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Chapter 313
Meanwhile, at a mountain range outside of Heaven City, a golden ray of light shot down from the heavens and spread all over the mountains . The mountains were blanketed by its light, causing the inhabitants of the neighboring mountain to stare in awe . They had never seen such a scene before . . .

It was the birth of a Divine Beast, fallen from the sky!
Even though the mountain range was quite a distance from Heaven City, everyone saw the golden light .
It caused a great sensation in Heaven City!
Every leader of the most powerful families assembled in the Xia Family home, including Master Hong, who had been chased out of the house earlier that day . They all began discussing what Heaven City should do about this .
On the mainland, spiritual animals with the blood of a divine beast were far and few in between . If you managed to obtain one, it would be worth much more than ruling the entire mainland!
How could they not be excited?
"Master Xia, a Divine Beast has just been born . It will certainly attract the attention of many powerful organizations . Heaven City must quickly obtain this Divine Beast . Otherwise, once those organizations realize its existence, our chances of obtaining it will grow much slimmer . "
The one who spoke was Ba Zhentian, Gu Ruoyun's acquaintance . Ba Zhentian had once tried to purchase a Beauty Rejuvenation Pill during the first-ever Hundred Herb Hall auction in Azure Dragon Country . It was also because of his attendance that Gu Ruoyun was able to find out about the existence of Heaven City . In order to pave a successful road to Heaven City in the future, Gu Ruoyun then gifted him with one Beauty Rejuvenation Pull . Hence, Ba Zhentian owed her one .
"I agree with Leader Ba . "

Luo Fiao smiled, "However, we can't leave Heaven City unguarded . I suggest that we elders stay in Heaven City and send our successors and a few from the younger generation to train . What do you think, Master Xia?"
"Very well . " Master Xia paused in silence, then decided, "So it shall be . But the people we choose require a strict selection, I . . . "
"Father!" Before Master Xia could finish his sentence, he interrupted . This made Master Xia frown and look outside the meeting hall .
A middle-aged man in green robes was walking in briskly . His face was warm and was full of smiles . He fanned himself with a fan and his lips curled into a shallow smile, "I volunteer to follow the expedition to Heaven Mountain . "

"What are you saying?"
Master Xia's face was suddenly clouded with gloom as he coldly replied, "Xia Qi, you must be overly joyful . Did you not hear what Master Luo said? Each family will send their successors to the expedition . What are you butting in for?"
"Father, elder brother is very ill and is confined to his bed, he could pass away anytime soon . How can he possibly join the expedition? As the second son of the Xia Family, naturally, I would be responsible for going in my brother's place," Xia Qi's face was full of smiles but the smile did not reach his eyes, which were covered with a layer of dark, gloomy frost .
Master Xia slammed his hand on the table and rose from his seat furiously, "Are you trying to take your brother's right away? Don't forget, I've already invited the Ghost Doctor to treat your brother's illness . He's going to be fine . "
"Oh?" Xia Qi smiled, "So why is it that I've heard that even the Ghost Doctor has failed? And that you're now willing to try anyone or anything in a crisis, allowing an eighteen to nineteen-year-old little girl to treat my elder brother's illness . Father, do you truly want my elder brother to live, or are you trying to speed his journey into an early grave? Do you truly love my elder brother?"
A sensation stirred within the crowd .
They've already heard the news that the Ghost Doctor had arrived in Heaven City to cure Xia Zixi's illness . But they never imagined that even the Ghost Doctor, who could wrestle a dying man from the clutches of Death, had failed . And the biggest joke was, Master Xia was now placing his hopes on an eighteen to nineteen-year-old girl?