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Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The Emergence of a Strong Army! (3)

Seeing Second Madam’s malevolent expression, Second Master Gu’s brows knitted together . He turned to Old Man Gu and asked: “Father, what should we do next?”

Old Man Gu narrowed his eyes slightly, the traces of a sneer on the corner of his lips: “It looks like this general will have to personally make an appearance! This general is her grandfather at least, I don’t believe that she’ll reject me if I invite her back myself! If she dares to do such a thing, she’ll become the scourge of the crowd . ”

Filial piety was taken very seriously in Qinglong . He would now sacrifice his dignity to beg for her to return . No matter what, she could not afford to reject him, or she would become the talk of the town .

However, it was such a pity . The old man was rejected at the door before he even got to see Gu Ruoyun’s face .

The reason? Since returning to Baishen Hall, Gu Ruoyun had immediately continued cultivating . Even Dongfang Shaoze was unable to meet her at this time, let alone Old Man Gu . Thus, he could only return in disappointment .

As the days passed one by one, while he was unable to meet with Gu Ruoyun, the old man kept worrying if Dongfang Shaoze would return . Just as the apprehension in his heart had reached its peak, the eyes he had planted at the city gates came to report that Young Master Dongfang had suddenly left Qinglong in a hurry .

Thus, he could finally set down the burden in his heart…

In the bedroom, Gu Ruoyun slowly opened her eyes . Within the next moment, an extremely beautiful face appeared before her .

“Xiao Ye?” When had this guy come here? She had not detected him at all .

The man pouted aggrievedly and looked at her with resentment: “Xiao Yun, you’ve been cultivating for so long . ”

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The meaning in his words: he hadn’t gotten to see her for much too long .

“Has it been that long?” Gu Ruoyun smiled, “Thinking about it, I’ve only been shut in for about a month . I’ve finally broken through into Qi level 6, I wonder if General Luo has finished making the weapons I wanted . ”


At this moment, a sudden wave of fluctuations started from within Gu Ruoyun’s soul . Her heart lifted in delight: “Zixie, you’re awake?”

Just as she said so, a burst of purple light flashed from her body, and that man’s deep, mesmerising laughter sounded: “Girl, long time no see . Why, have you missed me so much that you couldn’t wait to summon me?”

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Dressed in a dark purplish red robe with violet phoenixes embroidered on the sleeve, the man had a devilish smile on his handsome face . His every gesture exuded majesty .

Gu Ruoyun’s expression turned black: “I need your help with something . ”

She turned to Qianbei Ye, who was waiting at the side, and said: “This is a new friend I’ve made recently . Could you help me check what happened to his memory? Why did he lose all of his memories?”

“Oh?” Zixie’s eyebrow raised as he followed Gu Ruoyun’s line of sight .

The moment his eyes landed on Qianbei Ye, his handsome face went stiff . With a swoosh, the power around his body peaked, and his gaze turned as frosty as the icy tundra: “Why are you here?”


Gu Ruoyun saw an unprecedented cold in Zixie’s eyes .

Since meeting Zixie, she had never seen him make such an expression before, especially that burning hatred in that pair of violet eyes…

“Zixie, what’s going on?”

“What’s going on?” Zixie sneered, “You should ask him!”