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Published at 23rd of December 2018 10:50:13 AM

Chapter 1522: 1522

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The crowd had assumed that Leng Shang, who was at the late-stage of the exceptional state, would have been able to retaliate against Su Lin a few times at least .

Who would have thought that he ended up just like Mu Ying with no chance to retaliate at all! He had lost in a messy way!

This was the difference in their power!

There was an entire gulf between the power of a refined state cultivator and an exceptional state cultivator . Leng Shang, who was at the late-stage of the exceptional state, was like a baby fighting against an adult . How could he possibly win?

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"I had asked you to surrender long ago yet you've overestimated your abilities and continued to fight . Therefore, I've crippled the area two inches below your navel where your Qi resides so that you'll never be able to cultivate again!" Su Lin raised her chin arrogantly as she spoke domineeringly .

Hearing this, the crowd noticed that Leng Shang's Qi center has been shattered . This proved that he would never be able to cultivate again for the rest of his life!

The crowd immediately rose into a storm of protest, no one thought that Su Lin would do something so vicious! Her opponent had merely refused to admit defeat yet she had shattered his Qi center so that he would never be able to cultivate again . What kind of consequence was this to a genius? It was a fate more agonizing than death!

Leng Shang shuddered and blood continued to spew out of his mouth . He no longer carried a valiant look but a sense of dejection has crept onto his face .


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He has been crippled just like that! From now on, he would never be able to cultivate again!

"Su Lin, you're much too savage!"

Out of everyone in the crowd, Li Qing could not contain himself from spitting these words . Even though Su Lin was usually haughty and willful, she would not have shattered her opponent's Qi center simply because they had refused to admit defeat! Therefore, Su Lin's action has now stiffened his heart and he began to worry about her next battle against Gu Ruoyun .

"Is that my fault?" Su Lin cackled icily . "I asked him to surrender and he had stubbornly refused . Am I to blame for this? Had he admitted defeat long ago, why would I have crippled him? Besides, his 'death before dishonor' attitude would bring disaster upon him sooner or later so he should thank me for crippling him too! Otherwise, he would certainly end up crossing many others and would die in an unmarked grave!"

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What she meant to say was, Leng Shang should also thank her for crippling him because she had saved him from a future of woe .

The crippled Leng Shang would be unable to offend others . Otherwise, his 'death before dishonor' attitude would bring him death in the hands of another sooner or later .

"Get out of my way!"

Su Lin swept a cold gaze towards the crowd beneath her and turned towards Leng Shang .

She noticed that Leng Shang was still lying on the ground and was instantly enraged . She then lifted her leg and kicked the latter off the stage before speaking arrogantly, "The title of the champion belongs to me and only me! Anyone who overestimates their abilities and challenges me will end up just like Leng Shang! No, they will be in greater agony compared to Leng Shang!

As she spoke, she turned towards Gu Ruoyun and smirked .

"You're the only one left now! Gu Ruoyun, I can give you a choice — cripple your own limbs and I will spare your life . Otherwise, with the life or death contract that we've signed, you will never be able to walk off this stage unless you die!"

"Lady Gu!"

Dong Fang and the others felt their hearts clench . They wanted to quickly hold Gu Ruoyun back and spoke anxiously, "How about we just admit defeat and be done with it?"

In their opinion, when it comes to one's reputation or life, staying alive was obviously more important! If Gu Ruoyun vehemently refuses to go onstage, the opponent would not be able to force her to do so . This way, she would still be able to continue living . . .

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