fit to become my feces!"

Dong Fang laughed icily as he said, "Duan Yi, I never thought the day would come for me to witness your ignorance! I've already warned you to not anger this spiritual beast yet you persist in insulting it! Later, you won't even be aware of how you've died!"

Previously, this little fellow had flown into a rage because the Storm Panther had disturbed his sleep . He had not even given the Storm Panther a chance to beg for its life before he had devoured it .

Now, Duan Yi was ridiculing him . Dong Fang believes that the little fellow's anger would be even greater than the last time!

"Squeak, squawk!"

As soon as Dong Fang had spoken, the little fellow leaped out from Gu Ruoyun's arms in a rage . He pointed his its tiny claw at the disdainful-looking Duan Yi and squeaked furiously . However, because this little fellow looked so adorable, even his anger did not inspire any sense of dread .

"Haha!" Duan Yi laughed maniacally . "This spiritual beast can't even talk, it's so rubbish that it's not even rubbish at all! A spiritual beast like this isn't even enough to fit the space between my teeth! Little fellow, you're standing next to my feet, aren't you afraid of being stomped to death?"

As if to prove his actions, Duan Yi smiled and lifted his leg . His face was filled with cruelty and ferocity .

The little fellow was now even more enraged and his large, livid eyes slowly turned blood-red . His white fur stood up all over his body and made him look like a puffed-up kitten . . .

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