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Published at 31st of July 2018 08:26:36 AM

Chapter 469

However, he nearly exploded with rage when he heard what the audience was saying .  

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"I never thought that as a man, Zhao Lin would turn out to have such urges . Furthermore, he has a preference for children . Tsk tsk . I really couldn't tell . "

"But is that not so? Based on his level of power, catching the boy would be an expected move . Yet he didn't catch him at all and instead tore off his clothes in public . What a pervert!"

"No way . I'd better keep a distance from him next time . What if he takes an interest in my anus? What should I do then?"

That last sentence came from a middle-aged man with pockmarks all over his face . In addition, he flashed a set of yellowed teeth as he spoke and sprayed his spit all over the place . His beady eyes were squinted into one line and had a hairy mole grew on the corner of his eye . It was a disgusting sight .

Zhao Lin nearly puked at the sight of him . With looks like that, he dares to claim that I would take a fancy to his anus? If I were to look at him again, I wouldn't be able to eat for three consecutive days . How disgusting!

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"Kid, I started off having no intentions of hurting you but the situation has now escalated beyond my control! For the sake of my reputation, I must torture you brutally!"

Zhao Lin's face had darkened and he spoke in a voice that was so low that only the two of them could hear it .  

"What?" Bai Chuan suddenly cried out in shock and his adorable little face twisted into a state, "You want me to meet you at your quarters tonight? And you want to torture me brutally? I . . . Can I not go? I don't like men, especially men of your type, Uncle . "

After he spoke, the crowd burst into a cacophony of discussion once again . Their eyes were staring disdainfully at Zhao Lin, especially a few women who were overcome with motherly love . Their hearts were cursing Zhao Lin's ancestors up to the eighteenth generation .

"You brat, you're f*cking slandering me!"

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Zhao Lin's expression took a violent turn as he roared angrily and charged towards Bai Chuan . His face was filled with malevolence, his eyes were bloodshot like a fierce, starving wolf that hasn't had anything to eat for days .


Zhao Lin's hand had reached out for Bai Chuan's chest, poised to scratch and tear out his opponent's flesh . However, he did not expect that small figure to take a few steps back just in time . This caused him to grab onto Bai Chuan's lapel instead, tearing out a rather large piece .  

In that instance, Zhao Lin's face looked like he had been made to swallow a pile of sh*t, it was an absolutely ugly sight to behold . His bloodshot eyes made a brutal impression as if he wanted to throw himself onto the adorable little child and eat him up .  

"I say, Zhao Lin, haven't you had enough? This is a public area . Can't you take care of your image?"

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"Are you trying to show everyone how perverted you really are? Tearing off the clothes of someone's child . You better not tell me that this small child somehow managed to avoid your attack and caused you to tear his clothes off instead! What rank are you in, and what rank is he in? I bet you could kill him before he can even react! So you're definitely doing this on purpose!"

Not a single person believed that Bai Chuan could have avoided Zhao Lin's attack! After all, the difference in power between the two was far too great . When faced with an attack from a low-level Martial King, this little boy could never have been able to react in time .

So, Zhao Lin was definitely doing it on purpose! The crowd thought in unison .  

Hearing this, even Zhao Lin could not air his grievances . He simply did not know how this child was able to time his movements so perfectly each time until he ended up tearing off his clothes! 

I was moving at the fastest speed possible,  he thought .  Based on his level of strength, he shouldn't even be able to avoid my attacks at all .

"You brat, you dared to frame me . Alright, very well! I'm going to make sure you pay for this!"

Zhao Lin laughed coldly and, displaying his eagle-like claws, aimed them straight at Bai Chuan's exposed chest with ferocity .

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