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Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Emergence of a Strong Army! (2)

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There were some things that she was only comfortable showing to those who were completely hers .

“Fine!” Xunfeng sneered, “My life was saved by this senior, Elder Yu, so what does it matter if you want to test me? I hope you won’t disappoint me . ”

Hearing so, Gu Ruoyun only smiled: “There are over a hundred of you here and I won’t keep all of you . Following this, I’ll let all of you go to the Spiritual Beast Mountains to fight . You won’t be allowed to use spiritual power, only your raw physical strength . You can run if you want, but I definitely won’t use you if you do . Those who remain will become the absolute strongest in this world! Your time limit is a month! Any objections?”

The girl raised her head slightly, and there was a faint glow on that pretty, delicate face .

In a moment of distraction, everyone there stopped seeing her as a fourteen or fifteen year old little girl, but instead, as someone whose strength was greatly above their own, an absolute power dominating over all .

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“It’s only a month, I agree . ”

Xunfeng swept a glance at Gu Ruoyun . Honestly speaking, he could still accept swearing obeisance to Elder Yu, but this was just a teenage girl .

“Good . Elder Yu, let’s go . ”

Gu Ruoyun looked at the crowd behind her and smiled slightly: “I’ll return to see the results in a month, I hope you won’t disappoint me…”


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“What did you say?”

At the Gu household, Old Man Gu suddenly rose with a steely expression: “Gu Ruoyun refused to come back to the Gu family with you?”

“It was all this bitch’s fault!” Second Master Gu glared fiercely at Second Madam, “If she hadn’t said those words, then my niece wouldn’t have been this heartless . I could tell that she still carried some feelings for our Gu family, and she still wanted to return . However, she scolded my niece’s parents in front of her . How could any daughter could bear that?”


The old man broke the table into two with a single strike, and gritted his teeth as he spoke: “Who asked you to marry such a stupid wife? She actually made such a mistake . If we can’t get Gu Ruoyun back, Young Master Dongfang won’t let us off . Retire this stupid wife of yours immediately!”

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“Yes, father!”

Listening to their conversation, Second Madam collapsed to the floor, paralysed . Suddenly, she stood up and shouted madly .

“No, you can’t do this to me! You can’t retire me, Xianglin will hate you once he returns . ”

Right now, Gu Xianglin was her only hope, and her only chance at staying in the Gu family…

As expected, upon hearing so, Old Man Gu went silent . He only spoke up after a long while: “For the sake of Xianglin, I’ll let you stay in the Gu family for now . However, you’re not allowed to step out from the Gu household anymore, or you’ll be punished according to the family laws! Understood?”

Second Madam collapsed bonelessly on the floor . She looked battered and exhausted as sweat trickled from her forehead .

The hatred in her heart had reached a new high, she hated that she could not tear Gu Ruoyun into tens of thousands of pieces .

It was always her! It was Gu Ruoyun that had caused her to become an abandoned wife!

Just like that seductress of a mother, she wasn’t anything good! No, she should say that, compared to that seductress, she was even more terrible! She was actually so impudent, completely disregarding the Gu family! Even her mother had not dared to be this condescending to everyone!

“Gu Ruoyun, I should have strangled you little bastard earlier on to spare everyone from your trouble making ways! However, you little slut, just you wait… The day my son returns… will be the day of your death!”